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th1ahi replaceafill.16:31
replaceafillhey th1a16:31
th1aIt is nice to have someone focusing on this project on ARK's side instead of having it #192 on their to do list.16:32
th1aOK, so can we take a closer look at handling late enrollment and attendance?16:33
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th1aWhat are the moving parts here?16:34
replaceafillmoving parts?16:35
th1aI mean...16:36
th1a1) what we have now is...16:36
th1a2) what we need to do is...16:36
replaceafilloh ok16:36
replaceafillenrollment is considered at the section level16:37
replaceafillbut student attendance is above that16:37
replaceafillfrom the student attendance point of view, a person is a student if:16:38
replaceafilli mean16:38
th1aAh, ok, well section and AM/PM attendance are different issues then.16:39
replaceafillstudent attendance is just recorded on a single requirement16:39
replaceafillno periods, no schedule, no section16:39
th1aAll the reports they're currently thinking about are AM/PM reports.16:40
replaceafillremember when you had the idea of inserting % blank AM and % blank PM columns?16:41
replaceafilla student is considered present the whole day if he's present in BOTH16:41
replaceafilland reports look for that16:42
th1aI mean, we're not talking about sections.16:42
th1aOK, since that is a whole different kettle of fish.16:42
th1aOK, that's one reason I said 3-5 days.16:42
th1aWe can probably put that issue off.16:43
replaceafill3-5 days sounds good to me16:43
replaceafillwhat they're asking is:16:44
replaceafillnew student gets enrolled at the middle of the year16:44
th1aWell, I'm not settled on why it would take 3-5 days if we were just doing the day attendance.16:44
replaceafillsay on October 1st16:44
replaceafillwe're going to add date ranges for the reports16:45
replaceafill(or calculate when the report is being run)16:45
replaceafilland the report should only take enrolled students in that period, right?16:45
replaceafill(or date)16:45
replaceafillso if i run the report with the exact same data, but using a different date range, i may get different numbers16:46
replaceafillam i on the same page?16:46
replaceafillah ok16:46
th1aYou're only looking at their attendance for those dates as well.16:46
replaceafillso if another student was un-enrolled on September 2716:47
replaceafillhe shouldn't appear in the numbers16:47
replaceafillsame as a student who was enrolled on October 1516:47
replaceafillcurrently the reports just take active statuses when getting the relationship person - level16:49
replaceafillthey don't focus on dates16:49
replaceafillthat shouldn't be a difficult change though16:49
th1aYeah.  See I was thinking also taking into account the section timetables and section enrollment status.16:51
th1aAnd various quirks of timetables.16:51
th1aThat would be another day or two.16:51
replaceafillall we use for dates are terms16:51
th1aFor the daily attendance.16:52
th1aI just was spacing out on the fact they don't do section attendance yet.16:52
th1a(except maybe for teachers)16:52
th1ain the future.16:52
th1aOK, so bearing that in mind, let's go back through these.16:52
th1aNotes.  Let's assume there will be a set permissions structure.16:53
th1a(i.e., the user can't set anything per note)16:53
th1aWe need a slider, ckedit widget (dialog?), and list of completed notes?16:54
th1aSorry to imply this could be DONE in 1 day.16:54
th1aI was thinking more like we can have a "look I can make notes" demo in a day.16:55
replaceafillcan you explain the "user can't set anything per note" part16:55
th1aYou can't say "this is a private note, this is a public one."16:55
th1aLet's say no editing, just deleting.16:56
th1aI mean, if they want the quickest, most basic.16:56
replaceafilli think we can definitely have a ***demo*** version in 1 day16:57
replaceafillreally really basic16:57
replaceafilland we can protect the whole slider16:58
replaceafillwith permission16:58
replaceafillnot individual notes16:58
replaceafill(for the moment)16:58
th1aWell, yeah, but how much for the production release of the demo version?16:58
replaceafillwhat are the notes used for again?16:59
replaceafillteacher to teacher information?16:59
replaceafillteacher to student?16:59
th1aLet's assume that the permissions are going to be teachers, and all admin-type users can see them.17:00
th1aAlso, that they'll be paying to expand this later.17:00
replaceafillproduction release implies deleting, right?17:01
th1aLet's say yes, you can delete.17:01
th1aI'm TOTALLY ok with this being 2 days, for sure.17:02
replaceafilli think that's what'd take17:02
replaceafillannotation container on persons17:03
replaceafillnotes as simple objects17:03
th1aOK.  Notes = 2 days.17:03
replaceafillwith add/edit/delete views17:04
replaceafillviewlet for the slider17:04
th1aEdit is no problem?17:04
th1aWhole thing.17:04
replaceafillno, it shouldn't17:04
th1aEdit/delete by author.17:04
replaceafillthe author part is the tricky one17:05
replaceafilleditors relationship like the one we have for quizzes :)17:06
replaceafilland custom crowd to know if you have permission to edit/delete17:06
th1aUltimately School Administrators are going to need delete permission.17:06
replaceafillwe have a crowd for that already, we just give them permission on that view17:07
replaceafill(delete view)17:07
replaceafillthat's the way i handled it in quiz17:07
replaceafilli think we have a different approach in interventions17:07
replaceafillusing just int ids17:08
th1aYeah, don't do that.17:08
replaceafilleither should work17:08
th1aI could never get Alan to not use ID's...17:08
replaceafillok, it sounds like a plan17:08
th1aTeacher attendance by lesson...17:09
th1aI mean, it might be 4 days instead of a week, but it is going to be a bit fiddly, right?17:10
replaceafillyeah, that's a complicated one17:10
th1aEsp if it has to take into account, say, substitute teachers.17:10
th1aDid the assigned sub show up,17:10
th1aRe-enrollment link.17:12
th1aI said 2 days just because I remembered it as being one of the buggier parts of the first milestone.17:12
th1aAre you ok with saying 1?17:13
replaceafillwhat's the "processes" part here?17:13
replaceafill"Add re-enrollment link and processes"17:13
th1aIt isn't just a link.17:14
th1aYou know.17:14
th1aI mean, it is a link that sets in motion a set of changes, not a simple page load.17:14
replaceafillit means it should make the student active in the sections, groups, etc?17:14
th1aJust saying "add a link" sounds pretty simple!17:14
th1aWell, that's a question.17:14
th1aOK, so assuming NOT, it would be 1 or .5 days?17:15
replaceafillare we going to ask for a level when reenrolling?17:15
th1aYeah, see, it is a little complicated!17:16
th1aOK, so we'll need at least a dialog for that.17:16
replaceafillwhy not a single page?17:17
th1aOr a page.17:17
th1aWe have a link!17:17
replaceafillthat's what we do for un-enroll :D17:17
replaceafilli see what you mean17:17
replaceafillwe'll needMORE  THAN A LINK17:17
replaceafillyeah, but 0.5 sounds right17:18
th1aDo we remove their level when we un-enroll them?17:18
replaceafillwe set their active level as inactive17:18
th1aAh.  OK.17:18
replaceafillthat's all i'd suggest we do17:18
replaceafillask for the level17:18
th1aLet's say 1 day and ask for the level.17:18
replaceafilland maybe, just maybe to the students group17:19
replaceafilli mean, in the active year17:19
th1aWell, yes.17:19
replaceafill+1 on 1 day17:19
replaceafillsounds like 0.7 day :P17:20
th1aMovable columns -- 1 day?17:20
replaceafillsounds right17:21
replaceafillmostly inserting the right widgets17:21
replaceafillor buttons17:21
th1aSetting max point values in report sheets -- 2 days.17:21
replaceafillit'd 3 days for the whole attainment work, right?17:22
replaceafillfrom the teachers ability to change the report activities to the report card17:22
replaceafillsounds ok17:22
th1aAnd the three simple .5 day changes...17:23
replaceafillcolor coding should be 0.2 day imho17:23
replaceafillit's a couple of hours max17:23
th1aI mean, anything less than .5 days is .5 days.  Anything more is 1 day.17:24
replaceafill"Set effective enrollment date in add student form"17:24
replaceafilljust add a date field to the student add view?17:25
th1aI mean, we could lump those into .5 days.17:25
replaceafillyeah, we could17:26
th1aI think that does it.17:28
th1aI have a meeting with Steven tomorrow.17:28
th1aSo if you can get that form in today I can give him good news.17:28
th1aDid you get any coding done yesterday?17:28
th1a(I understand if you didn't!)17:30
replaceafillsorry, back17:30
replaceafillCamila started crying17:30
replaceafillah yes i printed the form17:30
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replaceafillgoing to the embassy after the meeting17:30
replaceafillno, i didn't do much yesterday17:31
th1aI think we're done then!17:31
th1aI'll email Fran.17:32
th1aThanks replaceafill.17:32
replaceafilli'll go get ready17:32
replaceafillthanks th1a17:32
replaceafilloh btw17:32
replaceafilli have a doctor's appointment on friday at 10:30 your time17:32
replaceafillwe should be able to meet though17:32
replaceafillMarcela is giving me a ride17:32
replaceafillit's just fyi17:33
th1aOK.  Quick meeting.17:34
moberthey th1a17:35
mobertgood morning17:36
mobertLooks like I just missed the meeting. Looking forward to lunch, though. See you soon!17:37
th1areplaceafill still there?17:39
th1ahi mobert.17:39
th1aYeah... 12:00?17:40
mobertth1a, 12:00 sounds good.17:40
replaceafillhey th1a17:50
th1aAh, I guess we didn't get back to the late enrollment and attendance question.17:52
th1aMaybe she didn't highlight that one...17:52
th1aJust a sec.17:52
th1aOK, so are we saying 2 days to make the attendance reports handle late/gaps in enrollment?17:54
th1aOr even one?17:54
th1aOK, including the report.  What about letting them select a date range?17:54
replaceafillthat'd require changing the request views17:55
replaceafillprobably 1 extra day for that17:56
th1aYeah, ok.17:56
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replaceafillth1a, zyt?18:34
th1ahi replaceafill.18:34
replaceafilli'm about to leave18:34
replaceafillshould i mail the form to the irs directly or to you (or Steven)?18:34
replaceafillkk thanks18:35
replaceafillsee you later18:35
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replaceafillbad news th1a20:00
replaceafillthey don't allow you to enter the embassy after 11 am20:01
replaceafilli got there at 11:10...20:01
replaceafill says 11:3020:02
* replaceafill goes to get lunch, bb in ~4520:25
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