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duende316hey guys, is it possible to grade students based on numbers as well? like in Europe we have a grading system that goes from 0 to 10 instead of the A to F system02:33
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replaceafillduende316, you can create a custom score system and use it in report sheets17:14
th1ahi replaceafill.17:30
replaceafillhey th1a17:30
th1aHow was your weekend?17:32
replaceafillnot from work unfortunately17:33
replaceafillwe moved some furniture around17:34
th1aWell, not mentallly tired at least.17:34
replaceafilli have a couple of questions/comments17:34
replaceafillwe need a view to list students an advisor is tracking, right?17:35
th1aWell, to find them.17:36
th1aIt could be a lot.17:36
replaceafillthe advisory accordion is not enough, right?17:36
replaceafilli mean17:36
replaceafillthat accordion already has an "Advisees" table17:36
th1aHow does that handle large numbers?  100 advisees.  List them all or batch?17:38
replaceafill(default batch size)17:38
replaceafillwe could just add a filter17:38
th1aIn any event, we told them there would be a landing page for them.17:38
replaceafilloh ok17:38
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replaceafillso the landing page would have the same advisees table17:40
th1aBasically... a search widget is more important.17:40
th1aA live search widget if it is not too difficult.17:40
th1aProbably we don't have the right catalog for that.17:41
th1aAnyhow, 25 batch and regular search is fine.17:41
replaceafillwhat else do we need in the "landing" page?17:41
replaceafilli was thinking if we add a landing page, it should have a tab17:42
replaceafill(different to Home)17:42
replaceafillcurrently, the option to add students for advisors is in their home view17:42
replaceafillwe could move that option to the landing page17:43
th1aYou could give it a tab and I'll deactivate all of the others, including home.17:43
replaceafilloh ok17:43
th1a(execept school and server for admins)17:43
replaceafillso advisors are not supposed to use their Home17:43
th1aWhy would they?17:43
replaceafillbut they're supposed to use student's home17:43
replaceafillto change passwords?17:44
replaceafilli mean, their own password17:44
th1aThey can click on their name in the gray bar.17:44
replaceafillto get reports17:44
replaceafillah ok17:44
th1aI mean, that "Home" is really just a placeholder for a page never created.17:44
replaceafillwhat label should we use for the landing page?17:45
th1aWell... "Home" would do, actually.17:46
replaceafillhhmm ok17:46
replaceafilloverride then17:46
th1aIf necessary.17:47
th1aCan't you give it the same label and a different ID?17:47
th1aRemember we're setting this up.17:47
replaceafillare advisors supposed to see all the kids in the school?17:48
replaceafilli mean, access17:48
replaceafillhaving the ability to access17:48
replaceafillright now they only have edit on the advisees17:49
th1aThe main issue is advisees.17:49
th1aWe could make them responsible parties for the school groups.17:49
replaceafillbut that allows them to manage school group members17:50
th1aI mean, I don't think it is very important either way.17:50
replaceafillnot to see/edit their information17:50
th1aThe advisors need to be able to view and edit their advisees.17:51
replaceafillwe already have that17:51
replaceafilli'm thinking about how to add existing advisors to advisees and viceversa17:51
replaceafillfrom the permissions point of view17:51
th1aA current advisor of the student or admin should be able to do it.17:52
replaceafillah ok17:53
replaceafillthis is how the add student view currently looks17:54
replaceafilli think we need to get rid of the standard User fieldset17:54
replaceafilland generate the username automatically17:54
th1aOh, perhaps.17:55
th1aI mean...17:55
th1aDon't get too picky about this replaceafill.17:55
replaceafilli thought about getting rid of it :)17:55
replaceafilli mean, i was about to17:56
th1aWhat is Notes there?17:56
replaceafillthen i thought about the picky-ness17:56
replaceafilljust a field Denise asked for17:56
replaceafillit's in the lastest doc17:56
replaceafill(it's a demographics)17:56
th1aOK, just a random note, not the meeting tracking thing.17:56
th1aI wouldn't touch the password thing unless she tells us to.17:57
th1aAfter she sees it.17:57
replaceafillmakes sense17:57
th1aOK.  What you have looks good.17:57
replaceafillworks well17:57
replaceafilledit is the same layout17:57
replaceafillfor guardians i went the easy route17:58
replaceafilland just added demo fields for them17:58
replaceafillinstead of linking contacts, etc17:58
th1aThat's fine.17:59
replaceafillok, i think i'll finish the post secondary intentions options today18:00
th1aOK.  How much longer do you think for the rest?18:01
replaceafill1-2 unfortunately18:01
th1aSo, probably by Wednesday.18:01
replaceafillyeah, i think so18:02
th1aOK, we can be ok if you hit that.18:02
th1aI'll let you get back to it.18:02
replaceafilli hope so18:02
th1aJust keep it simple as much as possible.18:02
th1aThanks replaceafill.18:02
replaceafillthanks th1a18:02
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th1aayt replaceafill?20:52
replaceafillth1a, yeah20:52
th1aFran email.20:52
th1aIs there anything tricky about the export issue or just an oversight?20:53
replaceafillphone is a limited field for teachers20:55
replaceafillnot students20:55
th1aI'm not sure what you mean.20:56
replaceafillthe custom export looks for "student" demographics fields20:56
replaceafillthe phone demographics field is a limited field only applied (and editable) to teachers20:57
replaceafilldemographics fields can be limited by group id, remember?20:57
th1aOK.  So...Do you think she forgot that or something?20:58
replaceafilli guess20:58
th1aWhat about Student ID?20:58
replaceafillunless i got it wrong from the specs xls20:58
replaceafillshe means username20:58
replaceafilli think20:58
replaceafillwhich is not a demographic field20:59
th1aAh, ok, could you add that?20:59
replaceafillusername should be probably under the Details dropdown20:59
th1aLet me ask about the phone.21:00
th1aRegarding not being able to hide worksheets, they are probably report sheets?21:00
replaceafillno idea21:00
replaceafilli haven't looked at that21:00
th1aWell, that would be the first thing to check, right?21:01
th1aI mean, you can't hide report sheets, iirc.21:01
th1aIf you're not sure, I'll just ask her.21:01
replaceafilli'm not sure what she means by "the extra worksheets that have been created"21:02
th1aOK.  I'll ask.21:02
th1aI'll handle it for now.21:02
replaceafillaccording to the code21:04
replaceafilldeployed worksheets don't show the visible checkbox21:04
th1aSo... deployed worksheets = report sheets.21:05
replaceafillor course worksheets21:05
replaceafillin the isli case it can be a bug21:06
replaceafillwith the assessment sheets21:06
th1aSo maybe we'll just wait and check it and the rest out.21:07
replaceafillwhat about the urgent one?21:07
th1aI'm asking about the phone number.21:07
th1aOK, sent.21:08
replaceafillIsli schooltool - new functionality docx21:11
replaceafillfrom may2321:11
replaceafillOther contact / HR information21:11
replaceafillEmail address21:11
replaceafillTelephone number21:11
replaceafilljust for teachers21:11
replaceafillthey can just edit the field21:12
replaceafilland apply it to students21:12
th1aAnd it should automatically show up?21:15
th1aIn the report options?21:15
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th1areplaceafill:  If we don't hear from Fran, maybe you should just package up a change including the ID (username) in for the custom reports at the end of the day, or first thing tomorrow.22:20
replaceafillenable phone for students too, right?22:20
th1aMIght as well.22:26
replaceafilllunch time, bb in 4022:27
th1aWe're going out for a picnic dinner on a pond.  It is 89F here.22:28
replaceafilli dont get Fs...22:28
replaceafillCs plz22:28
th1aWhat is it there?22:29
replaceafillor so22:30
th1aI figured we were hotter.22:30

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