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th1ahi replaceafill.16:31
replaceafillhey th1a16:31
th1aHow was your weekend?16:32
replaceafilli think i'm "developing" a cold16:32
replaceafilldon't feel that bad yet16:32
th1aThat's good timing as such things go.16:32
replaceafilldid you hear about Sunesh?16:33
th1aAbout or from?16:33
replaceafilli mean, did he reply?16:33
th1aalthough I did send that later than the average Friday afternoon email.16:33
th1aIt was more of a Friday night email to them.16:33
th1aI am not worried about this situation.16:34
th1aI've got the "self-cleaning" cycle going in our oven to blast out the remaining Nepali grease.16:34
th1aI'll be dashing downstairs every few minutes to make sure the kitchen has not burst into flames.16:35
replaceafilldid you rent your house to a Nepali family?16:35
th1aTheir cooking practices do not mesh well with a Victorian house...16:36
th1aThere have been many buckets of black water...16:36
replaceafillbtw, in case you didn't hear, you should probably change your password16:37
replaceafillok, quick question16:37
th1aWell, I essentially already just use my "insecure" password.16:38
replaceafilldid you find or look for the avery templates Rick mentioned?16:38
th1aNo, I'll do that today.16:38
replaceafilli looked for them and couldn't find a download16:38
th1aIf you need to confirm you're chatting with me, try wickr.  ;-)16:38
replaceafillall the templates i can download say something like "compatible"16:38
th1aIt is just spacing.16:39
replaceafilli spent like 1 hour trying to remember my wickr password!16:39
th1aYou need a password manager!16:39
th1aI just have one long password I have to remember.16:39
th1aTo unlock the rest.16:39
replaceafillby that time any message i may have received was probably destroyed ;)16:39
replaceafillwhat do you use?16:39
replaceafillfor password manager16:39
th1aIt is Apple only -- 1Password.16:40
replaceafilli've heard of it16:40
replaceafillseems popular16:40
th1aOH, no, there is Android.16:40
th1aI don't know that it is dramatically better than anything else.16:42
th1ajwz uses it.16:42
th1aSo I figured I would.16:42
replaceafillok, back to Rick reports16:42
replaceafillare we going to implement them as "standard" reports?16:42
replaceafillor are we going to create something just for him?16:43
th1aStandard mostly.16:43
th1aGetting back to "compatible" templates -- the templates are just pre-scored labels.16:44
th1aIt is just about getting the printing where the labels are.16:44
replaceafillsure, but we need the label sheet to know the spacing16:45
replaceafillok, student name labels16:45
replaceafillfrom the Students group?16:45
replaceafillwhere should these be accessed?16:46
replaceafillparent name labels from Contacts?16:46
replaceafilland so on16:46
th1aI will do this for you but we have some other tasks first, right?16:47
replaceafillare we skipping the Alerts list?16:47
th1aFinishing the multi-school report; tests; importer...16:47
th1aI'll write up the reports.16:47
th1aYou don't have to drag it out of me on IRC.16:48
replaceafillit's just that i went through these during the weekend and had these questions wrote down :)16:48
th1aYou could mail them to me.16:48
replaceafillok, i started with the ids in the importer16:49
replaceafillnot done yet16:49
replaceafilli think i'll finish it today16:49
replaceafillwe're doing this just for the Persons sheets for now, right?16:49
th1aI don't think it is directly relevant elsewhere.16:50
th1aDo you?16:50
replaceafillnot really, if we don't import resource demographics16:51
th1aOK, so just on that one.16:52
replaceafillok, that's it from me then16:52
th1aWhere are we with testing?16:52
replaceafilljust cando is left16:52
replaceafilliirc virginia is clean16:53
replaceafilli think i can finish that today too16:54
th1aOK, so all tests will pass then?16:55
th1aI guess you'll merge that to trunk?16:57
th1aSo mgedmin would like to start with a roughly 40 hour (1 week) project.16:58
th1aSo we'll need to think about that.16:58
th1ayes, I mean mgedmin.16:59
th1aI get confused because mgedmin's last name is menesis's first name.17:00
replaceafillwrong window :)17:02
th1aDo you have anything on your testing wishlist?17:03
replaceafillyes, a couple of things17:03
replaceafillnot sure how "important" they are though17:03
replaceafill1. buildbot for all the packages with selenium test runner enabled17:04
replaceafill2. fix(?) test coverage reports17:04
replaceafilliirc they don't work, i checked a couple of months ago17:04
replaceafill3. some selenium tests leave threads behind17:05
replaceafill4. get rid of remaining Xvfg processes left after running tests in headless mode17:05
replaceafill(or any mode i think)17:06
replaceafillthat's it17:06
replaceafill1. is worth i think17:06
replaceafillhaving docs on how to set that up would be great17:07
replaceafillth1a,  i just fwd an email to you17:11
th1aDoes he need to use the full path at all there?17:14
replaceafillnot really17:15
replaceafillbut he's using 2.8.117:15
th1aOh, you might need to update him?17:15
th1aUpdate the script?17:15
replaceafillyeah, i'm looking for it...17:16
replaceafillbut iirc the only path the script uses is the schooltool.conf file17:16
replaceafilland that hasn't changed17:16
replaceafillfound it17:17
replaceafilli'll test it17:17
th1aAh, ok.17:19
th1aAgain, it is good timing for this kind of issue.17:19
th1aMessages would not be a bad idea for a short project.17:21
th1aStarting a simple fix in a more complex corner of SchoolTool takes about 40 hours if you haven't been keeping up with it.17:23
replaceafilli just replied to Jonathan17:24
th1aSo that limits the options.17:25
th1aMessages should still be pretty simple...17:25
replaceafillby messages, you mean enhacing the current functionality, right?17:26
replaceafillnot adding new17:26
th1aWhat would really be basic features.17:26
th1aDeleting messages, writing messages, getting messages for other reasons.17:27
th1aBetter UI in general...17:27
th1aOK.  Probably menesis can do the test related stuff just as easily.17:29
th1aOK, so I'll suggest that.17:33
* replaceafill is setting up a fresh 2.8.1 for testing the malawi script17:34
th1aI'll go over the reports in more detail.17:35
th1aYou can take it a little easy too...17:35
th1aThanks replaceafill.17:35
replaceafillspeaking of a little easy17:35
replaceafillis it a proble to change the meeting to 10 am?17:36
replaceafillth1a, the malawi script will need some updating18:00
replaceafillwe use zeo now18:00
replaceafilland the script expects the old filestorage config18:00
th1aWhat about 10:30?18:01
replaceafillah sure18:01
replaceafillit's just that the rainy season has started18:01
replaceafilland i'd like to move my running to early in the morning18:01
th1aThen I can get in a short skate before the meeting.  ;-)18:01
replaceafillit usually rains in the afternoon18:01
replaceafill10:30 works for me18:01
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