IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2014-08-29

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th1ahi replaceafill.16:33
replaceafillhey th1a16:33
th1aSo we have a fellow in Malaysia asking for a sandbox.16:34
replaceafillah ok16:34
th1aI don't jump to do that for people at this point...16:34
replaceafillwill set it up after the meeting16:34
replaceafill2.8.1, right?16:35
replaceafillwith sample data?16:35
th1aYeah.  This would be of the "doesn't need an init" variety.16:35
th1aNo sample data, let's say.16:35
replaceafillah ok16:35
th1aDid you get Glenda's bugs cleaned up?16:37
replaceafillwell, one of them, i consider it a bug16:38
replaceafillso, if you mark a student as INACTIVE for a section16:38
replaceafillteacher cannot see their info anymore16:38
replaceafillit's the person_instructors crowd16:39
replaceafillso i just told the crowd to look in all the students relationships16:39
replaceafillincluding those where they're inactive16:39
replaceafilli think that's fine, right?16:39
th1aYes, that should be fine.16:39
replaceafillthe second issue is16:40
replaceafilllet me quote glenda16:40
replaceafillTeacher status change: Same section with an IEP student. Changed one of two teachers to Substitute, effective today, then can't access that teachers information. Error was that I needed more privileges.16:40
replaceafillbtw, neither of the issues had to do with IEP16:40
replaceafilland the last one has nothing to do with substitute teachers16:40
replaceafillif i understand glenda correctly, she as a teacher wants to see info about the sub16:41
replaceafillbut teachers cannot access other teachers info16:41
replaceafillthere's no crowd or security setting for that16:41
replaceafilleven if you set both person as instructors16:41
th1aThat's fine as is unless it is somehow preventing the teacher from using the gradebook.16:41
replaceafillyou mean preventing the sub?16:42
replaceafillboth instructor and sub can access the gradebok16:43
th1aI think it is fine then.16:44
th1aTeachers don't need to see each others info at this point.16:44
replaceafillalso, yesterday i met with jelkner16:45
replaceafillthey're requesting some way to mass export/import quizzes16:46
replaceafillcurrently, we have a way to import/export single quizzes16:46
replaceafillbut they want to "recover" all Sean's data from last year16:46
replaceafillin a separate instance16:46
replaceafilli think that'd be 4-8 hours of work16:47
th1aI suppose documenting quiz would be a good "before the end of the year" project.16:47
replaceafilli also plan to move jelkner out of using sandboxes16:48
replaceafillto 2.8.116:48
replaceafilland make a bugfix release for quiz16:48
replaceafillin my own ppa16:48
replaceafillthat might help nedosa to16:49
replaceafilland i think that's it16:49
th1aSo maybe then next week a replaceafill one man testing sprint?16:50
replaceafilloh, i've already started :)16:50
th1aok good16:50
replaceafilli fixed a couple of "easy ones"16:50
replaceafillabout the importer16:50
replaceafillthe exporter will be a b**ch16:50
th1aWhich exporter?16:51
th1aJust the overall one?16:51
replaceafilli mean, fixing tests for the standard school exporter16:51
replaceafillwhile i was checking the gradebook's tests i started to think16:51
replaceafillthe journal uses this new ajaxy functionality16:52
replaceafillfor submitting/refreshing16:52
replaceafillthat the gradebook/cando could use16:52
replaceafillalso, neither of them complain on invalid submitted data16:53
replaceafill(i think there's a bug around that)16:53
replaceafillso if you submit an 8 in cando for example16:53
replaceafillit LOOKS like the 8 was saved16:53
replaceafillbut if you refresh the page again, nothing was really saved16:54
replaceafillwhich is dangerous imho16:54
replaceafilli'm not sure if that's in the scope of test fixing16:54
replaceafillbut we should fix that16:54
th1aActually fixing bugs... yeah.16:54
th1aIt is hard to keep track of the "real" failures and the bogus ones.16:55
th1aWhich is the whole problem.16:55
th1aProbably bugs that are revealed in the existing tests should just be fixed.16:55
replaceafillit came to me while i was testing glenda's cando gradebook16:55
th1aUnless they are DEEP.16:55
th1aI mean, does this cause a failing test?16:56
replaceafillwe don't even test that16:56
replaceafilli mean, submitting bogus data16:56
replaceafilland checking if it's saved16:56
replaceafilleven if we did (which i still think we don't)16:57
replaceafillthe test would have to check the gradebook twice16:57
replaceafillbecause of the "lying" that's happening after submitting16:57
replaceafillhhmm maybe i can write a test for it :)16:58
replaceafilland fix it ;)16:58
replaceafillthat would be in the scope of test fixing :P16:58
th1aJust file a high priority bug.16:58
th1aOnly fix bugs that are causing failing existing tests.16:59
th1aWe have to try to get the tests in a trustable form.16:59
th1aThat's the big thing.16:59
th1aNot "complete" just "ok, if I run this it will return some valid information."16:59
th1aWhich is essentially not true now, correct?16:59
th1aOK, so just try to stay focused on that.17:00
th1aWe'll be entering the quiet part of the year now.17:01
th1aSchool's started or starting in much of the world.17:02
th1aPeople won't start thinking about next year's SIS for a few months...17:02
replaceafillah good point17:02
th1aWe had a long time to find 2.8.0 bugs.17:02
th1aI'd like to try to do the school page redesign in October.17:03
th1aSo we're sure to get that in.17:03
replaceafillafter ARK?17:03
replaceafilloh btw17:03
replaceafillare we going to release on october?17:03
th1aPretty much just for them, I'd think.17:04
replaceafillah ok17:04
replaceafillso we'll start back on ARK on september 8th, correct?17:05
th1aThat's the plan, but I haven't heard back from Sunesh yet.17:05
th1aOf course, they like late Friday emails.17:06
th1aThey tend to clear their inboxes Friday afternoon.17:06
replaceafillit should be less of a problem for you now17:06
replaceafillyou're like -4/5 hours17:06
th1aDoesn't screw up my Friday dinner preparation.  ;-)17:07
th1aThe girls get out of school early on Friday this year as well.17:07
th1aOK, so ping me when you get the instance up.17:09
replaceafillwill do17:09
replaceafilli have a doctor's appoinment next tuesday 11:30 your time17:09
th1aOK.  No problem.17:09
replaceafilli've lost 12 pounds in 6 weeks17:10
th1aOh, GREAT.17:10
th1aThat's good news.17:10
replaceafillrunning helps :P17:10
replaceafillok, setting instance up...17:10
th1aThanks replaceafill.17:11
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