IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2015-06-16

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replaceafillhi th1a17:56
th1ahi replaceafill.17:56
replaceafillis this meeting really in 5 minutes?17:56
replaceafilli thought it had been delayed17:57
th1aDelayed to 5 minutes from now?17:57
replaceafilli thought it was in 1 hour 5 minutes from now17:57
replaceafilli'm here17:57
th1aHow are we doing?17:59
replaceafillassessment sets finished17:59
replaceafillin the middle of fees17:59
replaceafillneed to wire reports18:00
replaceafilli think we're ok18:00
th1aOK, so we're going to walk through assessment sets?18:00
th1aWe'll need to hangout so you can do screen sharing.18:01
replaceafillmy main concern is that my laptop died on sunday18:01
th1aIs this just on your local box now.18:01
th1aSo what are you using?18:01
replaceafilli'm on my netbook18:01
replaceafillwhich is slooooow18:01
replaceafillbut it works18:01
th1aI should probably wire you your pay...18:01
th1aOK, I invited you.18:02
replaceafillcan you invite me again please18:03
replaceafillsorry i missed the popup18:03
replaceafilloh wait18:03
th1aSo your in-laws came to visit on Friday?18:07
th1aAnd you were like AAAGH, I HAVE A DEADLINE.18:07
th1aI can imagine.18:07
replaceafillhow's your wife?18:07
replaceafillhow did surgery go?18:07
th1aSHe's ok.18:07
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