IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2014-12-19

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th1aHow's it going replaceafill?18:46
replaceafillhey th1a18:46
replaceafilljust came back from the doc18:46
replaceafillblood looks way better than january :)18:46
replaceafillcholesterol and the other stuff18:46
replaceafilland i've lost 37 pounds since jan18:47
th1aYou look the same on IRC.18:47
replaceafillon the peas work, i finished the color coding18:47
replaceafilland started the form to modify report activities18:48
th1aI'm getting ready to go to the bank to send you some money.18:50
th1aCan you pm me your address again so I can just get it in my phone forever.18:50
replaceafillah sure18:50
th1aDo we actually display an overall GPA in the transcript at this point?18:53
th1aI don't think we do.18:53
replaceafillno, we don't18:53
th1aWe didn't actually add a dialog to enter attendance from a bar code reader, did we?19:08
th1aWe just talked about it recently, right replaceafill?19:09
replaceafilli think the person requesting it couldn't pay for it19:09
th1aWe might want to just do it.19:09
th1aWe're getting a pretty steady stream of requests at this point.19:10
replaceafillsounds like a nice/useful feature19:10
th1aPretty straightforward.19:10
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th1areplaceafill: ayt?22:17
replaceafillth1a, yes22:17
th1aDid you see Fran's email?22:17
replaceafillscared by Fran's last email22:17
replaceafilllots of thoughts there :)22:18
th1aI skimmed over it on the phone when waiting for the wire transfer.22:18
replaceafillnow we event have report types!22:18
replaceafillshe seems really organized :)22:18

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