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waaniehi there12:24
waanieI am looking for help with schooltool12:24
waaniemy name is waanie12:24
waanieI am testing12:24
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th1ahi replaceafill.16:31
replaceafillhey th1a16:32
th1aHow's the search coming?16:32
replaceafilli tested the plugin with a dumb version of the /persons view and it worked16:33
replaceafilli got to know most of the widget's attributes/methods16:33
replaceafillthe jquery ui widget16:33
replaceafilli was thinking i wanted to use a single (new) component for everything16:34
replaceafillbut that won't be possible16:34
replaceafillwe don't do that even now, so it's not a big deal16:34
replaceafillso i'll modify ajax tables, like the one used in /persons, /courses, /sections16:35
replaceafillto be used in those16:35
replaceafilland i'll create different components for /manage16:35
replaceafillthe problem is the context of the things16:35
replaceafillfor /persons is the persons containers, etc16:35
replaceafillfor /manage is the app16:36
replaceafillwe had this discussion when we were starting on flourish16:36
replaceafilli'll take the same route16:36
replaceafilli checked your mockups16:36
replaceafilli have a couple of questions16:37
replaceafill1. on the left you have the global/school information16:37
replaceafillpeople, contacts, resources16:37
replaceafillon the right is the per year functionality16:38
replaceafillare we going to use the same layout?16:39
replaceafillleft and right division16:39
th1aUnless that's a lead in to your argument against it.16:40
th1aI don't have some other secret plan for the school page layout.16:40
replaceafillthe green retangles are still links, correct?16:40
replaceafillPeople should take you to /persons?16:41
replaceafilland i assume the [+] are for adding new items16:41
replaceafillfor the groups that'll take you to the relationship view16:42
replaceafilli don't think we need [+] under Other Groups, right?16:42
th1aWell, for consistency, it can just let you add another group.16:42
replaceafillOther Groups is a link to /groups16:42
th1aIt is a little inconsistent.16:43
th1aBut I think not bad.16:43
replaceafillfor the reports area16:43
replaceafillwe're going to use multi-select16:43
replaceafillcan you describe that part briefly?16:43
replaceafillSchool Reports and Year Reports16:44
th1aNot multi-select.16:44
th1aIt just needs to be a scrolling selection area.16:45
replaceafillsorry, that's what i meant16:45
th1aIt can't expand beyond a certain size.16:45
replaceafilland the interaction to get the report?16:45
replaceafilldouble click?16:45
th1aWe don't use that anywhere else.16:46
th1aWe may need a button?16:46
replaceafilli was thinking the same16:46
replaceafillbut we're doing new stuff, so... ;)16:46
th1aI wouldn't throw in double clicks in one spot.16:47
th1aI'm not sure single click wouldn't work.16:47
replaceafillclick + button then16:48
replaceafilland finally the lower links16:48
replaceafillhow do you want these controlled?16:48
replaceafilli mean16:48
replaceafilli assume they'll be listed horizontally16:49
replaceafilli mean, you don't want three columns and group by those, right?16:49
th1aI do not.16:49
replaceafilljust checking ;)16:49
replaceafilllast but not least16:50
replaceafillthe searches16:50
replaceafillin you example you used a dropdown16:50
replaceafillif you click on those you want the user to scroll the list?16:50
replaceafilleven if there's 1672 contacts?16:50
replaceafilli mean, if you click on the arrow [V]16:51
th1aWhat are the alternatives?16:52
replaceafilljust search?16:52
th1aIt should be a live search widget.16:54
th1aLike you're working on now?16:54
replaceafilli just wonder on the efficiency of the arrow16:55
replaceafillit'll bring everything16:55
th1aI was just picking widgets out of what the layout software had.16:55
th1aI wasn't indicating a preference at that level of detail.16:55
th1aThe premise is not that people will scroll down through giant lists in the auto-complete.16:56
th1aI was wondering if waiting for at least three letters should be standard for us.16:56
replaceafillsounds right16:57
th1aI mean, we'll have to play with it and see how it responds.16:57
replaceafillok, that's all i need for now16:57
replaceafilli should release the reports right?16:57
replaceafilli was thinking we could release a new version of core with patch for custom css in /etc?16:58
replaceafillwhat i asked Gediminas about16:58
replaceafilli'll start with that16:58
th1aOh, yes, put custom CSS in.16:58
replaceafillthat's it from me16:58
th1aWe have some time now before the next ARK iteration.16:58
th1aSo we don't have to scramble full on.16:59
th1aOK, my first task is writing the email to Sunesh about the releases.16:59
replaceafillso, after you Agh on friday, nothing has been copied yet17:00
replaceafilljust to be clear17:00
th1aThe second milestone (fees, etc.) is essentially in a pending state regarding actually being pushed to schools.17:01
th1aBecause we didn't have a process for approving/deploying.17:01
th1aOK. Cool.17:02
th1aThanks replaceafill.17:03
replaceafillthanks th1a17:05
* replaceafill goes to get breakfast, bb in ~3017:05
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th1areplaceafill:  Did you see glenda's followup?18:43
replaceafillth1a, reading18:44
replaceafillshe hasn't upgraded yet18:46
replaceafillher server is still on gradebook 2.8.218:46
replaceafillth1a, i have her ssh credentials18:48
replaceafillnm, i just asked her about the upgrade18:49
replaceafilli was going to check it myself, but i'll better wait18:50
th1aah... replaceafill:  can you add a warning on the timetable setup that the start and end times MUST BE IN 24 HOUR FORMAT.19:25
th1aI don't know how that's never gotten in there...19:25
replaceafillth1a, ah ok19:26
replaceafillth1a, current message is:19:26
replaceafillEnter start and end times for each slot, one slot (HH:MM - HH:MM) per line.19:26
th1aAdd " the start and end times MUST BE IN 24 HOUR FORMAT, for example, 13:30 not 01:30 PM."19:27
replaceafillEnter start and end times for each slot, one slot (HH:MM - HH:MM) per line. The start and end times MUST BE IN 24 HOUR FORMAT, for example, 13:30 not 01:30 PM.19:28
replaceafillwill change it19:28
replaceafillwow, even i learned something :)19:41
replaceafillth1a, the 2.8 was disabled when glenda's server was upgraded from 12.04 to 14.0419:41
replaceafill2.8 ppa19:41
th1aI'm trying to fix david ally's timetable...19:42
th1aGood catch.19:42
th1aCan you change the homeroom page in timetable setup to use radio buttons?19:42
th1aI don19:42
th1a't think we actually support more than one, do we?19:42
replaceafilli have never tried it19:43
replaceafillwill check19:43
replaceafilli'm on glenda's server19:43
th1aI don't think the homeroom journal would support it.19:43
replaceafillit's a single requirement19:49
replaceafillmaybe it can be graded from several places19:49
replaceafillglenda's server is restarting19:50
replaceafilltaking a while19:50
replaceafillrestarting the schooltool service19:50
replaceafillweird, the upgrade process rotates the database twice19:51
replaceafillonce when the schooltool package is upgraded19:51
replaceafilland then when the plugins are19:51
replaceafillproblem seems fixed th1a19:52
th1aOK  Thanks.19:52
th1aTell glenda about the PPA issue.19:52
replaceafilljust did19:53
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th1areplaceafill:  I think Ubuntu always disables external PPA's when you upgrade.21:35
replaceafill ah21:36
replaceafilldon't remember that happening in the dev server when we upgraded21:36
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