IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2015-10-01

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th1ahi replaceafill.17:31
replaceafillhey th1a17:31
th1aGood job on the bugs thus far.17:32
th1aShall we go through the next batch of blueprints?17:34
replaceafilli'm going to mark this one as deployment:17:34
replaceafillark's freeze dates already has an estimate17:35
replaceafillwe're just going to focus on the high ones, right?17:36
replaceafillfirst, at least17:36
th1aI presume that's the reason they're high and not medium, yes.17:37
replaceafillon, rising, there's only the journey app17:37
replaceafillso just focus on isli17:37
replaceafillgive me a minute, i need to go through all the spreadsheets17:39
th1aSure.  No rush.17:39
replaceafill1. tweaking attendance reports17:39
replaceafillplease put them in the right state, whatever17:41
replaceafilli don't recall how that Design column is called17:41
replaceafillLP is weird :(17:41
replaceafillah, pending aproval17:42
th1aThe least I can do.  ;-)17:43
replaceafillwe should make you write code th1a17:45
th1aI'm increasingly convinced that as long as we don't burn you out, having one developer is very helpful.17:46
th1aSo we just need to get serious about scheduling breaks for you.17:46
th1aI am going to have to write a lot of docs for 3.0...17:47
th1aOK, next?17:48
replaceafilli'm on this one:
replaceafillactivating this for isli will require evolving a few things18:04
th1aDo you want me to re-title it in the meantime?18:05
replaceafilli asked Fran a question, just to make sure18:09
replaceafilli'm going to hold the estimate until she replies18:09
replaceafillcan you change the state accordingly please18:10
th1aJust did. ;-)18:10
th1aPlaying my part.18:10
replaceafillalways ;)18:10
replaceafillth1a, do you know if a "Fee outstanding" column means: total debits - total credits?18:12
replaceafillit's in the Daily fee collection report xls18:12
th1aLet me look.18:13
replaceafillok. "done" with the high ones18:29
replaceafilli'll wait for her on a couple18:30
replaceafilli just noticed she already approved the freeze-dates for ark18:31
replaceafillso we could start on that early next week18:31
replaceafillanything else th1a?18:31
th1aI'm assuming you're taking tomorrow off and starting on this Monday.18:32
replaceafillfreeze-dates should be a nice early start18:32
replaceafillif i can nail it today or tomorrow18:33
th1aI would like you to take tomorrow off...18:33
replaceafillit *SHOULD NOT* be that complicated18:33
th1aOh!  We need a packaging blueprint?18:34
replaceafillare we doing packaging for free for this iteration?18:34
replaceafillsame thought :D18:34
th1aI've got 32 hours at this point.18:34
th1aPlus the three more.18:34
* replaceafill looks for a bag to breath...18:35
replaceafilli don't think i've...18:35
replaceafillwhat's the opposite of lowball?18:35
replaceafill"According to Wiktionary, the answer is highball." :O18:36
replaceafillthe two monthly attendance reports seem scary18:37
replaceafilli'm not sure if we're going to start adding timing options for those18:37
replaceafilli mean, use the time options in those18:38
th1aWell, don't lowball them.18:41
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