IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2014-12-10

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th1ahi replaceafill.16:31
replaceafillhey th1a16:31
th1aHow are you feeling today?16:32
replaceafillgood :)16:32
th1aDid you look at my time estimates?16:34
th1aOne basic premise at this point is that essentially adding a small component based on a simple data object, essentially a form, takes a week.16:35
th1ae.g., fees and income generating activities.16:35
replaceafillyeah, sounds right16:35
replaceafillthe estimates look right16:36
th1aOK.  So I'll write that up.16:37
replaceafilla few comments16:37
replaceafillthe british date format16:37
replaceafilli think this is a general bug we have16:37
replaceafillin the calendar preferences we have a date format, i think16:37
replaceafillwhich i think should be used everywhere16:37
th1aAh.  I see.16:37
th1aBut it is not?16:37
replaceafillit's used in *some* places i think16:38
replaceafillbut not in the widgets/display forms16:38
replaceafilliirc it becomes tricky to handle these variations16:39
replaceafillthat's why we decided to stick to the YYYY-MM-DD by default16:39
th1aFor input.16:39
th1aI don't really have a problem with that.16:39
th1aWe should clean up the display though, especially since it is genuinely ambiguous.16:40
th1a4/7/2014 = ?16:40
replaceafillthat usually depends on locale settings16:40
replaceafilllike browser language16:41
replaceafilland then you have the importers16:41
th1aCan the importers use the excel date type?  Would that help?16:42
replaceafilli have to check, but i think they do16:42
th1aYou can see if that helps.16:42
replaceafillso, you think we should fix it in general?16:43
th1aSo... locale and date display?16:43
th1aI mean, we're talking several days?16:43
replaceafillthe only parts i focused my review yesterday were the jquery ui widget and the display forms16:44
replaceafillthose two shouldn't take long16:44
replaceafilla couple of days at most16:44
replaceafillcurrently the format is hardcoded in the js16:44
replaceafilland we just need a custom data converter for diplay forms16:45
replaceafillfor input, it should be a combination (js + converter)16:45
th1aTo be clear I'm ok with just doing YYYY/MM/DD entry with the widget because it is at least unambiguous.16:45
replaceafillah ok16:46
th1aIt is just the MM/DD or DD/MM issue that is intolerable.16:46
replaceafilljust replace YYYY-MM-DD with YYYY/MM/DD?16:46
th1aI didn't even mean that.16:46
th1aBasically, I don't want to get too deep into this.16:46
replaceafilli think if we just stick to the preference, we'd be ok16:47
th1aI'm ok with more or less requiring people to use the widget, or learn to type YYYY-MM-DD.16:47
th1a(I mean, I'm not talking about "/" or "-")16:47
th1aBut when you READ a date, it should be in your locale.16:47
replaceafillimho when you READ a data, it should be in the preference format, not locale16:48
replaceafilltrue, preferences are limited16:48
replaceafilli mean options for the preference16:48
th1aOK, yes.16:49
replaceafillkind of the same happens for numbers16:49
replaceafillthe comma is being locale formatted16:49
replaceafillwe can force it in peas ofc16:50
replaceafillthat's what i was thinking we should do16:50
th1aCouldn't we just make the year a string?16:50
replaceafillyeah, i think we could16:51
replaceafillwe'd need to evolve current data though16:51
replaceafillbut not a big deal16:52
replaceafillwe can do between 1.25 and 2 reports per day16:52
replaceafilldepends on how simple they are, and mostly how focused i can get :)16:52
th1aOK.  Yeah, I think finishing two is probably not a sustainable rate.16:53
replaceafillsometimes if they're similar we can get 3 in a day16:53
replaceafillabout report sheets16:53
replaceafilli think we should give teachers the ability to change *only* the max score16:54
replaceafilli mean in deployed activities16:54
replaceafilli was thinking if this could be done at a higher level than the section16:56
replaceafilllike the course16:58
replaceafillnot sure16:58
replaceafillwe do track deployed sheets16:58
replaceafillabout the sliders16:58
replaceafillyes we can hide them conditionally16:59
th1aOh, yes.16:59
replaceafillthat's it17:00
th1aI don't think the scores could be set at the course level.17:00
th1aI didn't get that impression.17:00
replaceafillsure, i mean17:00
replaceafilli just was thinking on multi-term sections, ect17:01
th1aAh, right.17:01
* replaceafill done17:02
replaceafillbtw, i'll need friday morning off17:02
replaceafillCamila finishes the summer course17:02
replaceafilland parents have to attend a meeting at 10:30 your time17:03
replaceafillwe can meet 1 h earlier if you want17:03
th1aI can't do earlier.17:04
th1aIt is no problem.17:04
replaceafillah ok17:04
th1abtw, can you send me a Nov. invoice?17:04
replaceafillah ok17:04
replaceafillwill do17:04
th1aOK, do you want to do the date issue first as a Mark fix?17:05
replaceafilli think the attendance "sort"17:05
replaceafillis an issue in the standard version of that view17:05
replaceafillthe Journal tab (in core journal)17:05
th1aYeah, I noted which ones I'd consider bugs.17:05
th1aStart on those.17:05
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th1areplaceafill: see the email from glenda?21:29
replaceafillyeah, reading it21:29
replaceafilli wonder if the db got currupted21:30
th1aMissing blob file?21:30
replaceafillthis may happen if you move the zodb and not the blobs21:30
replaceafillit's the header of the pdf probably21:30
replaceafillwith the school logo21:30
th1aMaybe just try adding a logo back in, or removing the current one?21:31
replaceafilli think adding it back gets rid of it, let me try21:31
replaceafillyeah deleting it works21:36
replaceafillboth options work, re-uploading or deleting21:40
replaceafillth1a, are you going to reply?21:46
replaceafillor should i?21:46
th1aOh, sorry.  I'm writing to Fran.21:46
th1aYou can if you don't mind.21:46
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