IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2014-11-21

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th1ahi replaceafill.17:06
replaceafillhey th1a17:06
th1aOK, so school page seems close!17:08
th1aIt fits nicely onto the screen without scrolling.17:09
th1aOn my screen at least.17:09
replaceafillyeah, that's a nice change17:09
replaceafillless vertical space17:09
th1aIt isn't by accident.  ;-)17:09
th1aThe boxes at the bottom could be smaller I'd say.17:12
th1aThe white ones.17:12
th1aDo you want to do some tweaking now?17:12
th1aWe don't have to do it now.17:12
replaceafillsure we can do it now17:13
replaceafilli already had breakfast ;)17:13
replaceafillhold on17:13
replaceafillbtw, before we start the tweaking17:13
th1aWell, do you need to get to the consulate/embassy...?17:13
replaceafilli need my birth certificate17:14
replaceafilli already asked my mom to get my one17:14
replaceafillget me*17:14
th1aOK. Cool.17:14
replaceafilljelkner and isaac finished their skills list17:15
replaceafilland they're asking "what's the next step?"17:15
replaceafillthey're asking for help to load them basically17:15
th1aIs that a problem?17:17
replaceafillwell, isaac wants to create questions through the UI17:18
replaceafillquiz doesn't have that yet17:18
th1aWell -- new features they'll have to pay for, but loading the stuff?17:18
replaceafillsure, i have no problem loading the stuff17:19
replaceafillbut adding the ability to add questions is so easy17:20
replaceafillit shouldn't take more than a couple of hours17:20
th1aIf you want to do it replaceafill.17:20
th1aWe're ahead of schedule!17:20
replaceafilli'll reply after the meeting then17:21
th1aOK, so cutting the vertical space on the white boxes?17:22
th1aAt the bottom.17:22
replaceafillthey're 48 px tall right now17:23
replaceafill32 height, 8 padding top/bottom17:23
replaceafill8 px margin bottom17:23
replaceafill4 px margin bottom?17:23
replaceafillor 2px?17:24
th1aTry it.17:24
replaceafillreload, using 4px margin bottom17:24
th1aI meant making the boxes smaller.17:25
th1aI'm not remembering the terminology.17:25
replaceafilloh, i thought you meant making the vertical space between them smaller17:26
th1aMargin is space between, padding space inside?17:26
replaceafillkk, reverting17:26
th1aLess padding.17:26
replaceafill4px padding top/bottom17:27
replaceafilli made them that big from the beginning17:27
replaceafillso they could fit 3 rows17:27
replaceafilli think that's what we should aim for17:27
replaceafilltranslations can get really long17:27
th1aWell, if you had a REASON.17:28
th1aI'm just twiddling with aesthetics.17:28
th1aJust leave them as they were.17:28
replaceafillwell, there are ways to handle that17:28
replaceafilllike setting the overflow17:29
replaceafilli think i did that in the green buttons17:29
replaceafillSchool Administrators17:29
th1aJust leave them as they were.17:29
th1aIt is fine.17:29
replaceafillthis is the way i had them originally17:29
replaceafillsmaller font17:30
replaceafillthat fits 3 rows i think17:30
th1aOK, if that's more functional, it is fine with me.17:33
th1aOK, the report box.17:36
th1aFor that header...17:38
th1aCan you indent it a bit (like the wireframe)?17:38
th1aAnd maybe we could make it bold?17:38
replaceafill8px left padding17:39
replaceafillfont-weight bold17:40
replaceafillany reason the header is not aligned with the options?17:40
replaceafillis that better aethetics-wise?17:40
th1aNot seeing it?17:42
replaceafillctrl + r?17:42
replaceafillthe css file is changing17:43
replaceafillcache may be getting in the way17:43
th1aYeah, that's better.17:43
th1aCan you add a couple points of padding to the reports themselves?17:44
replaceafillpadding on every side?17:45
replaceafillor just left?17:45
th1aOh, above/below.17:45
th1aWell left too.17:45
replaceafillthat's 4 px padding17:47
th1amake it 217:48
th1aThat looks about right.17:49
th1aDo you want to sort the white boxes alphabetically?17:49
replaceafillah ok17:51
replaceafillthat'll require some locator tweaking though so i'll do it after the meeting17:52
replaceafillwrote it down17:52
replaceafillcollator tweaking :)17:52
th1aNow, what reports to add to the front page here.17:54
th1aThe advantage is "Hey, these reports exist!"17:55
th1aThe disadvantage is "OY, all these reports in this little box!"17:55
replaceafillwe can grow the size of the select element17:55
th1aI'd rather keep it smallish.17:56
th1aLet's assume we don't need to move the group reports.17:56
th1a(although I do notice that those could be sorted alphabetically on the group page).17:56
th1aWe're bad at just sorting alphabetically by default.17:57
replaceafilli think it's a zope-ism we're been dragging17:57
th1aI'm sure.17:57
replaceafillthen we found numbers were not enough17:58
replaceafillso we implemented ids17:58
replaceafillso, reports should always be sorted alphabetically?17:59
replaceafillin any page17:59
th1aI think so...18:00
replaceafillwhen i said we could grow the size of the select element18:00
replaceafilli meant dinamically18:00
replaceafilldepending on the numbers of reports18:00
replaceafillbut nm18:00
th1aYeah, I know.18:01
th1aSo I'd say we should move the term reports to year and add term selectors in the dialog.18:01
replaceafillah ok18:03
replaceafillhold on18:03
replaceafilli also noticed18:03
replaceafillthere's a simple resources report18:03
replaceafilli think we can move that to school reports?18:03
th1aWell, you're not going to be able to not find that.18:04
th1aI mean, if you're interested in resources, you'll find it.18:04
replaceafillah ok18:04
th1aThe term ones don't make you think "Oh, I'll look in the term for that."18:05
replaceafillbut we keep the Reports list under the term view, right?18:05
th1aDoesn't hurt.18:05
replaceafillwe just add news to the Year Reports18:05
replaceafillnew ones*18:05
replaceafillmixed in?18:05
replaceafillthere's a Report Sheet Data Export for terms18:05
replaceafilland one for year18:06
th1aOh, don't duplicate it.18:06
th1aBut can you pick a term in the dialog?18:06
replaceafillwe'd need new dialogs, but yes18:07
replaceafillwe've done that in ark18:07
replaceafilli was thinking we should use the report description as tooltip for the option18:08
replaceafillcurrently it's using the same title of the report18:08
replaceafillor some kind of (?)18:08
replaceafillmaybe the (?) is too much :)18:09
th1aTooltip for the option?18:10
replaceafillwhen you hover the report name in the select18:10
th1aTry the description, definitely.18:11
replaceafillusing descriptions18:13
th1aI'd say keep it.18:14
replaceafillgreat! Rob's instance is back :)18:16
th1aI don't know why my Chrome as suddenly decided it won't reload CSS.18:16
replaceafillwith 32GB of RAM!18:16
replaceafillah question18:19
replaceafillwhat do we do when there are no years set up yet18:19
replaceafillempty right side?18:19
th1aPretty much what we do now, I guess.18:22
th1aPlease add a School Year (link).18:22
replaceafillah ok18:23
replaceafillok, i need to pick Camila up in 10 mins18:24
replaceafilli'll work on the sorting and the term reports18:24
replaceafillanything else th1a?18:25
th1aGiving the whole thing one last look over...18:26
th1aI'd say a couple points of padding on the left for the report links too.18:26
replaceafillisn't interlineal space what we need?18:28
replaceafilllike we did for ark?18:28
replaceafilli mean18:29
replaceafillspace between one report title and the next one18:30
th1aWe have that now.18:30
th1aI'm not seeing any left margin though.18:30
replaceafillwe're talking Reports options in the left sidebar, right?18:30
th1aOn the school page.18:31
replaceafillyou mean the options in the selects18:32
replaceafillthe word links confused me :P18:32
th1aAh, yes, they aren't links.18:33
replaceafill4px on left18:34
th1aIs that what is used in the green boxes above?18:35
th1aANyhow, you can go get Camila.18:35
th1aWe're just squeezing those over for no real reason, as long as the header is indented a bit more.18:35
th1aIt is fine.18:35
replaceafillthe green boxes are using 4px padding left too18:35
replaceafillabout the terms reports18:36
th1aCan I tell people to check this out?18:36
th1aOh, right.18:36
replaceafillare we going just to mix them?18:36
th1aThere are a few things left.18:36
th1aYeah, mix them alphabetically.18:36
th1aMost people won't note the difference at all.18:37
replaceafillyeah, because of the request dialog18:37
replaceafillwe can leave the instance up18:37
replaceafilli'll start thinking on the whole 2.8, 2.9 problem18:38
replaceafillit makes my head hurt :P18:38
replaceafillbut i guess that's software dev ;)18:38
replaceafilli just know this shouldn't land in trunk yet18:38
th1aLet me know when you've made the remaining tweaks.18:39
replaceafillbb in ~4018:39
replaceafillth1a, you around?21:41
th1aI'm afraid I'm getting Vivian's cold though.21:41
th1aSo I'm flagging...21:41
replaceafillnow that reports are sorted21:41
replaceafillmost left sidebar options seem weirdly sorted21:42
replaceafillin other languages21:42
replaceafillthe options for adding persons for instance21:42
replaceafilli just was wondering if this is functionality we could reuse21:43
replaceafillsorting by title21:43
th1aI'd say yes for the most part.21:43
replaceafillkk, i'll put it under flourish then21:43
replaceafilli'll be done with the tweaks in an hour or two21:43
replaceafilli'll mail you when it's done21:44
th1aOK.  Cool.21:44
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