IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2015-05-11

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th1aHi replaceafill.17:34
th1aOK, I'm here.17:34
replaceafillhey th1a17:34
th1aOK, got my skate in.17:35
th1aFiled our VAT return.17:36
replaceafilli saw your messages about it17:37
th1aIt is so much easier than American taxes.17:38
th1aWhich are just the worst.17:38
th1aGood job keeping this ARK round on schedule.17:39
replaceafilli just sent Fran a question about notes17:40
replaceafillnot sure if they're using them already17:40
th1aProbably not.  I'd assume it is just going to be "other"17:40
th1aBut worth asking.17:41
replaceafilltoday i'll work on the selector for admins in the gradebook view17:41
replaceafillwe should just add all the sections to the selector, right?17:41
replaceafilli think that's what she wants17:41
replaceafill(i just want to confirm i'm not missing anything...)17:42
th1aSections from the term, yes, that's how I understand it.17:42
th1aI mean, I guess it doesn't actually need to go through it based on permissions.17:42
th1aSince this person should have the permissions?17:43
replaceafilli don't think the selector should be affected by the security setting17:43
replaceafilli mean, for admins17:43
th1aThat is, you can take for granted they have permission.17:44
th1aOK.  Yes, that does make it easier.17:44
th1aThat's one reason I was a little worried about performance.17:44
replaceafillbut we have catalog for sections now17:45
replaceafillthanks to the school page17:45
replaceafillthat should make things easier17:45
replaceafillanyhow, that's it from me17:46
th1aOK.  Cool.17:46
th1aI got a couple followup questions from VA, asking for clarification on permissions, which I think is not a problem at all, and about email/text messages.17:46
th1aSo that's promising.17:47
th1aAnd what's the Isaac status?17:47
replaceafillhe said he'd add more questions next week17:48
th1aSo we should be able to get some 3.0 time in.17:48
th1aIt is a good time for me to focus on that this week as well.17:48
replaceafillah ok17:49
th1aOK, thanks replaceafill.17:49
replaceafillok, thanks th1a17:49
* replaceafill goes to get breakfast, bb in ~3017:50
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th1aayt replaceafill.22:56
replaceafillhey th1a23:36
th1aHi.  Just wanted a sanity check before I answered a question, but I verified it myself by rtfm.23:37

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