IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2015-03-12

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th1ahi replaceafill.16:31
replaceafillhey th1a16:31
replaceafillhow do you feel?16:32
th1aI still have quite a headache.16:32
replaceafillhave some rest16:33
th1aI mean, it is just a matter of time.16:34
th1aI don't know if you get sinus infections in El Salvador.16:34
th1aIt is definitely a cold dry air phenomenon.16:34
replaceafillMarcela used to16:34
th1aI thought I was clear and then just got hammered yesterday morning.16:34
replaceafillshe got better when she moved with me :D16:34
th1aThat's good.16:35
th1aAny news today?16:36
replaceafilldid you see my email from last night to Fran?16:37
th1aOh, there it is...16:37
replaceafilli found a bug in the teacher attendance view16:38
replaceafillit's not *the* cause of the bugs in the reports, but it's still an issue16:38
th1aI need to go get something to eat.16:41
replaceafillok, that's it from me16:41
th1aThanks replaceafill.16:46
replaceafillthanks th1a16:46
* replaceafill goes to get a shower16:46
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MarconMhow can i change language on schooltool22:33
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