IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2014-08-15

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th1ahi replaceafill.17:00
replaceafillhey th1a17:04
th1aWell, I've been a bit busy...17:04
replaceafilli'm waiting for my ISP techs17:04
replaceafilli have no internet17:04
replaceafilli've *borrowed* from the neighbour17:05
replaceafillhow's Providence?17:05
th1aWell, bit of a harsh landing because all our floors were super dirty.  Sticky.17:06
replaceafilla lot of cleaning required i imagine17:06
th1aYeah.  Luckily Jennifer's parents were here, and they're very efficient workers.  ;-)17:07
th1aThings looked pretty hopeless for a few hours...17:07
th1aIt is just a bit jarring having people staying at your house, and arriving home at midnight completely exhausted to it.17:07
th1aI like the car we bought.17:07
th1aWe found a 2013 Ford C Max hybrid sitting at a dealership that we got a reasonable deal on.17:08
th1aIt is a good geek car.17:08
th1aLots of software.17:08
th1aIt definitely becomes a game to try to run on the electric engine as much as possible around town.17:09
th1aWe're driving to my parents tomorrow.17:10
replaceafillhybrid means it runs on gas and electricity?17:10
th1aYes, there is a gas engine and an electric engine.17:10
th1aThere is a lithium ion battery in the back.17:10
replaceafillis it more cost efficient to use the electric one?17:10
th1aIt recharges when you brake, etc.17:11
th1aIt is more efficient, and the car basically trains you to drive more efficiently.17:11
th1aSo you brake slowly to most efficiently recharge the battery, etc.17:11
th1aIt gives you feedback, like after you stop "95% energy recovery!"17:12
th1aIt is amusing.17:12
th1aI got 38 mpg on the way back from the coffee shop.17:12
th1aSo yeah, if you like data, it is a great car!17:13
th1aSo next week, I'll be able to work as needed, but I might be away during the day sometimes for various family activities.17:14
th1aMy parents didn't get to see the girls all year because my father wasn't able to fly.17:15
th1aAnd then we'll be driving back next Monday.17:15
th1aBut it will be much less hectic overall next week.17:15
th1aSo, what have you been up to?17:16
replaceafillCanDo and Virginia maintainance17:16
replaceafillfixed reports and some other small issues17:16
replaceafillyesterday i noticed a problem with clerks17:17
replaceafillthere's a few missing allow directives in virginia17:17
th1aI had an email yesterday about clerks not being able to access attendance reports.17:17
th1aDid I cc: you on that?17:17
replaceafilli saw it17:17
replaceafillbut i haven't checked what's happening17:18
th1aOK, that would be good to fix before the release.17:18
replaceafillcool, will check17:18
replaceafillthere are other small/middle bugs in cando i think we should fix17:19
replaceafillsearching skills/skillsets17:19
replaceafillfor courses17:19
th1aIf you can do that in a day or less.17:20
replaceafillbut i wanted to ask you first17:20
replaceafillfor scheduled tasks17:21
replaceafilli also noticed that when you are running a big task17:21
replaceafilllike importing the CTE skills17:21
replaceafilland you leave the dialog with the progress17:21
replaceafillthe task is marked as IN PROGRESS, right?17:22
replaceafillbut if you check Server -> Server Info -> Schedule Tasks17:22
replaceafilland see its information17:22
replaceafillyou'll see only json data17:22
replaceafillwhich is confusing17:22
replaceafillwe should clean that up at some point17:22
replaceafilli'll file it as a bug17:22
replaceafillso we don't forget17:23
th1aYou mean literally json formatted data?17:23
replaceafillit's the data the dialog uses17:23
replaceafillto present the progress17:23
replaceafilli was thinking that maybe it'd be possible to present the progress there too17:23
th1aYeah, I don't know if that is high enough priority for the release, but obviously a bug.17:23
replaceafilland finally17:23
replaceafilli fixed the selenium tests in cando17:24
replaceafillunit tests are still broken17:24
replaceafillbasically, with the relationship refactoring, unit tests have to become more of integration tests17:24
replaceafillbecause you need a lot of infrastructure set to run them17:24
replaceafillcatalogs, etc17:24
replaceafillso i decided not to spend more time on those :(17:25
replaceafilland that's it17:25
th1aHopefully we can do something before the end of the year.17:25
th1aBasically, I'd just like to have integration tests we trust before the end of the year.17:25
replaceafillhave you energy/time to talk about plans17:25
replaceafillme too17:26
replaceafillso, what's the plan? :)17:26
th1aI am going to the bank this afternoon to start setting up our checking account.17:26
th1aDo you remember having to sign something the first time we opened an account?17:26
replaceafilli was thinking of testing the 1+ GB db from the acc17:26
replaceafilli didnt17:26
th1aHopefully you won't have to.17:27
th1aYes, testing a bit with a big db is good.17:29
th1aI would like to get this release out early next week.17:29
replaceafillwill you ask menesis for help?17:29
th1aI can ask...17:30
th1aIs there anything in particular?17:30
th1aYou can certainly email him questions too.17:30
replaceafillwell i meant, is he going to do it?17:30
replaceafilli mean, we can package now17:31
th1aOh, probably not.17:31
replaceafilland use ppas etc17:31
replaceafillbut i have not messed with "official" ppas yet ;)17:31
th1aI'd prefer if you just did it.17:31
replaceafillah ok17:31
th1aI can send him a heads up though.17:31
replaceafillso, we'll work on that early next week17:31
replaceafillthe cando/virginia fixes and 2.8.1?17:32
replaceafillfor the other branches17:32
th1aThis will include the 2.8 bugfixes we did for ARK.17:32
replaceafilljust bugfixes, not new features, right?17:32
th1aAlthough I was thinking about the student withdrawal link.17:32
th1aThat's kind of a toss up.17:32
th1aVery useful and pretty well tested now.17:33
replaceafillthe leave school one?17:33
replaceafillthe first version of that is already in core17:33
replaceafillbefore we started on ARK17:33
replaceafillwe just did a couple of changes to it17:33
replaceafillwe could backport those17:33
replaceafillmerge or whatever :)17:34
* th1a waves hands17:34
replaceafillthe who's a student question17:34
replaceafilliirc one of the changes for the link was that17:34
replaceafillshowing just for students17:34
th1aWe changed them to use both ways, right?17:34
th1agroup and enrollment?17:35
replaceafillbut ARK uses different logic than core17:35
th1aBoth is fine for core.17:35
replaceafillboth for any year?17:35
replaceafillor should it be both, for the *active* year?17:35
replaceafillARK uses any17:35
replaceafillany year17:35
th1aBoth for active, I'd say.17:37
th1aLost the train of thought.17:37
th1aThis is for withdrawal?17:37
replaceafillno, we're talking about "who should be considered a student in the app"17:38
replaceafillwe used to have two adapters17:38
replaceafillfor detecting learners and instructors17:38
replaceafilland their sections17:38
replaceafillmost of the app uses them17:38
replaceafilllike the gradebook link, etc17:38
replaceafillbut those adapters just looked on section membership17:39
replaceafilllike "person in section.members/instructors"17:39
replaceafillstatuses kind of broke that17:39
replaceafillbecause the inactive states17:39
replaceafillfor ark i created new adapters17:40
replaceafillthat checks the relationship links directly17:40
replaceafillusing .all()17:41
th1aIs there a reason we did all years for ARK?17:41
replaceafillmeaning, i don't care if you were inactivated17:41
replaceafillnot really17:41
replaceafillthe adapter can detect the active year17:41
replaceafilli just set use_active=False17:41
th1aIf the question is "Who is a student," it should look at the active year.17:41
replaceafillsame for instructors?17:42
replaceafill*my* reason for looking in all years was: some links would dissapear if we use this logic17:44
replaceafillfor "inactive" students17:44
replaceafilli mean, old students who may not be in groups/enrollment yet17:44
th1aI'm back...17:45
replaceafilllike Fees accordion for example17:45
th1aHad to go check on the girls.17:45
th1aLook, I don't really know.17:46
th1aMaking it more lenient to avoid things disappearing unexpectedly makes sense.17:46
th1aThis isn't so much for, say, searching.17:47
replaceafillsearches usually look in the active year17:47
replaceafillthis is more for global things (links, accordions)17:47
th1aThe only thing I'm worrying about off the top of my head is long-gone students showing up in searches.17:47
th1aYes, that can be lenient.17:47
replaceafillgot it17:48
replaceafillso, i think we could move that logic from ARK to core17:48
replaceafillwhen should we aim for having the release?17:49
th1aAnything else for now?17:50
replaceafilljust one last quick thing17:50
replaceafillwhen you start doing the ARK billing17:50
replaceafillcould you please take care of that old jelkner invoice too?17:50
th1aOh, sure.17:50
replaceafillkk, thanks!17:51
replaceafillthat's it17:51
th1aWhat was the issue with that anyhow?17:51
th1aDo you remember?17:51
th1aJust that I wasn't in the US?17:51
th1aThanks replaceafill.17:51
replaceafillthanks th1a17:51
replaceafillhappy you're back home :)17:51
th1aOK, I have to set up my printer and apply for health insurance now.17:52
replaceafilland your family17:52
replaceafillgo go go17:52
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:52
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