IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2015-08-28

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th1ahi replaceafill.17:31
replaceafillhey th1a17:31
th1aHow are we coming?17:32
replaceafillalmost done17:32
replaceafillfinished the sync all button17:32
th1aI guess I got the right level of simplification.17:32
replaceafillstarted the "sync from canvas" button17:32
replaceafillat this point i'll assume Canvas is authoritative17:33
replaceafillone thing i was thinking is about the password for new users17:33
replaceafillif you pull someone from canvas, who is not in ST yet17:33
th1aI was thinking about ignoring existing users in SchoolTool.17:33
replaceafillwe have to create a person in ST for them, right?17:34
th1aThat's the main point.17:34
replaceafillbut they won't be able to log in17:34
th1aThe main use case is pulling users that are already in SchoolTool.17:34
th1aThe students won't be logging into SchoolTool for Proximity.17:35
th1aThe main use case is pulling users that are already in CANVAS.17:35
replaceafillah ok17:35
replaceafillyeah you got me confused there17:35
replaceafillare we just picking students?17:35
replaceafilli mean, pulling17:35
th1aThat's the priority, so we could just do that.17:37
replaceafilloh ok17:37
th1aNot overwrite data in existing users.17:37
th1aThat's not the use case.17:37
th1aI mean, it COULD BE one.17:37
th1aBut we didn't discuss that one.17:37
replaceafillwell, that's one of the questions you asked17:38
replaceafillwhich side should be authoritative17:38
replaceafillbut ok17:38
replaceafilli'll ignore existing ST users for now17:38
replaceafilli have a question about showing the canvas state in the person page17:39
replaceafilli have no idea how to display it17:39
replaceafillthe doc says the sidebar?17:39
replaceafillalso, being a link17:39
replaceafilli think we discussed:17:40
replaceafill- Unsynced (link to sync)17:40
replaceafill- Sync (link to compare both sides)17:40
replaceafillthat's how i'm doing it :)17:41
replaceafilldeployment of this17:41
th1aMaybe we should just put the links in parentheses, like:17:42
th1a- Unsynced (*sync*)17:42
th1a- Synced (*compare to Canvas*)17:42
replaceafillwhat if there's a pending task?17:42
replaceafill- Pending (???)17:43
th1aPending no link.17:43
replaceafillabout deployment:17:44
replaceafillwww-NY server17:44
replaceafillnew instance, right?17:44
replaceafillusing their existing data?17:44
replaceafillor just dummy data?17:45
th1aWell, they can try to pull their data from Canvas.17:45
th1aSo I'd say they don't need it.17:46
replaceafillblank db?17:46
th1aDoes Canvas have years?17:46
th1aOK, so blank and they'll need to set up a year manually17:46
replaceafillnow that i think about it17:47
replaceafillthe package will mess with their production db...17:47
replaceafillif it's going to be blank17:47
replaceafillcould we set a sandbox in the dev server instead?17:48
th1aWhatever, yeah.17:48
replaceafilli guess that's it from me17:49
th1aOK, cool.17:49
th1aFran suggested a few things we could start before Wednesday but if we're going to estimate this app api integration, then it may take us two days to get all the estimates together.17:50
replaceafilldoes the api integration have a high priority?17:51
th1aAlso, we're probably going to need to take some time to sort out our ARK packaging vs the individual projects.17:51
replaceafillwe don't know priority, right?17:51
th1aIt is actually pretty high insofar as it would be very useful to getting Sierra Leone rolling.17:51
th1aIt isn't just a handwavy nice to have.17:51
th1aThey are actually using it now.17:51
replaceafillthere are already some peas branch that needs to be merged17:53
replaceafillbased on the schooltool.ark packaged we did for isli17:53
replaceafillbut yeah, we'll need time17:53
th1aYeah, and with three projects sharing code, copy/paste just becomes unworkable.17:53
replaceafillthe journal needs a way to override the scoresystem17:54
replaceafillinstead of the hardcoded version we have17:54
th1aPart of the reason I fiddled around with getting all the school logos on Launchpad is just to make all that clearer -- the shared bits are going into the .ark project.17:54
th1aFran understands in general that we have a little cleanup to do.17:55
th1aOK, thanks replaceafill.  Great job getting this done on schedule.17:56
replaceafillthanks th1a17:56
replaceafillonce in a while...17:56
th1aShows what you can do when we plan well and nothing gets tossed in or interrupted.17:57
replaceafilldon't get used to it ;)17:57
replaceafillok, my goal ETA is 6:00 pm your time17:57
replaceafill4:00 pm mine17:57
replaceafilli'll ping you the url17:58
replaceafilli guess we won't set up a domain name for this17:58
th1aYeah, not necessary.17:58
th1aThanks replaceafill.17:59
replaceafillthanks th1a17:59
replaceafillcoffee time!17:59
th1aayt replaceafill?18:53
replaceafillth1a, yes18:54
th1aDo you think I should just register all these items from fran as blueprints, even the very small features?18:54
th1a(rather than mixing some in as bugs?)18:55
th1aProbably it is easier to deal with if they're all blueprints.18:55
replaceafilltbh i haven't used blueprints in a long time18:55
replaceafilland even we used them18:55
replaceafilli didn't see the advantage at that time18:56
th1aWe'll try all for simplicity.18:56
replaceafilli do think xls attachment tracking is not the answer18:56
replaceafillso, with little knowledge of them, i'd say all blueprints18:57
replaceafillnothing as bug18:57
replaceafillunless, they're bugs ofc18:57
replaceafilllike the ones she reported already18:57
replaceafillwith screenshots18:57
th1aYou can mark things as started, finished, needs review, etc.18:58
th1aThat is good.18:58
replaceafillin my head18:58
replaceafillas soon as something works, she marks it :)18:58
replaceafilli mean, after she test it18:59
th1aYeah.  I think this is going to help.18:59
th1aDefinitely past the point where you feel like it is just unnecessary extra overhead.19:00
th1aIt is some overhead, to be sure.19:02
replaceafilli've been dealing with much more overhead these past months tracking stuff, to be sure19:03
replaceafillif she's comitted19:03
replaceafilli'm on board19:03
replaceafillcan you attach files to blueprints?19:04
th1aYou can add a URL.19:05
th1aAnd there is a whiteboard.19:05
replaceafilland work items :O19:06
replaceafilltodo, inprogress, done, postponed19:06
th1aYeah, the work items should help.19:10
th1aI need to figure out how to define a "sprint."19:14
th1aThat might be a bit much for just organizing our iterations.19:16
replaceafilli think so19:16
replaceafillit'd be nice to know when i can have a break though ;)19:17
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* replaceafill sees lots of future weeks busy19:17
th1aYes, although on my end it has gotten very quiet.19:17
th1aI don't anticipate much coming in the next few months.19:17
th1aWe just need to give Fran a heads up if you want to take a break soon.19:18
replaceafilli'm running a little out of gas now, but the weekend should help19:19
replaceafillit's this damn cold i've been carrying19:19
replaceafillno running this week :(19:19
th1aYeah.  I think we should mainly plan Mon/Tues.19:19
replaceafilloh th1a19:22
replaceafillafter hitting the sync-all button19:22
replaceafilli just redirect back to Server19:22
replaceafillany better idea?19:22
th1aWell... it would be nice to be able to monitor it if you want to.19:23
replaceafillit's possible through messages19:24
replaceafillnot very nice19:24
replaceafillbut possible19:24
replaceafillmessages in your (manager) person view19:24
th1aYeah... could you just do a regular page with progress bars?19:24
replaceafillnot for today19:25
th1aThen don't worry about it.19:25
th1aCan you send a message when it is done?19:25
replaceafillit does19:26
th1aOK, that's sufficient.19:29
th1aI can't get Fran to not write specs in question form.  "Can you..."19:35
th1aAre you going to have time to do a few of the "Nice to have"'s for Proximity we discussed?19:36
replaceafillnot sure19:36
replaceafilli just added the progress bars to it19:36
th1aOK.  I have to go run a couple errands.19:37
replaceafilli do want to switch to a catalog based approach19:37
replaceafillinstead of annotations19:37
th1aGot the ISLI blueprints in.19:37
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th1areplaceafill:  We're going to have to start monday by defining a bunch of milestones.22:19
th1aLike ISLI-1, ISLI-2, Rising-1, Rising-2, etc.22:20
th1aI mean, named and numbered however works.22:20
th1aWe're probably going to end up with like six 1 week iterations.22:21
replaceafillah ok22:21
replaceafilli thought we were going to use release date targets22:21
th1aYou can't enter those directly into a blueprint.22:22
th1aUnless I'm missing something.22:22
replaceafillyou can in milestones22:23
th1aRight, that's the point.22:23
th1aYou can connect to a date via connection to the milestone.22:24
replaceafillyou're suggesting 1 week milestones, right?22:26
th1aThat's just eyeballing it.22:27
th1aYour blueprint view should be pretty full looking...22:46
th1aHaving two days just to digest this is a very good thing, replaceafill.22:46
replaceafillalmost done22:47
replaceafillnot sure how to display the canvas status for persons22:48
replaceafillthat's all i could come up with22:48
th1aThat'll do.22:49
th1aIf I were them I'd just like to be able to check.22:50
replaceafillwhat should i call the button on this page?22:51
replaceafillForce Sync22:51
replaceafillor just Sync?22:51
replaceafillor something22:51
th1aWhat does it do?22:51
replaceafilleeh, force the sync between the two?22:52
replaceafillmaybe we don't need it22:52
replaceafilli mean sync from ST to canvas22:53
th1aThere could be buttons to sync in one direction or the other.22:53
th1aYou could put a Sync to Canvas button in there if it is easy.22:53
th1aDenise has a couple little bugs -- maybe an IE javascript issue.  I'm telling her we'll look at them Monday morning.22:54
replaceafillmaybe it's thunderbird, but her screenshots look tiny22:54
th1aNo, it is her.22:55
th1aBugs = "discoveries"  Good attitude.  ;-)22:55
th1aOK, I've got the blueprints in and Vivian is begging for a bike ride.22:57
th1aThanks replaceafill.22:57
replaceafillok, i'm about to be done22:58
replaceafill30 mins top22:58
replaceafillwill mail you the instance url22:58
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replaceafillth1a, ok done23:40
replaceafillsent you the url23:40
replaceafillwe should create some blueprints for proximity and niswonger23:42

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