IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2015-05-20

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replaceafillhey th1a17:40
th1ahi replaceafill.17:40
replaceafillsorry i'm late17:40
replaceafilli ran a couple of extra laps17:40
th1aOK, so I guess we need to go into advanced qa mode, unfortunately.17:42
th1aShould we try to break the demo site?17:43
replaceafilli'll copy the database and test locally17:44
th1aI'll help if I can.17:45
th1aMay be more trouble than I'm worth though...17:45
replaceafillinot sure about the persistence absence report17:45
replaceafilllast time seemed to work17:46
replaceafilleven in the demo17:46
replaceafilli'll take a look anyway17:46
th1aWell, we couldn't break it, right?17:46
th1aSo that's the problem.17:47
th1aIf it is throwing a ticket error, what does that signify?17:47
th1aI mean, in terms of what kind of problem it is?17:48
th1aCompared to a traceback.17:48
replaceafilli think we "improved?" that part17:50
replaceafillwhen a student didn't have an active level17:50
th1aYes... has that not been tested?17:51
replaceafillbut she hasn't tested it yet17:51
th1aBy Fran?17:51
replaceafilli mean, nobody has tested it with Uganda data17:51
replaceafillthat i know of17:52
replaceafillFixed report sorting when students have no levels17:52
th1aYes, OK.  We don't have any other particular ideas for fixing it then?17:53
th1aI can just send an email to that effect.17:53
replaceafillthe idea was that sorting was failing when students had no level17:54
replaceafillwe fixed that17:54
replaceafilli'm not sure i understand her second email17:54
replaceafilloh, the dashboard!17:55
replaceafill*our* dashboard17:55
replaceafilli was thinking of the dashboard she's been talking about recently17:55
replaceafillwith metrics, etc17:55
th1aCould they copy the db's manually to start?17:55
replaceafillso, they cannot sync?17:55
th1aApparently not.17:55
replaceafilli'd think so17:55
replaceafilli'll test it though17:56
th1aYeah, test it.17:56
replaceafilli kind of remember that i did that...17:56
th1azrs might be picky.17:56
replaceafillok, i don't think there's anything else we should do about the persistence report17:57
replaceafilluntil they test it again with the same data17:57
replaceafilli'll try the dashboard17:57
th1aAll right.17:58
th1aI got some reports from proximity -- seems more or less straightforward, so I don't think you and I need to dig into it yet.17:59
th1aI mean, I think I can handle it.17:59
th1aSent the new invoice to Fran, so if we get paid soon, we'll be in good shape.18:00
th1aOK, thanks replaceafill.18:02
replaceafillok, thanks th1a18:02
th1aOh, wait.18:02
th1aThe search issue.18:02
th1aThe second one in Fran's email18:02
th1aCould that be just because it also returns username matches?18:03
replaceafillthat's why i'm copy the database locally18:04
replaceafillto test18:04
replaceafilli'm guessing an index is not being updated or something18:04
replaceafillthe text index specifically18:05
replaceafillfor persons18:05
th1aOh, ok.18:05
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replaceafillth1a, we should upgrade sometime18:54
replaceafillit's running 12.0418:54
replaceafilli'd also like to enable selenium tests in the buildbot18:55
replaceafillsomeday :)18:55
th1aWell, maybe someday we'll have a break in paid work.18:55
replaceafilldamn paid work!18:55
th1a(and support thereof)18:55
th1areplaceafill: ayt?19:41
th1aSee Fran's reply?19:42
th1aI wish people would copy/paste tracebacks instead of taking screenshots.19:42
th1aI guess there is some info there though.19:43
replaceafillwhat info?19:44
th1aShe did send us a screenshot of the error message.19:44
replaceafillwhich showed us sorting was breaking...19:44
th1aMaybe there are two bugs?19:45
replaceafillwhat's the other?19:46
th1aThat would be the question.19:46
th1aI mean, if you're confident you fixed the bug that caused that traceback.19:47
replaceafilli am19:47
th1aThen there is either another bug, of which we have no idea what it might be, or they didn't get the fix.19:48
replaceafilli think it's the former19:48
replaceafillthere's another bug we have no idea what it might be19:49
replaceafillthat's why i requested the db a long time ago...19:49
th1aWell, yes.19:49
replaceafilli couldn't reproduce anything else but the no level affecting sorting issue19:49
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