IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2015-07-06

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replaceafillhey th1a17:41
replaceafillsorry i'm late17:41
th1aThis works for me:
replaceafilli ran a couple of extra laps today17:41
th1aHave you tried that?17:41
th1aI tried to get up at 6:00 AM for a skate, but collapsed back into bed.17:42
th1aDid a lot of painting and driving over the weekend.17:42
replaceafillpassion lost17:42
replaceafillstill :P17:42
th1a6:00 is a little early.17:42
th1aNeed to beat the heat and the kids though.17:43
replaceafilloh, is adobe connect a browser plugin or something?17:43
th1aSee also.17:44
th1ayeah, basically.17:44
th1aThere is a .deb for screensharing, I think.17:44
replaceafillthree tests passed for me17:44
th1aI figured we should just try it at this point.17:44
th1aIt seems to let me join Jana's room, insofar as there is no meeting yet.17:45
th1aDoesn't die before anything happens though.17:46
replaceafill"You will be able to access the meeting once the host arrives"17:47
th1aI've been helping David Ally.17:48
replaceafillwhen is the meeting exactly?17:48
th1aDoes he have some kind of daily attendance on his instance.17:48
replaceafillhow's he doing?17:48
th1aA bit confused...17:48
replaceafillthe journal?17:48
th1aOther than the regular section attendance.17:48
replaceafilliirc it's just a regular instance with the niepa package installed17:48
th1aYeah... does that have any extra attendance?17:49
replaceafilljust a school census form17:49
th1aI think you're right.17:50
replaceafilloh and a report card17:51
replaceafillbut no attendance customization17:51
th1aYeah, he just didn't understand.17:52
th1aHe actually needs a home room period.17:52
replaceafillmy email says we're meeting with proximity in 2:08 hours?17:52
replaceafillis that correct?17:52
th1a12pm eastern time.17:53
th1aIs what mine says, in 1:07.17:53
replaceafilloh ok17:53
replaceafillnever mind, i'm dumb :D17:53
replaceafill10 am - 11 am17:53
replaceafillsome progress on the remote tasks17:54
replaceafilli finally understand the system!!!17:54
replaceafillafter like 2 years...17:54
th1aAh, cool.17:54
replaceafilli wish i had some UML knowledge or something17:54
th1aIt can't be too simple, it took yvl quite a while to create it.  ;-)17:55
replaceafillto make a nice diagram of all the parts involved17:55
replaceafillwhich are a lot17:55
th1atbh, I can't believe it actually works.17:55
th1aI thought there was a pretty good chance that project would be the end of SchoolTool.17:55
replaceafillas with a lot of parts in ST, it's really really complicated, but once you understand it, you see the power17:56
replaceafilli can schedule "custom" tasks17:56
replaceafillnot just report ones17:56
replaceafillbut i wasn't able to simulate task hanging in the queue17:57
replaceafillto see the retry functionality17:57
th1aWasn't able to in what sense?17:57
th1aNo time or didn't know how?17:58
replaceafilldidn't get there17:58
replaceafillno time17:58
th1aThe path looks fairly clear though?18:00
th1aOne thing I was lying in bed wondering about is handling out of sequence things.18:00
th1aLike, we can't send a message to edit a person who hasn't been created yet.18:00
replaceafillthe task should be schedule after the person is added to the person container18:01
replaceafillis that what you mean?18:01
th1aYeah, it just needs to remember the sequence in at least some cases.18:02
th1aI just don't know what the patterns are for handling that kind of thing, because I can imagine one error blocking the entire queue.18:03
replaceafillthe celery queue?18:03
th1aLike if for some reason the user can't be created in Canvas.18:03
th1aWell, just in general.18:03
replaceafillgot it18:03
replaceafilli think we'll need to improve the remote task management view in sT18:04
th1aI mean, I guess you just have to log those and move on.18:04
th1aAnd then log all the subsequent errors.18:04
th1aAnd let the user manually resolve it somehow.18:04
replaceafillthat's currently difficult to understand in our views18:04
th1aWell, it is inherently a bit complicated.18:05
th1aIt seems like there has to be a "ok, reconcile the two lists and let me know what's different" functionality.18:05
th1aWhich, ultimately is not hard actually, as long as the Canvas calls are nicely abstracted.18:06
replaceafillright, i see your point18:06
th1aIf every time you get data from canvas you have to write boilerplate for 10 minutes, it is not so easy.18:06
th1abut if it is just schooltool.canvas.getUsers()18:06
th1aOr whatever.18:06
th1aOr if adding an API call only takes a couple minutes each time.18:07
th1aDo you have any nagging concerns about the API at this point?18:08
replaceafillbasically because i haven't done that18:09
th1aThat has to be pretty resolvable.  Anything in particular about it?18:09
replaceafilland we don't have anything related in ST18:09
replaceafilli need to evaluate oauth2 libraries, etc18:10
th1aYeah, it will take a little time.18:11
replaceafilli'll go get some breakfast18:12
replaceafillno news from Fran :/18:12
replaceafillok, bb in ~2018:13
th1aNo news is good news.18:14
th1ayou there, replaceafill?18:57
replaceafillreading the tips for adobe connect18:59
replaceafillyou in adobe connect th1a ?18:59
th1aI'm a little baffled right now.19:18
th1aAre you on hangouts?19:21

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