IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2014-11-03

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th1aOh, what time is it replaceafill?16:53
th1aWhen are we meeting now?16:54
replaceafillyour call16:55
replaceafillcan you meet an hour earlier?16:55
th1aLike 25 minutes ago?16:55
th1aWe just turned our clocks back.16:56
replaceafill9:30 am your time?16:56
th1aThat is the same time for you?16:56
th1aYeah, that's fine.16:56
replaceafilli have lots of reports16:56
replaceafilli'll set up a separate instance, so i don't mess with their demo16:57
replaceafillgive me a few minutes16:58
replaceafillok th1a17:18
th1aOh... let me grab a bagel before we get into this.17:18
th1aJust a sec.17:18
replaceafilllet's take a look at Sunesh spreadsheets17:22
replaceafillDemographic snapshot report 070814.xlsx17:22
replaceafillso, most of the reports are in the Student/Teacher Attendance views17:23
replaceafillDemographics snapshot is under STudent Attendance17:23
replaceafillmost of these may live under more appropriate contexts17:24
replaceafilllike terms17:24
replaceafilli just grouped them all together for now17:24
th1aThat's the right move, really.17:24
replaceafillDemographics Snapshot is the 5th17:24
th1aWe got a little overboard on those time span reports.17:24
th1anobody ever finds them.17:25
replaceafillthe first 4 are the old oness17:25
th1aCan we put a little reverse indent or something on the list of reports?17:25
th1aOr just better spacing between them?17:25
replaceafillah ok17:26
replaceafillhold on17:26
replaceafillboy, i'm rusty editing css in place :D17:29
replaceafillsee 6px bottom padding17:29
replaceafillor padding bottom17:29
replaceafillwhatever :D17:30
th1aThat's better.17:30
replaceafillit moved the other things, but focus on the Reports ;)17:30
replaceafilli'll fix it right later17:30
th1aOK, what am I looking at now?17:30
replaceafilldemographics snapshot17:31
th1aWhat's it called on the instance?17:31
replaceafillDemographics Snapshot17:31
replaceafillunder Student Attendance reports17:32
replaceafill5th one17:32
th1aWhoops, I had teacher attendance.17:33
replaceafillso, first comment17:34
replaceafilli mostly used numbers for cell output17:34
replaceafilli think it's the right way to spit xls's17:34
replaceafilleven if you get weird numbers like 33.3333333317:34
replaceafilland so on17:34
replaceafillsome of the old functionality (and a couple of new reports) will use formatting to trim decimals17:35
replaceafilli wanted your opinion on this17:35
th1aYeah, I don't know if you can set it to just display 2 decimal places using xlwt.17:37
th1aI don't think I'd round the data before putting it in the spreadsheet.17:37
replaceafilli remember reading something about using # and 0s17:37
replaceafilli think it's possible17:38
replaceafilli'll check17:38
replaceafill(to display 2 decimals)17:38
replaceafillanother comment17:38
replaceafillon demographics snapshot, i tried to style the sheet17:38
replaceafilli know it's not that important17:38
replaceafillbut i think it looks better than some of our yellow headers, etc :)17:39
replaceafilland we need a description for all of these new reports17:39
th1aIt is possible in excel, just a question of if xlwt does it.17:39
th1aSo this is Peas only.17:40
th1aAnd S1, etc. are levels?17:40
th1aOK so, attendance broken down by level and gender, including additional demographic data.17:41
replaceafillactually, this one doesn't have attendance info17:42
replaceafilllevel enrollment maybe?17:43
th1aOh, sorry.17:43
th1aCan this just go under school then?17:43
th1aOverview of demographic distribution over the levels in the school.17:44
replaceafilli will write down all of these changes17:45
replaceafilland will work on them after the meeting17:45
replaceafillok, now fees17:45
replaceafillopen Fee Report suggest 250914.xlsx17:45
replaceafillagain, under Student Attendance reports17:46
replaceafillFee Collection Rate17:46
replaceafillit should match the "For students" sheet in the xls17:47
replaceafillhere they requested some control on the collection rate17:47
replaceafilland you can see they have to select the term too17:47
replaceafillobviously, for this report to work, students should have Fees created17:48
replaceafillcredits and debits17:48
replaceafillwith proper dates17:48
replaceafillthat match the term17:48
th1aOK, I'd just put these under school as well.17:49
replaceafillah ok17:49
replaceafilldescriptions for them?17:50
th1a"Fee Collection Rate" title should be...17:51
th1aUnpaid Students ?17:51
th1aMaybe that's fine.17:51
replaceafillUnpaid Students?17:51
th1aDoes that make sense?17:51
replaceafillsame for the by week one?17:52
replaceafillUnpaid Students By Week?17:52
th1aWell, that is the actual rate.17:52
th1aSo I think it can be the same and doesn't need a description.17:53
replaceafillah ok17:53
th1aI'd change "Collection Rate" to "Payment threshold"17:53
th1aIN the dialog.17:53
replaceafillah ok17:54
th1aDescription "By term, with adjustable payment threshold."17:54
replaceafillok, moving on to attendance reports?17:56
replaceafillAttendance Report suggestions 250914.xlsx17:56
replaceafillthe first three sheets:17:56
replaceafillby day, by week, by term17:57
replaceafillmatch the Student Attendance reports:17:57
replaceafill Attendance Rate By Day17:57
replaceafillAttendance Rate By Week17:57
replaceafillAttendance Rate By Term17:57
replaceafillby day asks for a date range17:57
replaceafilland all of them ask for a Day/Boarding option17:57
replaceafillto filter students accordingly17:58
replaceafillthat's how i understood: "Question: we would like to be able to choose the category of student shown in the report - this example covers boys, girls and all students, but it would be good to disaggregate further to day/boarding within these overall categories"17:58
th1aDo we have any control over column/row width in xlwt?17:58
replaceafilli think there's auto adjust somewhere17:58
replaceafilli'll check17:59
th1aI don't think the first three need descriptions.18:05
replaceafillah ok18:05
replaceafillok moving to the By absentteism sheet then18:06
replaceafilli called it "Absenteeism Report" :)18:06
replaceafilli used two sheets in the same xls18:07
replaceafilland hard-coded the 75% attendance rate18:07
replaceafilland the 3 days in 10 days18:07
replaceafill3 days in the last 10 days18:08
replaceafillwe could provide options for all of these ofc18:08
replaceafillbut they didn't request them :)18:08
th1a"Students with less than 75% attendance and 3 absences in the past 10 days.18:09
th1aFor description.18:09
th1aLooks fine to me.18:09
replaceafillto Teacher attendance then18:10
replaceafilli split the sheet in two reports18:11
replaceafillthey're under the Teacher Attendance tab18:11
replaceafill Attendance Rate By Day18:11
replaceafillAbsenteeism Report18:11
replaceafillAttendance Rate By Day is the top-right table18:11
replaceafill(i think) :)18:11
th1aOK, you can use the same descriptions as for the student reports.18:12
th1aLook ok to me.18:12
replaceafillah ok18:12
replaceafilland finally the For PEAS UK sheet18:13
replaceafillthis is mostly done (not in the branch yet)18:13
replaceafillbut i have a question18:13
replaceafillfor some reason they split the term in 12 weeks18:13
replaceafill1-4, 5-8, 9-1218:13
replaceafillthree grouped columns18:14
replaceafilland a total18:14
replaceafillthis looks "random" to me18:14
replaceafillshould we ask for an option value?18:15
th1aIs this in a more recent email?18:15
replaceafillit's under the Attendance Reports18:15
replaceafillit's the last sheet18:15
replaceafillafter Teacher attendance18:15
th1aWell, is it a 12 week term?18:17
replaceafilli mean, for my demo the term has like 52 weeks18:18
replaceafillit's the whole year18:18
replaceafillimho this division is just a sample18:18
th1aWell, they may just have 12 week terms.18:19
th1aThat's something that would be consistent for a given system.18:19
replaceafillshould i just "copy" the layout18:20
replaceafilli was looking for a more generic approach18:20
th1aI guess.18:20
replaceafilli don't like it, but that's fine18:20
th1aI mean, if they come back with, "You know, these layouts are hard to read" we can alway say "Yeah... that's why you probably want PDF's."18:20
replaceafillok, that's all i have18:21
replaceafillcurrent todo:
replaceafilloh, i also enabled the Add person links18:22
th1a Cool.18:22
replaceafilland filtered the default groups out of the list18:22
replaceafillunder Student Attendance18:22
th1aLets get this at least on the demo site by the end of the day if possible.18:22
th1aAlso, very important, add up your hours.18:23
replaceafillah ok18:23
th1aSunesh wants to move the meeting up an hour.18:24
th1aLet me check this...18:24
replaceafillfine by me18:24
th1aI'm going to see if we can reschedule.18:25
th1aWhen is our meeting with jelkner tomorrow?18:27
replaceafilli can't find your email :P18:29
replaceafill"11:30 next Tuesday"18:31
th1aThanks replaceafill.18:33
replaceafillok, thanks th1a18:33
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th1aOh mobert, no lunch meeting tomorrow.23:06
mobertOK. IRC, text and if necessary, phone calls should suffice.23:39
mobertI mean, OK th1a. (Forgot to include your name so you get an alert!)23:40
th1aOK.  Cool.23:40
th1aMy parents are in town.23:40
mobertWell then, I'll try not to bug you unless I have urgent questions.23:43
mobertth1a, did you see what I wrote so far about Reports?23:43
mobertI'll flesh that out a bit tomorrow, but I think I'm headed in the right direction.23:44

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