IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2014-09-03

replaceafillhey th1a00:00
replaceafillsent you an email00:01
th1aAh, email!00:01
th1aWhat's the temperature in San Salvador today?00:01
replaceafillaround 30 i'd say00:01
th1aIt's hotter here.00:02
* replaceafill is sweating00:02
th1aIt SUCKS.00:02
replaceafillwhat's it there?00:02
th1aWell, probably the same.00:02
th1areplaceafill, anyhow, regarding schooltool.peas...00:13
th1aI don't know...00:14
th1aI got that error.00:15
th1aWhat is it?00:15
replaceafillyou need all the ARK branches00:15
th1aI mean, before with peas I got it.00:15
th1aI don't want to encourage people to use it in PRODUCTION.00:16
th1aBut if you can just point him in the right direction.00:16
th1aIt is no more or less a waste than anyone else trying to build from source.00:16
replaceafillwill reply then00:16
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th1aWe really just don't want the "I BORKED MY SCHOOLS DATABASE WITH PAES!!!!" emails.00:19
replaceafillhe says he's trying ST out00:19
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*** mobert has joined #schooltool03:00
th1ahi mobert03:01
moberthi th1a.03:02
th1aWhat are you trying to branch?03:02
mobertbzr branch lp:schooltool-owners03:02
th1aschooltool-owners is the group, not a branch.03:02
mobertbzr branch lp:schooltool-owners03:03
mobertAgent admitted failure to sign using the key.03:03
mobertPermission denied (publickey).03:03
mobertbzr: ERROR: Connection closed: Unexpected end of message. Please check connectivity and permissions, and report a bug if problems persist.03:03
mobertAh, thank you!03:03
mobertSo I should be able to "bzr branch schooltool-book"03:03
mobertAn application wants access to the private key 'mobert@biscotti', but it is locked.03:04
mobertI must have typed that passphrase a hundred times in January of 2013. :(03:05
mobertSo, either way, it wants me to unlock my private key before connecting to launchpad.03:05
mobertHow can I roll a new private key and tell launchpad to use that instead?03:06
th1aYou can just deactivate that one and add a new one.03:06
th1aClick on your name in the upper right.03:06
th1aClick the edit pencil next to the OpenPGP keys.03:07
th1aYou can tell where SchoolTool took its UI cues...03:07
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mobertOK, I'm in. Sorry for the delay -- I had already reset my password, but hilariously this browser was set up to remember the old one.03:11
th1aAh, ok.03:11
mobertSo, there's my SSH key.03:12
mobertClicked on the yellow pencil.03:12
mobertTime to run "ssh-keygen -t rsa" again.03:13
th1aI'll be back in 10 minutes.03:13
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th1aLet me know when you are ready, mobert.03:24
mobertI rolled a new key.03:27
mobertCreated a passphrase for it.03:27
mobertRemoved the old key from launchpad.03:28
mobertAdded the new key.03:28
mobertTried to "bzr branch lp:schooltool-book" and failed again.03:28
mobertSame STDERR: "Agent admitted failure to sign using the key.03:29
mobertPermission denied (publickey).03:29
mobertbzr: ERROR: Connection closed: Unexpected end of message. Please check connectivity and permissions, and report a bug if problems persist."03:29
mobertBut the difference is, this time it no longer asks me for the passphrase interactively.03:29
mobertIt used to pop up a dialog asking for the passphrase, and only return the STDERR message after I tried and failed to guess the correct passphrase.03:30
th1aIt gives unhelpful error messages sometimes.03:31
th1aYOu need to use ssh-add.03:32
mobertActually, I wonder whether this is a problem with Gnome Keyring clobbering ssh-agent03:33
th1aI'm not exactly sure what that means.03:33
mobertAha, thanks.03:33
mobertI see where Launchpad help says "You may need to run ssh-add with the id file if you created an id file other than ~/.ssh/id_rsa. Do ssh-add /path/to/file/id_rsa_newfile ." But I created the id file with the default name.03:34
mobertStill, I'll give it a whirl.03:35
mobertIdentity added!03:36
mobertFetching revisions!03:37
mobertWhoo hoo! :)03:37
mobertThanks for the help.03:37
th1aI can google that for you!03:38
mobertYeah, I was looking right at the documentation. But I thought that step only applied if you created a non-standard id file.03:39
mobertBranched 360 revision(s).03:41
th1aThere is a makefile.03:42
th1aSo cd in there and do make html.03:42
mobert[...] build succeeded, 6 warnings. Build finished. The HTML pages are in build/html.03:43
mobertRight on03:43
mobertFour of the warnings are "WARNING: document isn't included in any toctree"03:44
mobertThen there's a "levels.rst:13: WARNING: Inline strong start-string without end-string."03:45
mobertAnd a "system-requirements.rst:83: ERROR: Unexpected indentation."03:45
th1aI've been ignoring those... you could clean up the syntax faults for a little ReStructured Text practice.03:46
th1aGood to start a job by tidying things up.  ;-)03:46
mobertYeah, those warnings look pretty harmless, but I expect I'll be getting plenty of practice in the next four months03:48
mobertI guess I should be committing any changes that I make into my junk branch, like last time.03:48
mobertbzr push lp:~matt-obert/+junk/schooltool-book03:50
th1aFor starters at least.03:50
mobertOK, that looks like it might run for a while. Lots of changes since January 2013.03:52
mobertAnd I03:52
th1aDid you get an email sharing a doc with you?03:52
mobertSchoolTool Documentation Notes. Yup, got it.03:53
mobert"You are using an out of date version of Google Chrome. Some features may not work correctly."03:54
th1aYou need to send Google a check for $9.95.03:54
th1aSo why don't you just warm up then with the VirtualBox setup notes first.03:55
th1aYou can even demonstrate on Windows!03:55
mobertNah, I can't upgrade Chrome without updating my Fedora install, which is way obsolete.03:55
mobertOK, VirtualBox setup notes -- my first assignment!03:56
mobertBut first, I've got to go fold some laundry.03:56
th1aOK.  I have to move some furniture.03:56
mobertCool, then I guess we are done for tonight. I'll lurk anyway.03:57
* mobert lurks ...03:57
th1aI just got 108 emails from mobert's branch.04:18
mobertWell, I guess you're up-to-the-minute with my progress. ;)04:24
mobertI probably won't do much more tonight, though. Just glad to have everything working again.04:24
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th1aIt always takes a little time to get the whole thing set up.04:35
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replaceafillhey th1a18:32
th1ahi replaceafill.18:32
th1aThe humidity is down here thankfully.18:32
th1aI was just driven to despair yesterday.18:32
th1aI though *I* was going to have to move to Canada.18:33
replaceafillgood choice ;)18:33
replaceafilllots of snow18:33
replaceafilli just came back from my blood test18:33
replaceafilli have a doctor's appointment tomorrow at this time18:33
replaceafillyesterday i fixed all the selenium tests in core18:35
replaceafillalso, i tried evolving jelkner's database to 2.8.118:36
replaceafillhe's currently using a sandbox from 2.618:36
replaceafillfound a uri cache issue in quiz18:36
replaceafillwhich i already fixed18:36
replaceafilli plan to package quiz after i talk to jelkner today18:36
replaceafilland then i'll check the tests in the plugins18:37
replaceafilli think that's it th1a18:37
th1aWhat do you think about working on multi-school reports next week.18:39
th1aThat'll give ARK one extra week for us to deliver on time.18:39
replaceafillhas Sunesh replied yet?18:40
th1aI mean, it is nothing surprising, considering.18:41
th1aAnd if the idea is that they're on vacation now in Uganda, and IDEALLY will be giving feedback before school starts again, well, they're on vacation.18:41
th1aI don't remember what the schedule is...18:41
th1aThis is fairly par for the course with this kind of thing, as you know.18:42
replaceafilli thought uganda had a similar schedule to el salvador18:43
replaceafilljanuary - november18:43
th1aI don't remember.18:43
th1aIt makes no difference to me.18:43
th1aI'll send them another email.18:43
th1aBut yes, we should probably just do a version of the custom report for the multi-school server.18:44
th1aI suspect it won't do live previewing, at least at first.18:44
replaceafillwe could do it, although it'd be slow i think18:45
th1a(live update?)18:45
th1aIt is probably not worth it.18:45
th1aAt all...18:45
replaceafillyou mean, a web version of the pdfs, right?18:45
replaceafillthat allows you to filter, etc18:45
th1aThe export we just did to xls.18:46
th1aWhere you select the columns, etc.18:46
replaceafillah right18:46
th1aOK, so that's the basic plan.18:47
th1aGot mobert's business set up (back on LP, etc).18:48
replaceafillah yes18:48
th1aHe's going to start with a running SchoolTool on VirtualBox primer, since he just did that.18:48
replaceafilli saw the google doc too18:49
th1aAnd it is a good thing to have.18:49
th1aOh, question: how does the custom.css work?18:50
replaceafillhhm let me see if i have 2.8.1 around18:51
replaceafillfile is at:18:55
replaceafillit's the last head resource included in the page18:55
replaceafillso it can override anything18:55
replaceafillincluding plugins18:55
th1aHm, so we still didn't get it into etc.18:57
th1aWhat happens when you update?18:57
replaceafillno, that's still an issue18:58
th1aAh, also, it looks like we have two weeks of menesis coming up.18:58
replaceafillah great18:58
th1aSo think about that.18:58
th1aShould we have him get it into /etc18:58
replaceafillor plugins18:59
replaceafillor wherever :)18:59
th1aDo you know what it does if you change the file?19:00
th1aRefuse to upgrade?19:00
th1aOverwrite it?19:00
replaceafilli think it overwrites it19:01
replaceafillat some point i thought about having the whole zcml under plugins.zcml19:01
replaceafilli mean, for registering the resource19:02
replaceafillwhich would be just documenting it right19:02
replaceafillbut i didn't get to it19:02
th1aOK... I think I'll just take this out of the release notes and try to get menesis to put it in /etc/19:03
th1aFinally -- are there any of these in particular worth saving:
th1a(to you)19:06
th1aI want to purge these and start fresh.19:06
replaceafillmost of the things in schooltool-2012 are done19:07
replaceafillwhy do you want to purge them?19:08
th1aWell, clear the decks.19:08
th1aI haven't looked at them in years.19:08
th1aStart fresh.19:08
th1aSome may still be relevant -- anything in particular YOU need?19:09
replaceafilli don't think i *need* anything19:09
replaceafillenrollment-status is done i think19:10
replaceafillsome of them seem like wishlist19:10
th1aOK, I'll go through them.19:10
th1aThat's it for today then!19:14
th1aThanks replaceafill.19:14
replaceafillok, thanks th1a19:15
replaceafillare we meeting tomorrow?19:15
replaceafillat regular time?19:15
replaceafillsee you then19:16
th1aI might have someone from the phone company show up at that time.19:16
th1aI just know they're coming in the morning.19:17
th1aYou have no idea how much better I feel now that the humidity is down...19:17
th1aI was about as discouraged by life as I get yesterday.19:17
replaceafillit's windy today in San Salvador19:18
replaceafillwe had a big storm last nigh19:18
th1aYeah, it is supposed to be breezy here too, which means it is not so bad as long as the humidity isn't ridiculous.19:18
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