IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2015-10-07

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replaceafillhey th1a17:41
replaceafillsorry i'm late17:41
replaceafilllet me update LP17:42
th1aI'd rather have you fresh and rested.17:42
th1aAlso, running!17:42
replaceafillthat's why i'm late :S17:43
replaceafill8 km today17:43
replaceafilli'll use Good progress as17:44
replaceafill"more than 50%"17:44
replaceafillok, updated17:44
replaceafilli finished the new attendance report17:44
replaceafilland started "migrating" to persistent score system17:44
replaceafilli'm going to request Fran a couple of ISLI databases17:45
replaceafilli have one17:45
replaceafilland i've been testing evolution, etc on it17:45
th1aYeah, ok.17:46
replaceafillso, next i think i'll move to the assessment reports17:47
replaceafillreport updates*17:47
replaceafilli think we're in good shape this time17:47
replaceafillon schedule17:47
replaceafillit's a huge different when you're client is not in the pilot site while you work on things... :O17:47
* replaceafill done17:48
th1aI'm not sure the difference isn't entirely in your head.17:49
replaceafilli guess it is17:49
th1aFran and I just have to accept this.17:49
replaceafillthat's why i need to get out of development :P17:49
replaceafilland move to manager ;)17:49
th1aBefore you can become a manager you need to become an expert Zope 3 teacher.17:50
th1aThat's the problem.17:50
replaceafilli read both zope 3 books in my spare time :)17:50
replaceafillfrom time to time i find interesting bits17:50
th1aThis should be the last crazy deadline for a while.17:50
replaceafillah right17:51
th1aYou really did a shedload of work on that last iteration.17:51
replaceafillwell, i think the journey api will be a mess to deal with17:51
replaceafillbut i hope we don't have much time pressure on us17:51
th1aWe've already blown way through that deadline anyhow, and the sync can catch up at any point (if it works...).17:51
replaceafillok, that's it from me17:53
th1aOK.  Thanks replaceafill.17:53
replaceafillthanks th1a17:53
* replaceafill goes to get breakfast, bb in ~3017:53
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replaceafillth1a, it is a permission issue18:13
replaceafilljust replied18:13
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