IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2015-06-05

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replaceafillhey th1a17:38
replaceafillsorry i'm late17:38
replaceafillwent for a run17:38
th1aI went for a quick skate.17:38
replaceafillhow's your wife?17:39
th1aShe's feeling a bit better.  I guess the overall soreness is less, more just the collarbone hurting now.17:40
replaceafillwhat's the estimate recovery time?17:41
th1aI think 6-8 weeks in the sling.17:41
th1aPresumably it gets less tender during that time.17:41
replaceafillso no news from Fran17:42
replaceafilli never know if that's good or bad...17:42
th1aIt is good.17:42
replaceafilli (hopefully) fixed the copy/paste issue17:42
replaceafilland removed the google fonts api call17:43
replaceafilltested it on windows and it seems to work17:43
th1aWhat happens on Windows?17:43
replaceafillthere's no local ubuntu font17:44
replaceafilli also used the development tools and check the ttf files are effectively downloaded17:44
replaceafilland cached17:44
th1aYou just see some other Sans Serif font.17:45
th1aIf there is no local ubuntu font, you see... the fallback?17:47
replaceafilloh yes17:47
replaceafillbut if the browser supports font-face17:47
replaceafillyou get the ubuntu font downloaded17:47
replaceafillie 8 doesnt... :/17:48
replaceafilli tested chrome and ff17:48
th1aWhat is the current ie?17:48
replaceafill11 according to caniuse17:48
replaceafilli have ie8 in my windows 7 vm17:48
th1aSo that api call is effectively obsolete on current browsers.17:50
replaceafillthe fonts api call?17:50
replaceafillit's useful if you don't have the font you want to use locally installed17:52
replaceafillproblem is you call google to get it17:53
th1aYes, what does font-face do then?17:54
replaceafillsame thing17:54
replaceafillgoogle api call gets you a style sheet, right?17:54
replaceafillthe style sheets has several font-face's17:54
replaceafillwith font links in google17:55
replaceafillwoff2 files17:55
replaceafill(new font type)17:55
replaceafillso flourish was calling the style sheet everytime17:55
replaceafilleven if it was already in the cache17:55
replaceafillthe call was made, even just to check17:56
th1aSo effectively it is *good* if they're running an obsolete IE if they don't want to try to download the font.17:56
replaceafillthat was the trouble in uganda17:56
th1aCool.  Thanks.17:56
replaceafilli wonder if Fran is around here:17:56
replaceafillok, i set up a fresh (old) 14.0417:57
replaceafilli'm going to test the apt preferences17:57
replaceafilland set up the project, etc for schooltool.isli17:58
th1aAlmost certainly.17:58
th1aOK.  Cool.17:58
replaceafillis isli going to go to the sielibre/ark ppa?17:58
replaceafillkk that's it from me th1a18:00
th1aI would say yes to the PPA.18:00
th1aOK, yesterday was a wash for me.  I'll get the invoices done at least today.18:00
replaceafillcool thanks18:01
th1aThanks replaceafill.18:02
replaceafillthanks th1a18:02
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