IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2015-04-16

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replaceafillhey th1a17:34
th1aOop.  Hi replaceafill.17:34
replaceafillnewspaper mode?17:34
th1aJust distracted...17:35
th1aSo... yes.17:35
replaceafillquick report17:35
replaceafillfixed the demo snapshot report for gaps17:36
replaceafillcouldn't reproduce the persistent bugs17:36
replaceafillpersistent attendance reports17:36
th1aThe traceback.17:37
th1aDoes it make any sense at all to you?17:37
replaceafilli wonder if some student was unenrolled (from the school) and enrolled back17:38
replaceafillquick fix is to make the sorting ignore non-level students and put them at the bottom17:39
replaceafillit'll display them anyway17:39
th1aFor the persistent attendance report?17:40
th1aOh, that is, you think the bug is for the non-level students.17:40
replaceafillsomehow the student is included in the report data17:41
replaceafill(by term or the last 2 weeks)17:41
th1aOK, so yeah, I'm sure she'd appreciate an attempt at a workaround.17:41
replaceafillbut for the date the report was requested, the student is not enrolled17:41
th1aLet's go through her email and I'll write a response by point.17:41
th1aWhat's up with the assessment sheet issue?17:42
replaceafilli haven't seen that one17:42
replaceafilli'll try to reproduce17:43
th1aPersistent absence report -- the workaround we just discussed.17:44
th1aCan you do that today?17:45
replaceafilli guess17:46
th1aSeems like that's the priority?17:46
th1aThe assessment report is more likely a level glitch at the school... let her try to fix?17:47
replaceafillat least, wait on her testing it17:47
replaceafillmost of those reports are by level17:47
replaceafillassessment reports17:47
th1aOverall attendance report 2014.17:47
replaceafillwe need 2014 data17:48
replaceafillsample data17:48
replaceafillhaving that database would be nice17:49
replaceafillso we don't have to ask her for setting up more dummy data17:49
th1aSame with the 2014 demographic report?17:50
th1aYou don't select the years in the dialog there?  Just from which tab you're at?17:50
replaceafillthe demographics report is school wide17:51
th1aOh, right.  You select it from the dialog?17:51
replaceafilloverall attendance report does have the year widget17:51
replaceafillthe demographics report is in the school page17:51
replaceafilloverall attendance is in the students attendance view17:51
replaceafillwe could add year to the demographics report i guess17:52
th1aIs that confusing her.17:52
th1aShe's imagining it is by year?17:52
replaceafillagain, demographics report wasn't reviewed by her17:52
replaceafilli'd think17:52
th1aIs this a PEAS report?17:52
replaceafillhold on17:53
replaceafilllet me double check17:53
replaceafillno year in the demographics report17:53
replaceafillno year widget17:53
replaceafillOverview of demographic distribution over the levels in the school.17:53
replaceafillsince it was level based17:54
replaceafilljust checked the levels17:54
th1aAh... uh.17:54
th1aDo you have one of these?17:55
th1aI have no clue what we're even talking about.17:55
replaceafillas you can see in the number formatting, that's pre-Fran :)17:56
th1aYes, OK.  Writing something...17:58
th1aTotal school is just the total of the students assigned to a level?17:58
th1a"You're probably going to want to revise this report.  The demographic report just lists the number of students at each level (school year is not taken into account at all) and the totals reflect adding up the number of students assigned a level.  So it can easily differ from reports based on group membership, etc."18:01
th1aOK, she'll have the notes and we're not looking at the added in error issue today.18:03
th1aAll done?18:04
th1aOK.  I'll send that.18:04
th1aAnything else?18:04
replaceafillno, that's it18:04
th1aRejiggering the VA contract and adding the info he needed took a while.  Bit of a formatting clusterfcuk.18:05
th1aI'm going to write a newspaper now.18:05
th1aThanks replaceafill.18:06
replaceafillthanks th1a18:06
* replaceafill goes to get breakfast, bb in 3018:06
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