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th1aHELLO, Instabin.05:05
InstabinI have virtual box installed on my computer i installed ubuntu 14.02 and installed school tool using apt-get install schooltool05:05
InstabinI try to connect to it using the dhcp address assigned to the virtual machine in the host machines browser but it does not appear05:06
InstabinI was also using the port 708005:06
Instabindo i have to connect to it from the local server fist?05:07
th1aDid you do this?
th1aWe probably need to make that harder to miss...05:07
InstabinNo I did not05:08
InstabinI think that should be listed in the install setups after the apt-get05:08
InstabinThank you05:09
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th1amobert, you just missed a question from someone setting up SchoolTool on VirtualBox.05:18
mobertI see it!05:18
mobertAnd he is right ... we could easily link to remote.rst from install-2_0.rst05:20
mobertDid you see my sandbox.rst draft? It's in lp:~matt-obert/+junk/schooltool-book05:21
th1aI've not looked at it yet.05:22
mobertIt's incomplete, but should be helpful. And I included a couple of screenshots.05:22
* mobert knows th1a likes screenshots05:23
th1aThey can be less necessary in less page-oriented applications.05:23
mobertI just showed how to click on the "Network" tection of VirtualBox admin and change NAT to Bridged Adapter.05:24
InstabinDoes school tool do any state reporting?05:24
th1aIt could be customized to do so, Instabin, but since all states are different (and we're not even really focused on the US), we can't just offer it out of the box.05:26
InstabinI work for a CTE in pa the only SIS for designed for05:26
InstabinCTE is Classmate and its horrible05:27
th1aAh, well, do you need to do reporting for CTE competencies?05:27
th1aWhere in PA?  I grew up in Huntingdon and used to live in Pittsburgh.05:28
InstabinFranklin County05:28
InstabinYou where in Fulton County05:29
th1aHuntingdon County.05:30
mobertFunny, I was born in Allentown05:30
InstabinI used to work in Fulton County there were alot of people from Huntindon that worked there05:30
mobertInstabin, you're not too far from Hershey Park! I've been there a few times.05:31
th1aMy parents are from Saltillo and Neelyton, so that's close to both.05:31
th1amobert and I live in Providence now.05:32
InstabinYep been there a few times my daughter just had a soccer game in hershey we stoped by chocolate world05:32
th1aIt was funny you popped up because he was writing setting up VirtualBox documentation today.05:32
InstabinVirtaul box was easy i just did a bridged adaptor.05:33
Instabinthen got the ip with ifconfig05:33
mobertYup, I should mention that part too. :)05:34
th1aYeah... it was a bit of a softball assignment to get him started.  ;-)05:34
mobertNOTE: Do not attempt to run a Bridged Adapter network setup outside of a trusted network environment without taking appropriate steps to secure SchoolTool, such as changing your “Default Manager” password!05:35
InstabinCTE's are different than other schools05:35
InstabinLOL internal network at home05:35
th1aYes... we've worked extensively with VA CTE... is that why you're looking at SchoolTool.05:35
InstabinMy IST teacher saw that there was a module for VA CTE's05:36
InstabinFigured we would start looking in to it.05:36
th1aThey have THOUSANDS of competencies, so CanDo is robust in some ways that I imagine are unusual.05:37
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insta1getting on irc client insstead of that web based one05:38
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th1aBasically, CTE competency tracking is the one niche in the US market where SchoolTool may make sense.05:40
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th1a(compared to as a regular school SIS)05:40
InstabinIs there any sample data to install05:42
th1aYou should work from this documentation:
th1aBut don't bother Glenda if you have a problem.  ;-)05:44
th1aAsk us.05:44
th1aThere is regular SchoolTool sample data that you can download from inside your instance (on the XLS import form).05:44
th1aYou might need to tweak the year ID's to make sure the VA comps go in the right year with the sample data, and there are probably some other necessary tweaks.05:45
th1aSince I don't think they mostly use our sample data.05:45
Instabincando was install05:47
Instabinwas installed05:48
Instabinthe python-schooltool.virginia was not05:48
th1aThe Virginia stuff is, well, Virginia specific.05:49
th1aOr is meant to be.05:49
th1aYou can certainly install it.05:49
InstabinMaybe some day there will be a pa05:49
th1aThat's the idea.05:49
InstabinPOS task lists and PIMS reporting05:50
th1aWhenever we do a customization for a client, they get a unique package that add/overrides the core SchoolTool.05:50
InstabinHow do you get customizations?05:51
th1aAt this point, it would be a contract with SIELibre, the company the lead developer, Douglas Cerna, and I have started.05:52
th1aBasically just paid development.05:52
InstabinThen its put back into the project for everyone else?05:54
th1aHypothetically a customer could keep it to themselves.05:54
InstabinDoes it cost alot?05:55
th1aOur standard rate at this point is $50/hr for development, so it just depends on how complicated the requirements are.05:56
th1aBasically the problem is that modern state reporting requirements are probably too expensive for *one school* to fund.05:56
InstabinMost likely05:57
th1aWhat works best is if we're working with a group of schools.05:57
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th1aDivide the costs over 10 schools and it looks a lot cheaper!05:57
InstabinYep problem is getting the 10 to invenst.05:58
th1aWell, if you have to do it one at a time, yes.05:59
th1aIf you're talking to one person with a bunch of schools under his or her authority, that's better.05:59
InstabinAll of the CTE06:00
InstabinAll of the CTE schools in PA are not under one. They all run indpendently06:00
th1aIn Virginia they're supported by the state but have a lot of independence.06:01
th1aAt this point it is kind of a political mess to try to get them to start paying for ongoing support.06:01
th1aIt would be easier to do that at the state level but it might have to be individual.06:02
InstabinSo it would be better to get an orginazation like PACTA to fund it.06:02
th1aWe're talking about a relatively small amount of money to the state, if it is something all the CTE schools can use for free.06:03
th1aFor years to come.06:03
InstabinIm sure I will be in here more. Thanks for the help so far06:14
th1aNo problem.06:15
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mobertI'm turning in. Pushed up to revision 365 in my bzr repo. Look at it tonight, or tomorrow, or whenever.06:17
th1aTomorrow.  ;-)  Good night, mobert.06:17
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replaceafillhey th1a17:51
th1aHow are you feeling replaceafill?17:51
replaceafillso so...17:51
replaceafillmy throat is still killing me17:51
replaceafillit's some kind of infection i guess17:51
replaceafillbecause i had some temperature yesterday17:52
th1aOK.  Nothing pressing today but emails from Nawien and Germio about a contract for importing and some as of yet unnamed reports.17:53
replaceafilllet me read those17:54
th1aI need to ask them to export their access scores in some other format I think.17:54
th1aLike CSV.17:55
replaceafilli remember reading access files in linux in the past17:56
replaceafilldon't remember exactly how though17:57
th1aYeah, well, if they want us to figure it out, they're going to be billed for that step.17:57
th1aSo I'll suggest they make it easier for us.17:57
replaceafillmdb file viewer seems to work18:00
replaceafillof course i have no idea what each table is :)18:01
th1aYeah, it is not so much the format, as they need to explain what they want us to do.18:02
th1aOther than that, the actual import script, should we just say... $250?18:03
th1aLIke, once we have the data in a way we can understand and parse.18:03
th1aAlso, does python read access?18:03
th1aI guess that's the real question.18:03
replaceafillpyodbc maybe:
th1aOK, so, I'll encourage them to not stick us with that, since they'll be paying for our experiments.18:09
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