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th1ahi replaceafill.17:32
replaceafillhey th1a17:33
th1aI'm feeling a bit more human today.17:33
replaceafillglad to hear17:33
replaceafilli fixed the first 2 issues Fran just reported17:33
replaceafillwe need to discuss issue 317:33
replaceafillshe's using july 1st as the base for everything17:33
replaceafillschoolyear and group membership17:34
th1aAh, time again?17:34
replaceafillit's the "future" issue17:34
replaceafillpeople are not considered "active" *today*17:34
th1aSo currently it is not a bug.17:34
th1aThe only thing we could do is automatically put people into a pending state in that case.17:35
replaceafillit's weird17:35
replaceafillbut the same would happen if you use the same dates17:35
replaceafilli mean, even if they're pending17:35
th1aI don't necessarily care if they don't show up on the school page count, but some feedback on the group form is needed.17:36
th1aThe group view.17:36
replaceafillwhat kind of feedback?17:37
replaceafilla checkbox?17:37
th1aI think we need a hard-wired "pending" state just like we need a hard-wired "added in error" state.17:37
th1aYou just need to be able to confirm that something is scheduled to happen in the future.17:37
replaceafillcan you explain the "hard-wired" part?17:39
replaceafilli mean, we can't ask relationship about this kind of thing easily17:39
replaceafilli mean, the data is there17:39
replaceafilldate + state17:39
th1aJust that we need (if we don't have already) a "pending" state that we know will be there.17:40
th1aOr even literally a "added in future" state.17:40
th1a"Added in future" is better because "Pending" is kind of more specific to a pending application.17:41
replaceafillok, let me try to understand17:42
replaceafillso if you have one kid17:42
replaceafillcurrently enrolled17:42
replaceafillactive, at the start of the year (january 2015)17:42
replaceafilland you want to mark him as graduated on october 2015, today (june)17:42
replaceafillthat'll mark the kid as...?17:42
th1aWell, I'm thinking more of this exact problem.17:43
th1aJust the:17:43
th1athe case where you're adding people in the future and there is nothing in the system that acknowledges that it knows what you want to do.17:43
replaceafilllike, if the relationship doesn't exist yet?17:43
replaceafillseems "fiddly?"17:45
th1aI'm thinking of a pretty simple hack like, "if a change is scheduled in the future, and the person has no active enrollment state, set to "Change scheduled."17:45
replaceafillbut what if you want to use an inactive state for the future17:45
replaceafillon purpose17:45
replaceafilllike pending17:46
replaceafillor candidate or something17:46
th1aI'm just saying if someone is scheduled for any future change, and there is no current state, set a default "change pending" state until that even occurs.17:46
th1aDOesn't that solve Fran's problem?17:47
replaceafilli guess i just don't see in which part that change makes sense17:48
replaceafillwhen querying the relationship17:48
replaceafillwouldn't be easier to add a "show inactive today" checkbox17:49
replaceafillto the group view17:49
th1a"Show pending changes"?17:49
th1aI'm not sure we're on the same page on what the problem is.17:50
th1aOK, so she's adding people in the future.17:50
th1aAnd the don't show up in the school page count.17:50
th1aWhich I don't consider a bug.17:51
replaceafillor the group view17:51
th1aThen she goes to the group view, which just has a list of?17:51
th1aThe active members?17:51
replaceafillactive members17:51
th1aAre the people with pending changes considered inactive members or not members at all?17:51
replaceafillwhat's a "not member at all"?17:52
th1aNo current, pending, relationship at all with the group.17:52
replaceafillyou mean if it's possible to query them?17:52
th1aEssentially, yes.17:52
replaceafillyou can query them17:52
replaceafillthey're considered inactive17:52
replaceafillbecause the group relationship just has active/inactive meanings17:53
th1aOK, so maybe just always list inactive members under the active members?17:53
replaceafilllet me double check that17:53
replaceafill        states.add(_('Pending'), INACTIVE, 'i')17:53
replaceafill        states.add(_('Member'), ACTIVE, 'a')17:53
replaceafillstates.add(_('Suspended'), INACTIVE, 's')17:53
replaceafillstates.add(_('Removed'), INACTIVE, 'r')17:53
replaceafill        states.add(_('Added in error'), INACTIVE, 'e')17:53
replaceafillsorry for the flood17:53
replaceafillso if she set Tom as member in the student group starting july 1st17:54
replaceafilland i query the relationship for Tom17:54
replaceafillrelationship tells me Tom is related as inactive TODAY17:55
replaceafillif i query the relationship asking for Tom on August 1st, the relationship says active17:55
th1aWe might as well just always list them.17:55
th1aI don't think we need a checkbox.17:55
replaceafilllist all related persons (active and inactive)_17:56
th1aI would put active and inactive in separate tables.17:57
replaceafilland Fran's members would appear on the inactive one?17:58
th1aShe just needs confirmation that something happened.17:58
th1aDon't do that until everything else is finished though.17:58
replaceafillthat solution is quicker than the hard-coded states17:59
th1aYes, I understand.17:59
replaceafillhard-coded future states17:59
replaceafilli think i... kind of understand what you want17:59
replaceafilla new MEANING17:59
replaceafill(i'm talking code terms)17:59
replaceafillanyway, ok17:59
replaceafilltwo tables it is18:00
th1aDon't worry about hard coded future states.18:00
th1aI just wasn't thinking we could already easily query that.18:00
th1aAnyhow is that just a couple hours?18:01
replaceafilltwo tables?18:01
th1aOK, we can throw that in for free, but after the pending tasks are done.18:01
replaceafillare we going to suggest her not using future dates for the moment?18:02
replaceafillotherwise the rest of the system won't work18:02
replaceafillsections, attendance, etc18:02
th1aYou mean she can't assign them to sections?18:03
th1aYou don't have to be a student to be added to a section.18:03
th1aOr did we narrow that for them... ?18:03
replaceafillshe can, but if she defines the year and terms starting on the future too...18:03
replaceafillattendance functionality uses today as the base for membership18:04
th1aThen...?  I mean it should all work?18:04
replaceafillthe system will ask the same question the current group view does18:05
replaceafillis Tom a student today? No18:05
th1aI'm not sure what you mean.18:05
replaceafillif she uses July 1st for section membership, the issue is the same18:05
th1aYou mean the students can't be added to sections, or that you can't take attendance?18:05
replaceafillif she uses July 1st for level date, same issue18:05
replaceafillyou can't take attendance18:06
replaceafillbecause people are not considered "students"18:06
replaceafillthe definition of student for ark is:18:06
th1aBut you will be able to exactly when the year starts and they're all enrolled.18:06
replaceafillbut fran is testing today18:06
th1aYou just definitely don't want to do it for testing.18:06
th1aOK, right.18:06
th1aIt isn't a bug bug.18:06
replaceafillcan you explain that to her please18:06
replaceafilli usually don't make sense... :/18:06
th1aSend me your comment about fixing the first two issues.18:07
replaceafilllet me update her instance18:07
replaceafilli have to blow the db18:07
replaceafillbecause of the demo fields fixes18:07
replaceafilland she just imported a couple of xls files18:07
replaceafillgive me a minute18:08
replaceafillok, issues 1 and 2 should be fixed now18:09
replaceafilland database is fresh18:09
th1aOK, I'll answer.18:10
th1aOK so I was thinking for the header we could put schooltool.isli and the white version of their logo.18:11
replaceafillthe one you shared?18:11
th1aThat's the full color version, I just cropped it out of the one document.18:11
th1aI need to invert the colors and shrink the b&w one.18:12
th1aI think using the dot notation should get the point across branding-wise.18:14
th1aI'll see if I can mock up the changes in custom.css.18:15
th1aOK, I don't think I have anything else.18:16
replaceafillok, that's it from me too18:16
replaceafillworking on the reports now18:17
th1aOK.  Thanks replaceafill.18:17
replaceafillthanks th1a18:17

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