IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2014-09-05

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th1ahi replaceafill.16:30
replaceafillhey th1a16:30
th1amenesis: fyi, we're meeting every day (more or less) at this time.16:31
th1areplaceafill:  Did you see the email from Lluis?16:31
th1aAre you on schooltoolers?16:32
replaceafillwe need the celery logs16:32
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replaceafillusually error.log is not enough16:32
th1aI feel like I just had a celery problem...16:33
th1aOK, how's testing coming?16:36
replaceafillmostly done with the gradebook16:36
replaceafilljust a couple of test to update16:36
replaceafillchecked the journal and it's clean!16:36
replaceafillcando has a few that need fixing16:37
replaceafilli think we'll be able to go green again16:37
replaceafillso, for next week, we start back on ARK correct?16:38
th1aMulti-school xls export.16:39
replaceafillsame functionality as the custom export, right?16:40
replaceafillmaybe we'll add a school filter (dropdown)?16:40
th1aMaybe school checkboxes.16:40
replaceafillah ok16:41
th1aOr is that not necessary.16:41
th1aAs usual, I'm not looking at it.16:41
th1aYou'd want multiple schools.16:41
th1aThat's the main thing.16:41
replaceafilli saw we got paid, but no feedback yet :(16:43
th1aWe got paid by?  Mark?16:44
replaceafillfrom ark16:44
th1aThat's not what I meant.16:45
th1aIs that what my mail sounded like?16:45
th1aThey replied.16:45
th1aHadn't seen that yet.16:45
th1aYou can wait a week or two to get paid, right?16:46
th1aI need to set up an appt. with Steven.16:46
th1aMaybe you should document the hours you need to be reimbursed for and send that to me.16:47
th1aI don't know that it literally has to be an "invoice."16:47
replaceafilljust the number of hours?16:48
th1aThat would be sufficient.16:49
th1aThis is just internal.16:49
replaceafillwill do16:49
th1aIf you could easily do it per-week that would be helpful, I'd say.16:49
th1aNot per-task though.16:49
th1aThis is not nit-picky.16:50
th1aI pushed Jeff's new documentation.16:51
replaceafillah i saw16:51
th1aWe could certainly iterate on exception days.16:51
replaceafilland you found a bug16:51
th1aWell, just a lost feature.16:51
th1aIf someone else complains that'll bump it up.16:51
replaceafilli liked the "insofar as" part :D16:51
th1ainsofar as?16:52
replaceafill"insofar as it worked at all..."16:52
replaceafillQA ftw ;)16:52
replaceafillnow that tests are fixed, i wish we could set some runner16:53
replaceafilllike the one we had before16:53
th1aYeah, that was always shaky.16:54
th1aI didn't check to see if we allow you to change past days at this point.16:54
th1a(we shouldn't, at least not without checking to see if there is attendance for those periods)16:55
th1aOr... something.16:55
th1aWhat runner?16:55
replaceafilltest runner16:55
replaceafillthe one that detects changes to the branches and check the tests automatically16:56
replaceafillto see if anything got broke16:56
th1aYes, well, we'll have some menesis time soon.16:58
replaceafillgreat, maybe he can set that up16:58
th1aDefinitely make notes on things you'd like him to do.16:59
replaceafillah ok17:00
th1aI don't have anything else at this point.17:03
th1aYay!  We're getting paid!17:03
replaceafillme neither17:03
th1aI was worried that was somehow going to be an ongoing problem.17:03
th1aOK.  Thanks replaceafill.17:04
replaceafillthanks th1a17:04
replaceafillth1a, just sent you the ARK hours17:13
replaceafilllet me know if that works17:13
th1aOK, so that will be like $13,000.17:13
th1aMaybe I forget what we pay you.  ;-)17:14
replaceafilli won't complain if you want to pay me more17:14
th1aI was thinking you deserve a bonus, but it'll just come out of next year's reserve fund.17:15
th1aSo it is kind of a wash.17:15
replaceafillah ok17:15
th1aBut you DO deserve a bonus...17:15
th1aWhen you're a partner it is six of one and a half dozen of the other.17:15
th1aYour bonus will have to be PyCon Argentina.  ;-)17:16
replaceafillpycon argentina starts to seem little organized :(17:19
replaceafillno hotel information or flights17:20
th1aWell, if you can find any other PyCon...17:24
th1a(or whatever)17:24
th1areplaceafill:  ayt?17:43
replaceafillth1a, yes17:44
th1aI just noticed I dropped a "SchoolTool quote required" thread from Rick Bychowski.17:45
th1aSorry about that...17:46
th1aThis is what I was referring to in terms of other reports to write next.17:46
th1aCan you take a quick look with me?17:46
replaceafillit's the zip with the pdfs, right?17:47
replaceafillfor printing on avery labels, we just need the label format, right?17:49
replaceafillalerts list?17:50
th1aYeah, I think so.17:50
th1aI guess I should first ask if he's still interested.17:50
th1aMost of this we could do for free after ARK.17:51
th1aOr after the multi-school report...17:51
th1aI mean, no gotchas here though.  We could do most of these in a day couldn't we?17:51
replaceafillhhmm the student progress report seems a little more complicated17:52
th1aWell, it might be a report sheet mostly.17:52
th1aI'd need more follow up on that.17:52
th1aI don't really understand exactly what he wants there.17:53
replaceafillbut yeah, i'd say it's 3-5 days work17:54
replaceafilli'm not good at estimating :(17:54
th1aLet me ask if he's still interested.17:54
th1aI'd still like to do the "easy" ones there.17:56
th1aThey're sensible.17:56
replaceafillwith the spacing?17:57
th1aYeah, I can find that.17:57
th1aThat would be post-ARK.17:57
th1areplaceafill:  They're still interested.19:01
replaceafillth1a, ah ok, great20:10
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