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mobertreplaceafill, is it true to say that the /etc/schooltool/standard/custom-css/ directory for CSS overrides is new in SchoolTool 2.8.2?00:08
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mobertth1a, is it true to say that the /etc/schooltool/standard/custom-css/ directory for CSS overrides is new in SchoolTool 2.8.2?00:33
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th1ahi replaceafill.16:34
replaceafillhey th1a16:35
th1aDid you see Glenda's email?16:35
replaceafilllast time she brought this up i checked the tests16:37
replaceafilland they pass16:37
replaceafillmaybe i should set up an instance and test it manually16:37
th1aI guess.16:38
replaceafillkk will do16:38
th1aRight now do the reports just skip the withdrawn students?16:38
replaceafilli suppose16:39
replaceafillmost of them traverse the sections members just by .members16:39
replaceafillnot .members.all(), etc16:39
th1aI'll respond to that.16:40
replaceafilldid you see Mark's McDougall's latest bug?16:41
replaceafillth1a, did you or mobert tested the custom css functionality in 2.8.3?16:41
th1amobert worked on the docs last night but I've not looked at it yet.16:42
replaceafilli'll investigate Mark's issue16:42
replaceafillthe directory was not created when upgrading16:42
th1aOh.  OK.16:42
th1aYeah, I couldn't follow that when I read it on my phone.16:42
th1abtw, just answering Glenda's email, I'm wondering if we'll need to change some of these reports to recognize if the student is in a completed state for the course.16:44
th1a(I can't remember our terminology off the top of my head)16:44
th1aFor the section.16:44
th1aLike, if you did mark everyone completed at the end of the term, would anyone show up on the reports?16:45
replaceafillyes, Completed is defined as ACTIVE+COMPLETED16:45
replaceafillso they should be included in traversing16:45
replaceafillwell, there's a Completed/Inactive status too...16:46
th1aOK.  Yeah, that's fine.16:46
th1aJust checking.16:46
th1aWhen I have those "oh, shit" moments, I'd better ask.  ;-)16:47
* replaceafill remembers the "we're fucked!" moment in ACC back in 200816:47
th1aAny other news on the search widget front?16:50
replaceafillno, just finishing the other views16:50
replaceafillcontacts is done16:51
replaceafill(not updated in the demo though)16:51
th1aOK, cool.16:51
th1aYou don't have to keep updating the demo for me.16:51
th1aI see that it basically works.16:52
th1aBetter than I thought it would at this point!16:52
th1aI guess in 2014 it is not exactly bleeding edge stuff!16:53
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th1aOK.  I'm getting invoices out today, and I'll get the css docs and announcements out.17:00
th1aOK. Thanks replaceafill.17:01
replaceafillthanks th1a17:02
replaceafillbreakfast, bb in ~3017:02
duendewhere are you guys from?19:11
duendemust be the otherside of this planet lol...19:11
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th1aduende:  I'm in Providence, Rhode Island, USA.  replaceafill is in San Salvador, El Salvador.19:44
replaceafilland that was almost 3 hours ago :P19:45
replaceafillth1a, i'm copying glenda's db to dig into the issue19:45
replaceafilli checked the test and it works as expected19:45
th1aHm.  OK.19:45
th1aNIce to have a demo db we can mess with.19:46
replaceafilli preferred that option instead of setting my own19:46
replaceafillso i can ask her directly19:46
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replaceafillth1a, i think i found the cause for glenda's issue21:15
th1aWhat isit?21:15
replaceafillit's the search view for adding skills to projects21:16
replaceafillshe has two similar courses21:16
th1aI figured it was something like that.21:16
replaceafillwhen you look for a skill21:16
replaceafillyou get skills from the other course21:16
replaceafillonly one skill listed21:16
replaceafillif i navigate correctly, looking for courses first, the update works21:17
replaceafillcourse -> skillset -> select skill21:17
th1aMakes sense.21:17
replaceafillso, what's the plan?21:18
replaceafillfix it now?21:18
replaceafillnot sure how long it'll take21:18
replaceafilli haven't checked the search code yet21:18
th1aWell, is it really a bug for us?21:18
replaceafilljust pdb'ed it21:18
replaceafilli'd say it's a bug in the search form21:18
replaceafillshouldn't you get all skills listed?21:18
th1aI'm not sure what the whole context is here...21:19
th1aYou're adding skills to projects, and you should be able to search all the skills in the system, right?21:19
th1aOr just the skills in that course?21:19
replaceafilliirc it's all the skills in the system21:20
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replaceafilllooking for skills in the /nodes view (outside sections and courses) has the same problem21:21
th1aI'm not exactly sure what the problem is.21:22
th1aAre the skills identical in different courses?21:22
replaceafillyes, it looks like it21:24
replaceafill058 is the skill i'm focusing on right now21:24
th1aI think this is a little VA CTE specific.21:25
th1aNo sane person would create multiple identical standards.21:25
replaceafillbecause they have multiple courses with the same stuff?21:25
replaceafillhhmm ok21:25
th1aI'm just talking about priority.21:25
replaceafillcould you handle it with Glenda?21:26
th1aIf there is a workaround for now, just give that to Glenda.21:26
replaceafillnavigate differently21:26
replaceafilllook for the course first21:26
replaceafillthen get to the skill you want21:26
th1aOK, just tell her that and we'll try to fix it better later.21:26
replaceafillemail sent th1a21:37
th1aThanks replaceafill.21:38
th1areplaceafill:  What was the source of Mark's bug?22:10
th1aWhy did he need to create the custom.css file?22:10
replaceafillth1a, i'm installing 12.04 to see22:10
replaceafillbecause he didn't get the custom-css directory created in the upgrade22:11
th1aWish I'd seen that before I sent out the announcement...22:11
replaceafilli'm on it now22:11
th1aI think glenda's response was overly hard on herself, but I'll let it rest...22:12
replaceafillme 222:12
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