IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2015-01-07

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th1aOop.  Hi replaceafill.16:32
replaceafillhey th1a16:32
replaceafillhow do you feel?16:32
th1aOh, I'm going to have some nagging phlegm for a while.16:32
th1aI may not be 100% for a month.16:33
th1aMy father and I are the same way (although it is worse for him).16:33
th1aGet a cold and it hangs around forever.16:33
replaceafillis the weather involved somehow?16:34
th1aIt doesn't help.16:34
replaceafilli always get colds when the weather changes suddenly16:34
th1aAlso the air gets really dry, which is hard on the sinuses.16:34
replaceafillNotes accordion16:36
replaceafill(last one)16:36
th1aOh, can we have a CKEditor widget there?16:37
th1aFor the note itself?16:37
replaceafillah ok16:37
th1aAlso, this should probably have a title.16:38
replaceafillthe table?16:38
th1aThe note itself.16:38
th1aI'd give it a mandatory title.16:38
th1aSo you can list these by title.16:38
replaceafillso, you click the title to see the full note?16:39
th1aSomething strange is going on.16:40
th1aI think there is some kind of javascript bug.16:40
th1aLet me try that again.16:40
replaceafillon notes functionality?16:40
th1aWell, it might have been something else on my computer.16:41
th1aIt might have been my weather applet going crazy.16:41
th1aI guess it was that.16:42
replaceafillwe don't have much JS in this page16:42
th1aI wouldn't have thought so.16:42
th1aIt seems to have been something else.16:42
th1aOh, do you want to move messages into a slider while we're at it.16:43
th1aIt is a bit silly now.16:43
th1a(well, always was)16:43
th1aMaybe I should just file a bug for that.16:43
th1aYou definitely wouldn't want to have the whole note in the table.16:44
replaceafillah ok16:44
replaceafillmessages has a lot of potential to tweak :)16:45
th1aWell, yeah.16:45
replaceafillok, i'll convert that part into an accordion16:46
replaceafillit should probably show something in the title16:47
replaceafilllike the username does16:47
replaceafilli mean, the top right username16:47
replaceafillthat shows "Tom Hoffman (2 new)"16:47
replaceafillor something like that16:47
replaceafillso, you can see authors having edit permission on notes16:48
replaceafillanyone in the admin, clerks or teachers can see the Add Note button16:48
replaceafilland you delete notes from the Edit view, same as fees16:49
th1aYeah, I think that's fine.16:49
replaceafillok, moving on16:49
replaceafilleffective enrollment date in student form16:50
replaceafillLevel fieldset16:50
replaceafillit has the Date field16:50
replaceafilli decided to leave it blank and make it optional16:50
replaceafilljust like the level16:50
th1aSo it is the effective date for the level?16:52
th1aShouldn't it be the effective date for student enrollment?16:52
th1aChange in student group status?16:53
th1aI mean, we may want both.16:53
replaceafillhold on16:54
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replaceafillshould be easy to add the date to the groups relationship16:56
replaceafilli just considered the reports that use level-person relationsihps16:56
replaceafillbut you're right16:56
replaceafillit should be both16:56
th1aCan you put the enrollment date at the bottom?16:57
replaceafillshould i move it outside of the level fieldset?16:57
th1aThe level date should be with the level fieldset.16:57
th1aBut add "Enrollment Date" to bottom?16:57
th1aEffective Date16:58
th1aEnrollment Date16:58
replaceafilltwo fields16:58
th1aand make both default to the current date?16:58
replaceafillenrollment date required?16:58
th1aIf they default to the current date anyhow, it isn't an extra entry step.16:59
replaceafillok, moving on?17:00
replaceafillok, attendance codes17:00
replaceafillgo to the Student Attendance tab17:00
replaceafillyou'll see the new codes and new color coding17:01
replaceafill(using Fran's palette) :)17:01
replaceafillsame for the Teacher Attendance tab17:02
th1aHm, did we ask if she wanted the background color highlighted?17:02
replaceafillnot really17:03
th1aWell, we can show her this.17:03
replaceafilland changing the bg is not difficult17:03
th1aI guess the background color is a different kettle of fish.17:03
th1aI mean, it may create a bigger visual mess.17:03
th1aI'm not sure.17:03
th1aSee what she says.17:03
replaceafilli have a question here17:03
replaceafillsome of the new codes don't match the old codes17:04
replaceafillare we going to evolve old data?17:04
replaceafilli mean17:04
replaceafilldo we know if they're using the current version in production?17:04
th1aWe need to evolve the data.17:05
replaceafillfor instance17:05
replaceafillAbsent - authorized is now gone from the scoresystem17:06
replaceafilli guess we could conver it to Absent - other17:06
replaceafilland so on17:06
th1aI didn't think it was such a big change.17:07
replaceafillLate scores are gone for example17:07
th1aChecking this.17:08
replaceafilland there's no clear alternatives in the new codes17:08
th1aOh, ok, so this is essentially a change from our defaults?17:09
th1aOK.  We should ask then.17:09
th1aI'm pretty certain we'll need to evolve.17:10
th1aCurrently it is SchoolTool defaults though?17:10
replaceafillwell, remember they're still using a custom version of ST17:11
th1aYeah, I mean, if I'm writing the email, what are the current scores?17:12
replaceafillhold on17:12
replaceafillcleaning the scores from the code17:15
replaceafillthose are the scores in their current version17:17
th1aOK.  Thanks.17:18
replaceafilland finally, reenrollment link17:19
replaceafillun-enroll him17:20
replaceafilland you'll see the re-enroll link17:20
replaceafilli think the re-enroll view needs:17:20
replaceafill"This would be a form that selects the level the student goes into and prompt the clerk to update the student info."17:20
replaceafillthe prompt part17:21
replaceafilland i guess it should also add the person to the students group (similar to the enrollment date when adding)?17:21
th1aMy computer has unfrozen itself.17:23
th1aIt could take you straight to the edit person view instead of the view person view.17:25
replaceafillhhmm to the edit person view?17:26
replaceafilli thought the prompt was something like17:26
replaceafill"you need to put this student in sections/groups again"17:27
replaceafillyou don't do that from person edit17:27
th1aWell, both are necessary.17:28
th1aIt could get complicated.17:28
th1aMaybe just leave it as is for now.17:28
replaceafilli have a few things to adjust then17:29
th1aAlso, I'd like to be showing Fran the new dashboard at the same time.17:30
th1aNew School page.17:30
th1aThat is.17:30
replaceafillintegrated already with peas?17:30
replaceafillor in a separate instance?17:31
th1aSo we should merge those earlier rather than later.17:31
replaceafillah ok17:31
replaceafillare you ok with waiting until monday to show all of this?17:31
replaceafilli don't think we want to show bit by bit, right?17:31
th1aThat's just what I was going to say.17:31
replaceafillcool, works for me17:31
th1aI'll send Fran an email today.17:32
replaceafillthat's all i have17:32
th1aI have to say, my review of the other open source SIS's was thought provoking.17:33
replaceafillgood thoughts?17:33
th1aWhat's crazy is that people have been working from that old Centre/SIS codebase for over a decade,17:34
th1aand it is just crappy, and none of them has really gained traction.17:34
th1aThat's Centre/Focus/OpenSIS and even other forks.17:34
replaceafillcrappy in what way?17:35
replaceafilli mean, what's crappy about it17:35
th1aIt is just badly coded.17:35
th1aIt is just bad PHP, and anyone should be able to see it.17:35
th1aYou know ARK would have loved to have a PHP SIS.17:35
th1aThey couldn't stomach it though.17:35
th1aIt is like if Moodle was just fundamentally bad code.17:35
th1aAnd every time it tried to grow it just fell over again, everyone would try to fork it, but never really get rid of the smelly core.17:36
replaceafilldo you bookmark this kind of research?17:37
replaceafilli mean17:37
replaceafillthe stuff you read?17:37
replaceafilli'd be interested in reading that17:37
th1aWell, mostly it is just from looking at the different project websites.17:37
replaceafillah ok17:38
th1aThis says a lot though:
replaceafilldid you see my "request demo" comment yesterday17:40
replaceafilli guess i'm just looking for an excuse17:40
th1aWe should set up a system for creating and tearing down demos after the release.17:40
replaceafillto use this:17:40
replaceafill(my pet project on vacation)17:40
th1aYeah, ok, definitely.17:41
th1aWhat does that let us do?17:41
replaceafillrun several STs17:42
replaceafillit can be improved obviously, but my tests worked fine17:42
replaceafilllike moving the storage out of the container, etc17:42
replaceafillsplitting some of the services like redis out17:43
replaceafilldocker is a fancy buzzword17:43
th1aOK, let's do that when ARK and the release is settled.17:43
replaceafillsome like it some don't :)17:43
replaceafilli'm still interested in juju17:43
replaceafillfor some reason17:43
replaceafilljust curiosity i guess17:44
th1aYou are a geek.17:44
th1aI forwarded a question from Thailand to you.17:44
replaceafilloh, that's probably in a different project17:45
replaceafillthe journal project17:45
replaceafill"Consider this urgent" :D17:45
th1aDifferent project?17:46
replaceafillLP project17:47
th1aYou lost me.17:47
replaceafillhope it makes sense17:52
th1aYes, I see.17:52
th1aI was afraid they'd need to make a new score system.17:52
replaceafilli plan to update translations for all the projects for 3.017:53
th1aYes, please.17:53
th1aOK, I guess that's it.17:54
th1aThanks replaceafill.17:54
replaceafillthanks th1a17:54

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