IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2015-08-26

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replaceafillth1a, sorry, i forgot to join the channel :S17:41
replaceafillif there was only a way to do that automatically... :/17:41
th1aWe need some message batching & deletion.  ;-)17:43
th1aAdding means starting?17:44
th1aJust in that view.17:44
th1aSorry... off topic.17:44
replaceafillAdding (task started), Finished adding (task completed)17:44
th1aHow fast does it usually happen?17:44
replaceafillwe can adjust the message once everything is finished i guess17:45
replaceafillpretty fast17:45
replaceafilli was to get that screenshot quickly17:45
replaceafillto get the "Adding..." ones17:45
replaceafilli had*17:45
th1aOK, don't worry about my nitpicking.17:45
th1aAnyhow, is is usually almost instant?17:46
th1aOK.  Cool.17:46
th1aSo everything progressing pretty smoothly?17:46
replaceafillthere's this *pattern* i copied from the current report machinery17:47
replaceafillwhere the initial message (task started) is replaced17:47
th1aAh, ok.17:47
replaceafilleither by the task completed message17:47
replaceafillor the failure message17:47
replaceafillat first i wanted to keep all the messages17:47
replaceafillso you could see how long a task takes17:48
replaceafillbut i'm not sure if it's worth17:48
replaceafillthe table would fill pretty fast17:48
th1aWell, given the limits of messages, it isn't useful for anything other than debugging at this point.17:49
th1aIs that logged in any of the logs?17:49
replaceafillnot in a useful way17:49
th1aOK, tbh, I would say don't get bogged down on this aspect.17:49
replaceafillcelery_report.log logs every time a task is added and completed17:50
replaceafillbut in a very cryptic way17:50
replaceafillshowing UUIDs17:50
replaceafilland not much else17:50
th1aI'd say the main thing is if you can hit "sync" on someone and then get a message immediately if it fails will do for a minimum.17:50
th1aWe should probably make messages managable in 3.0 though (just batching and deleting).17:51
replaceafilloh, that's what you meant17:51
replaceafillgot it17:51
replaceafillwell, i wasn't sure but i think dialogs is the proper way to do the sync17:52
replaceafilli mean, a dialog17:52
replaceafilllike when you're importing something17:52
replaceafillprobably not with progress bars or anything17:52
replaceafillbut something that can be refreshed (content replaced) automatically17:53
replaceafillonce it's done17:53
replaceafilli'll probably get there tomorrow17:53
replaceafilltoday i want to focus on the Server view17:53
th1aDo you feel more or less on schedule?17:54
replaceafillor wherever we said we would show unsynced people17:54
th1aI'd say server.17:54
th1aGive it a section in the middle.17:54
th1aNot just a side link.17:54
replaceafillyeah, i think we're still fine (time-wise)17:54
replaceafillyou mean like the "Server Information" section?17:55
th1aYes.  Can we order those?17:55
replaceafillyes, i think so17:56
replaceafillwhere should the section go?17:56
replaceafillabove Outoing email?17:56
th1aWell, server information should be at the top.17:57
th1aI'd say versions at the end.17:57
th1aAnd I'd say ideally Canvas Integration second.17:57
th1aDon't get bogged down if it is a mess.17:58
replaceafillok, Canvas Integration as the title17:58
replaceafilland just a line showing the number of unsyced people, right?17:58
th1aI'd say synced and unsynced.17:58
replaceafillUnsynced users: 2017:58
replaceafillah ok17:58
th1aAnd then a link to the management page.17:58
replaceafillSynced users: 1017:58
th1a(no edit link)17:58
th1aNo pencil, I mean.17:58
replaceafilllink would be the title right17:58
th1aJust a link.17:58
replaceafillCanvas Integration17:58
th1a(we can take the pencil off Calendar...)17:59
replaceafillsimilar to Server Information link17:59
th1aI'm going to put off Fran until next week.18:00
replaceafilli quickly looked at her first email18:00
replaceafillgot depressed18:00
th1aI'll try to get as much of that set up in Blueprints as possible.18:00
replaceafillah please!18:00
replaceafilloh, a couple of workflow? questions18:01
th1aFinishing the paper tonight and tomorrow.18:01
replaceafillmostly about the authoritative part18:01
replaceafillif a person exists in ST but not in Canvas18:02
replaceafilland you edit that person in ST18:02
replaceafillchanging their first_name or last_name (only fields being tracked at this point)18:02
replaceafillthe person should be created in Canvas, after the ST edit, right?18:02
th1aI would say, yes.18:03
th1aAlthough that shouldn't happen, correct.18:03
th1aIt is essentially resolving some kind of issue.18:04
replaceafilli noticed it after i deleted a test account in Canvas18:04
replaceafilland edited the person in ST18:04
replaceafillit *could* happen18:04
th1aYes, I am sure!18:04
replaceafilldid you get an answer from Andrew about the questions?18:05
th1aBut we should approach it as correcting some kind of error, I'd say.18:05
replaceafillin the doc?18:05
th1aI'm not trying to make a specific point.18:05
th1aSo yes, I agree with you.  ;-)18:06
th1aAre we set then?  I have to take the girls to get haircuts.18:07
replaceafilldid you get an answer from Andrew?18:08
th1aThat's the loose end at this point!18:08
replaceafillmostly about: "When we import from Canvas and users already exist in SchoolTool, which source18:08
replaceafillshould be considered authoritative?"18:08
th1aI'll send an email.18:08
replaceafillok, done18:08
th1aOK, thanks replaceafill.18:09
replaceafillok thanks th1a18:09
* replaceafill cries after finding out about celery's rdb :'''''(19:00
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