IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2015-03-04

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th1areplaceafill: you around?20:43
replaceafillhey th1a20:44
th1aCan you meet now?20:45
replaceafillgive me 5 mins20:45
replaceafilli'm finishing eating20:45
replaceafillok th1a ready20:50
th1aHOw are the reports coming?20:50
replaceafillalmost done with the school report, will check attendance reports after20:51
th1aSo... is that all the assessment reports?20:51
replaceafillthose are the ones she prioritized20:52
replaceafillthere are two left: one detailed report about students and...20:52
replaceafillthe uce one20:53
th1aDid you read my proposal?20:53
th1aSeem reasonable?20:54
replaceafilli think it has everything you and i have talked this past couple of weeks20:55
th1aI don't think there's anything controversial in there.20:55
replaceafillnot really, it has a good part of "what happened"20:57
replaceafilland why20:57
replaceafillthanks for including my report time request20:57
th1aWell, yeah.  I mean, I don't think you suddenly got slow.20:57
th1aThey're going to take just as long the next time.  I'm only eating this once!20:58
replaceafillthat's the message i got too20:58
th1aI mean, novice contractor underestimates a job is not exactly a surprising tale...20:59
th1aYou either learn or find another job.20:59
th1abtw, because we're dealing with the world of SIS's you can do Clever integration by SFTP'ing a few CSV reports to them nightly.21:00
th1aSo a minimal version would be easy.21:01
replaceafilloh, how did that go?21:01
th1aHad a nice chat, mostly just realized that.21:01
th1aI thought we'd have to implement an API for them, although I suppose that's kind of the point of the service.21:02
th1aYou can't get SIS's to all implement the same API, but you can just upload the data to Clever and they provide the web services.21:02
th1aThat's pretty much the core of the business, really.21:02
th1aThe API for people who don't want to write it...21:02
th1aOK... so, what are you planning on having ready for the meeting tomorrow?21:04
replaceafilljust these two attendance reports21:05
replaceafillwe're still not moving on the bugs, right?21:05
replaceafillsorry, assessment reports21:05
replaceafilldo we have to provide a sample instance for tomorrow?21:06
replaceafillor also wait on that?21:06
th1aIt is pretty much just a matter of what you can reasonably have.21:06
th1aI'm not sweating having deliverables for tomorrow.21:06
replaceafilli mean21:07
replaceafilli saw your sample data paragraph21:07
replaceafillif we set up a demo for tomorrow, i think they'll want keep using/updating that21:07
th1aThat would be for the next round.21:07
th1aWell, we need to discuss it.21:08
replaceafilland it'll be sandboxes again21:08
th1aWe don't really know what their schedule is at all.21:08
th1aAT ALL.21:08
th1aThey might want to push things next week or in three months.21:08
replaceafillright, very good point21:09
th1aI guess we should go over a couple more of the things on the spreadsheets I wasn't sure about.21:09
th1aCan you open the doc?21:10
replaceafillok, ready21:11
th1arow 15?21:12
th1aWhat is that referring to?21:12
replaceafilli think that's an issue the section gradebook/journal had21:12
replaceafillif you had multiple columns and the widths are fixed, sometimes some columns are not fully displayed21:13
replaceafillwe added some JS to "auto-expand"21:14
replaceafillbut i think those attendance views (students and teachers) don't have that21:14
th1aOK, so you know how to fix that & it is a bug.21:14
replaceafilli haven't confirmed it though21:15
th1aare these column headers or tabs?21:16
th1aDo you know what she means?21:16
replaceafilli think she means worksheets21:16
replaceafillit's a bug we have in the standard gradebook21:16
replaceafilllike when you deploy report sheets21:16
replaceafillit's related to the "feature" of having a Sheet1 sheet by default21:17
th1aIt is just that the tabs might be in a different order?21:18
replaceafillthe worksheets container is a sorted container, we could add some logic to fix it, but it won't be quick21:19
replaceafillSheet1, report sheets, course worksheets and PEAS specific worksheets21:19
th1aI'm calling it a feature.21:20
th1aDO they/we just need to use labels?21:20
replaceafillwell labels are set21:21
replaceafillbut they're too long21:21
replaceafillthey're "Target (%)" and "Target (1-9)" iirc21:21
th1aSo we just need to change those?  Evolve 'em?21:21
replaceafillyes, it'll require evolution21:22
th1aThat's a "1000 last minute details" bug.21:22
th1aI suspect 20 is a navigation issue.21:22
th1aHow do you feel about the read only UCE worksheet.21:24
th1aBasically I don't know how easy it is to flip the read-only bit.21:24
replaceafillby "still could only ee the sections he teaches" i think she was expecting the Sections slikder to show them21:24
th1aShe wants a new feature.21:24
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replaceafillwhich row is the uce read-only?21:26
replaceafilloh, nm21:26
replaceafilllast row, right?21:26
replaceafillwe agreed on doing this? :S21:27
th1aWe had discussed it...21:27
th1aI'm just saying, you were displaying it for a while.21:27
replaceafillfor a demo?21:27
th1aIt is not easy to just flip a read-only bit on it, presumably.21:27
th1aI'm just asking.21:28
replaceafilla quick hack could be possible, through JS21:28
replaceafilli don't like it21:28
th1aThat is fine.21:28
replaceafillthe right way is to change the overview view21:28
replaceafillto set the activity as readonly21:29
th1aOK, I'm going to call that a feature then.21:29
replaceafillit may not be that hard21:29
replaceafilli just have to try it21:29
th1aI'll just call it a feature.21:30
replaceafilli think we already have the UCE assessment slider21:30
th1aThat's what I thought.21:30
replaceafillat this point i'm probably forgetting stuff i did at the end :(21:30
replaceafillfortunately we have the code to check ;)21:31
replaceafillyes, it's there21:31
th1aCan you fill in the progress in the other things in the bottom table?21:35
replaceafillshould i add estimate dates at this point?21:36
th1aFor the bottom table if you want.21:37
replaceafillyou may want to re-write cell D3421:38
th1aOh, it is a bit garbled.21:38
replaceafillthis is what i think about the reports part21:40
replaceafill*some* stuff is easy21:40
replaceafilllike the UCE report table21:40
replaceafillit's just gathering and displaying data21:40
replaceafillwell, mostly21:40
replaceafilli just gave it a day because of that21:40
th1aYeah, I mean, in Fran-land, that's the exception.21:43
th1aANything else?21:44
th1aI need to get Julia soon.21:45
replaceafillno, that's it21:45
replaceafilloh wait21:45
replaceafillshould i wait on packaging updates then?21:45
th1aI'll send links to this stuff to Fran.21:45
replaceafillthat's it from me21:45
replaceafillthanks th1a21:45
th1aThanks replaceafill.21:45
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