IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2015-02-02

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replaceafillhey th1a17:03
replaceafillsorry i'm late17:03
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th1ahi replaceafill.17:13
replaceafillhow do you feel?17:14
th1aI've got a bit of a cold still but I've not been up coughing for three nights, which is the key thing.17:15
th1aThat can go on for a month.17:15
th1aI'm just susceptible to sinus/lung infections.17:15
th1aIt is snowing/dropping ice pellets today.17:16
th1aNo school.17:16
replaceafilli was going to ask you about the weather :)17:16
th1aIt seems like we'll probably end up with about six inches of snow and ice on top of the foot or snow that's left from last week.17:17
th1aThe question is how warm it will get by the middle of the afternoon.17:17
th1aWe may get some rain (thus it is a more typical February storm here).17:17
replaceafillsnow, ice and now rain17:19
* replaceafill reconsiders moving to the north...17:19
th1aThe summer and winter here are equally bad, unfortunately.17:20
th1aWe both need to move to Scotland.17:20
th1aIt is a good place to ride out global warming.17:20
replaceafilli thought rain was the *issue* in that zone17:20
th1aYeah, it rains a lot, but it doesn't get to hot or cold to function.17:21
replaceafilli'm working on Step 3 of the UCE fom now17:21
replaceafilli had an unexpected parents visit on Friday17:21
replaceafillso, little progress17:22
replaceafilli'm on course code validation now17:22
replaceafillwe said we're going to use alternate ID for this, right?17:22
th1aWell, I had an in-laws visit to prepare for last weekend too, so we were in the same boat.17:22
replaceafill(just confirming)17:22
th1aI would say yes.17:22
replaceafilland we have a meeting with Fran17:23
th1aThey have to stay in my office so it is clean now at least.  ;-)17:23
th1aOK, so the main thing right now is the email from fran?17:23
replaceafilli haven't checked those attachments yet17:24
replaceafillhave you?17:24
th1aI looked at them.17:25
th1aLets walk through it.17:25
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th1aI already shoveled six inches, but this storm looks like it may have more staying power than I thought.20:43
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th1aayt replaceafill?22:15
replaceafillhey th1a22:37
th1aWe don't do an automatic backup when you do a excel import, do we?22:38
replaceafilljust when upgrading/evolving22:38
th1aJust checking.22:38
th1aJerome has 1,000 incorrect contacts...22:39
th1aI filed a bug because he can't just update them.22:39
th1aPresumably that would be a fairly quick fix for the next release.22:39
replaceafillthe contact is only updated if the username is not a person..22:43
replaceafilldon't understand that condition22:43
replaceafillok, i'll fix it22:44
th1aYou can create a new contact with the same ID?22:45
th1aHow did he create these in the first place?22:45
replaceafilli think he said a csv file22:46
th1aGod, we have to get rid of that.22:47
th1aWait, you can't do a csv import for Contacts.22:48
th1aHe must have meant XLS.22:51
th1aThis gets into the "I've never really understood what we did about 'self' contacts (which don't exist) issue."22:52
replaceafillaccording to the latest code, there's no "username duplicated" error messages22:54
th1aOK, so we need clearer info from him?22:56
replaceafilli don't understand his error message22:57

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