IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2014-10-20

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th1ahi replaceafill.17:31
th1aI just forwarded an email to you.17:31
replaceafillhey th1a17:31
replaceafillthey haven't asked the questions yet, right?17:33
th1aJust sent the email.17:35
replaceafillinteresting about providing a similar solution to other countries :)17:35
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th1aHow are the PEAS reports coming?17:59
replaceafilldone with fees/demographics17:59
replaceafilli'll start with attendance today17:59
replaceafilli was reading the xls17:59
replaceafilland there are some interesting requests17:59
replaceafillglad that we just tried the range of dates report18:00
replaceafillbecause they're asking for something similar18:00
replaceafillalso it seems like they'd like to have a few other filters available18:01
replaceafilllike the "category of student" shown in the report18:01
replaceafilli'm talking about the "By Day" sheet btw18:01
th1aI suppose that's probably relatively time-consuming.18:03
replaceafillthen we have charts18:05
replaceafillin By week/term18:05
th1aOh, don't worry about those.18:05
th1aOr we could do them in html?18:05
replaceafilli'd use d3 for that18:06
th1aThey're not really more useful than just looking at the numbers.18:06
replaceafilli thought the same18:06
th1aJust skip them for now.18:06
replaceafill"By absenteeism" seems tricky18:07
replaceafillbecause of the "absent more than 3 days in the last 10 day period" part18:08
replaceafillsimilar function is required for teacher attendance18:08
replaceafill"Teacher attendance" has 3 tables18:08
replaceafilli guess that's at least 2 reports18:09
th1aI see no reason that more than one table needs to be on a worksheet.18:09
replaceafillgood idea18:10
replaceafilland finally18:10
replaceafillfor PEASUK18:10
replaceafillwe discussed it already18:10
replaceafillnow it's time to just do it18:10
th1aAh, yes.18:10
replaceafillthat's it18:12
replaceafillwhat's the word you use th1a?18:12
replaceafilli think this is the case :)18:12
th1aReports are generally grinding.  ;-)18:13
replaceafillok, that's it from me18:13
th1aI'm going to call Steven -- sorry the finances have gotten a bit stalled out.  Scheduling gets screwed up because I'm trying to do our personal taxes at the same time with Steven.18:15
replaceafilli figured :)18:15
th1aI'll spend a little time catching up with web frameworks, too.  ;-)18:17
th1aOK, thanks replaceafill.18:17
replaceafillthanks th1a18:17
* replaceafill goes to get breakfast, bb in ~3018:17
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