IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2015-06-09

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th1ahi replaceafill.17:34
replaceafillhey th1a17:34
th1aHow are things coming?17:34
th1aNo news is good news.17:34
replaceafilli still doubt that for some reason...17:35
replaceafilli created the base (ark) package17:35
replaceafilltested the dependencies too17:35
replaceafillfortunately, everything worked as expected17:35
replaceafillfollowing the existing deb packages is easy :)17:36
replaceafillso, that's done17:36
replaceafillnow, i'm checking the assessment report changes Fran has requested17:36
replaceafillwhich parts of the base class won't be needed17:36
replaceafilland leave that in peas17:36
replaceafillin other words, i'm just moving code around :)17:37
replaceafilli'll start today with the assessment sheet templates17:37
replaceafillor whatever i end up calling those...17:37
th1aI kind of like "assessment sets"17:38
replaceafillah ok17:38
replaceafillthat works17:38
replaceafillone thing i realized is that i'll need to take the UCE functionality out17:39
replaceafillindia doesn't need it17:39
replaceafilltargets is a little more isolated17:39
replaceafillthat's basically it17:39
replaceafilleven though there's no UI yet i'm moving along17:40
replaceafillso we're still ok :)17:40
* replaceafill done17:40
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replaceafillsorry th1a17:41
replaceafillbad ALT + F4 :S17:41
th1atbh, I didn't have a very productive SchoolTool day yesterday.  I ended up wrapping up what ended up being a long researchy article I was finishing last Wednesday when Jennifer had her accident.17:41
th1aSo that's almost completely wrapped up, and I should be a bit more focused.17:42
replaceafillhow urgent are the proximity tasks?17:42
th1aIt is just a pressing school district policy thing.17:42
th1aI don't think that pressing or I'd be more focused.17:42
replaceafilloh ok17:42
th1aI should get them done this week.17:42
replaceafilloh btw17:43
replaceafilli'll need to take friday morning off17:43
replaceafilli have a parents meeting at school17:43
th1aNo problem.17:43
th1aOK, thanks replaceafill.17:44
replaceafillkk, thanks th1a17:44
* replaceafill goes to prepare some coffee17:44
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