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replaceafillhey th1a16:32
th1ahi replaceafill.16:35
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FNCSI need help please! I can't log in to schooltol when I changed the manager password22:14
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replaceafillth1a, zyt?22:53
replaceafillhave a few minutes to talk promotion?22:53
th1aSure, but I don't think I can give you a raise right now.22:54
replaceafillthe Enrollment column changes the enrollment status in the active year22:55
replaceafilland the 2016 column changes the active level for the person22:55
th1aMight the active year be either year?22:55
replaceafillno, it works from the active year22:56
replaceafillin this case 201522:56
th1aSo this should be done before the new year is activated.22:56
th1aEnrollment status is per year?22:57
replaceafillFran's comment in the spreadsheet:22:57
replaceafillit's the status in the Students group22:57
th1aSorry you have to remind me.22:57
th1aOK, yes.22:57
replaceafillthis is what she wrote:22:57
replaceafill"Firstly, any changes to the drop down occur in 2014, not 2015. E.g. we changed the students that were in S4 (2014) to graduated and then selected "--" under 2015, however, this actually changed them in 2014, not 2015 (perhaps due to the order of the columns?). "22:57
th1aI have to switch context from writing about someone's promotion in the painters union.22:57
replaceafilli'm not sure if she's expecting several levels for a person to be listed or something22:58
replaceafilli think her first sentence refers to the Enrollment column functionality we just talked22:59
replaceafill(it works on the current year)22:59
th1aIs there a date at the bottom of this?22:59
replaceafillit works from "today"23:00
th1aAh, well, add an effective date widget then.23:00
th1aI mean, the main thing is that it has to flow from the effective date into the future.23:01
th1aAnd then any other changes in the future are manual.23:01
th1a(per student)23:01
replaceafillbut this view is not going to affect enrollment status in 2016 Students group, right?23:01
replaceafilli thought that was the bug23:02
th1aYes... it needs to flow into the future as well.23:04
th1ainto... the... future...23:04
th1a(imagine a reverby sci-fi voice)23:04
replaceafillEnrollment column changes current year Students group status (as it does now)23:06
replaceafill(but with effective date)23:06
replaceafill2016 column changes person level (but with effective date)23:06
th1aThe effective date might be in the next year.23:07
th1aI guess you might want to limit it to those two years.23:07
th1aMake it today by default.23:07
replaceafilleffective date validation?23:07
th1aYeah... well, I don't know what we'd do if it wasn't in one of those two years.23:08
replaceafillif it's before current active enrollment date in the active year it won't affect23:09
replaceafilli mean, if the person was enrolled in students group on 2014-08-0123:09
replaceafilland you set effective date to 2014-01-0123:09
replaceafillthe person would still be considered a student23:10
th1aAs long as it makes sense.23:10
th1aI mean, the problem with all these convenient mass changes is you can completely mess up a lot of data at once.23:11
th1aThat's just the tradeoff.23:11
replaceafilli'm unconfortable with the 2016 Students change by default23:11
replaceafillif you change someones level to "---"23:12
th1aI don't understand why.23:12
replaceafilldoes that mean he left the school?23:12
replaceafillhe graduated?23:12
th1aIt has no meaning other than you've not assigned them a level.23:12
replaceafillbut you're putting him as student into next year...?23:13
th1aIf you leave them enrolled and set no level, yes.23:13
th1aWhat it *means* is up to the user.23:14
replaceafilli guess that's all i need23:14
replaceafillfor some reason i think that Fran understands the view differently to use23:16
th1aIf you set someone as graduated it is up to you whether you want them to have no level (that is an option, right) or just leave it at whatever.23:17
replaceafillit's an option23:17
th1aBut it definitely should show up that way in the next year!23:17
th1aThat's the problem.23:17
replaceafillbut you're asking to put him (no matter what?) in the next years group23:18
replaceafillGraduated in this context means the students group status23:18
replaceafillnot a "school" status or whatever23:18
th1aI see what you're saying.23:19
th1aat this point they've already moved the students into next year's student group, right?23:20
replaceafillin my opinion this view needs a level status column23:20
replaceafillnot sure, i'd think so23:20
th1aWhat would the level status column do?23:21
replaceafillallow you to set the last level as graduated23:21
replaceafillfor S4 students in 201423:22
th1aWell, is that implicit in all this?23:22
replaceafillno at all23:22
replaceafillif the user selects "---" as the level23:22
replaceafillall the view does is to set the *active* level as inactive23:22
th1aIs graduated a level?23:23
th1aI mean, shouldn't this always set the previous level as completed if you select a new one?23:23
replaceafillthe view currently just deactivates the current level, it doesn't mark anything as Graduated23:25
replaceafillif there's a new level, it relates to that as *new* active23:25
th1aOK, but it could and should also mark the previous one as complete.23:25
th1aThere is a lot of abstraction there that has to be hidden from the user.23:26
replaceafillin any case you saw my point:23:27
replaceafill<th1a> I see what you're saying23:27
replaceafillabout putting the person automatically in next years group23:28
replaceafillhow about if we add logic to that related to the "---" level option23:28
th1aThat would be ok with me.23:29
replaceafillif user select no level, person is not put in next years group23:29
th1aThey're probably already there though?23:29
replaceafillyou mean in Uganda's case?23:30
th1aDo you have the option to move the groups over when you create the new year or when you activate it?23:31
replaceafillwhen you create the new year23:31
replaceafillcopy members23:31
replaceafillwhich btw doesn't take effective dates into account23:32
th1aYeah, that's kind of the bug in my mind at this point.  Maybe just take the student group out of that?23:32
replaceafillwhy not remove the copy members option?23:33
replaceafillwith temporal, i think it needs extra data23:33
replaceafillfor some reason i want to expose all the abstractions you want to hide :D23:33
th1aWell, I guess it needs some love either way.23:34
th1aI can't focus on it right now tbh.  Gotta make dinner.23:34
replaceafilland we don't have the time either23:34
replaceafillto give it love23:34
replaceafilli'll make these changes to the view23:34
replaceafilland we can discuss it with Fran to see if we're all on the same page23:35
th1aI think allowing graduated students to pile up (as graduated) in next year's student group we can live with for a little while.23:35
replaceafilli keep looking at this as low priority....23:35
th1aIt is on of the last obviously missing core features.23:36
replaceafillthanks th1a23:37
th1aThanks replaceafill.23:37

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