IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2014-11-06

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th1a_hi replaceafill.16:32
replaceafillhey th1a_16:32
th1a_So, meeting tomorrow.16:34
replaceafillah ok16:35
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replaceafill3 pm UTC, correct?16:35
th1a_Yeah, just let me double check the timezone situation.16:35
replaceafilli think it's 9 am for me and 10 am for you16:35
th1a_OK, cool.16:36
th1a_They should be the main agenda setter...16:36
th1a_I don't think there is anything in particular we need to prep.16:36
replaceafilli just sent you a sample of the attendance summary bt16:37
th1a_We're a bit more together than we would have been earlier in the week though.16:37
th1a_Do we have titles for those codes?16:37
th1a_Sorting the columns is kind of important.16:38
replaceafillother than Name?16:38
replaceafillor you mean16:38
th1a_I mean, the order of the columns.16:38
replaceafillgiving the user the option to sort by a column16:38
replaceafillyou asked for excused scores, tardies, and absences, right?16:39
th1a_Well, I may have been wrong, if it is.16:40
th1a_I'd say the absences and tardies should be grouped together.16:40
th1a_Like ae, a, te, t16:40
replaceafillah ok16:41
th1a_And within those categories then (multiple ae, for example), alphabetical.16:41
th1a_I think we'd better stick with codes.16:41
th1a_We can add an option for titles if people ask for it.16:41
replaceafillso sorting should be:16:42
replaceafilltardies excused, tardies, absences excused, absences16:42
replaceafill<th1a_> Like ae, a, te, t16:42
replaceafillkk, i'll change the sorting16:43
replaceafilli'm done with the student detail report too, but i need to clean it16:43
th1a_Maybe a light line between the absences and tardies, too.16:44
th1a_Actually a white line would be fine.16:44
replaceafilljust in the header?16:44
th1a_Just to separate them a bit, no, all the way down.16:44
replaceafillor across the whole table16:44
th1a_That's a Tufte trick.16:44
replaceafillah ok16:44
th1a_a less obtrusive cue.16:44
replaceafillth1a_, i'll add the white line after the meeting16:50
replaceafill(it's not a fixed position, so it takes a litte more code for calculating it)16:51
th1a_Otherwise, looks good.16:53
th1a_I guess the question at this point is how would you want to approach trying to do the school page and two more weeks of ARK.16:54
th1a_Assuming they figure out what they want, I guess we should just knock that out first.16:54
replaceafilldo you think they'll have 2 weeks of work for tomorrow's meeting?16:55
th1a_Well, if they do.16:55
th1a_I mean, they have a list of things.16:55
th1a_Several lists of things.16:55
replaceafillwell, i agree, we should finish ARK16:56
th1a_OK, unless they need some more time to decide, then we should at least do an iteration on the school page for a couple weeks.16:57
th1a_That can probably be broken up.16:57
th1a_I'd think technically getting the live searches to work right it pretty separate from the rest of the job.16:58
th1a_I mean, that's the challenging technical part.16:58
th1a_Hopefully not too challenging.16:58
th1a_It is the risky part.16:58
replaceafilldo you think we could start using live search in other places?16:59
replaceafilllike /persons16:59
replaceafilli mean, to focus on that particular problem first17:00
th1a_Oh, I suppose that makes sense.17:02
th1a_If we learn how to do it, we might as well put it there too.17:02
th1a_So yeah, do that.17:02
replaceafillso /persons17:02
replaceafillit uses a text catalog iirc17:02
replaceafillindexes first, last name and username17:03
replaceafilllet me check the code17:03
replaceafilli guess it'll be the same functionality17:04
replaceafilli mean catalog-wise17:04
replaceafillif i start typing Douglas17:05
replaceafillit'll be the same as typing Douglas in the current search box and hit Search17:06
th1a_Unless you have some other fancy idea.17:07
replaceafilli just wonder about the First Name, Last Name, Username splitting17:07
replaceafilli mean17:07
replaceafillin the search box result17:07
replaceafillto list everything as columns there17:08
th1a_Hm... I wouldn't make it too complicated for the user.17:09
replaceafillcould we just display: person title, username17:10
th1a_I guess how we approach this also depends on if you want a break from reports.17:10
replaceafillwell, i think at least having an idea on how to do it is worth the time17:11
replaceafilli mean, trying to do something17:11
replaceafilldo you have other reports in mind?17:11
th1a_Just the ARK ones, I mean.17:12
th1a_Presuming they'll mostly want reports.17:12
th1a_We could put ARK off by a week, at least, which would give you a good idea of how live search works, I'd think.17:12
replaceafillthat sounds fine17:13
th1a_That is pretty cleanly separate from the layout changes for the school page.17:13
replaceafillwe're sticking to jquery ui, right?17:13
th1a_If you'd consider it a nice break, let's do it.17:13
th1a_Unless you have a better idea.17:13
th1a_I've got no plans to change.17:13
replaceafillcool, i'll start with /persons then17:14
th1a_Can you send me your October invoice?17:15
replaceafillah ok17:15
replaceafillwill do17:15
th1a_Also, do you want to release these two report changes to the ppa?17:15
th1a_We can do that quick now, right?17:15
replaceafillcan we release on monday?17:16
replaceafillor sunday17:16
replaceafillwe'll need gradebook and journal release17:16
replaceafillstudent detail is in the gradebook and attendance summary in the journal17:17
th1a_OK, so we'll meet at the regular time and set up for the call.17:18
th1a_Can you send Sunesh your skype handle?17:18
th1a_You have that working, right?17:19
replaceafillit's replaceafill17:19
replaceafilli'll send it17:19
th1a_Thanks replaceafill.17:20
replaceafillthanks th1a_17:20
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