IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2014-07-29

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th1ahi replaceafill.16:03
replaceafillhey th1a16:04
th1aDid you get my feedback?16:04
replaceafilli forgot the edit view for igas16:04
replaceafilli'll add one16:04
replaceafillso, what's the plan for today?16:05
th1aReports for IGA?16:06
replaceafillwe need one like the Fee Summary, right?16:07
replaceafillwith the balance table16:07
th1aBasically the same reports with different titles.16:08
replaceafillcredits and debits have reports already16:09
replaceafillwith different titles16:09
replaceafillActivity Credit i think16:10
replaceafilland Activity Debit16:10
th1aAh, yes.16:11
replaceafillhow should we call the Fee Summary one for IGAs?16:11
th1aI guess we should probably either have a confirmation dialog for "Close" or let you re-open it.16:12
th1aAnd change that to "Close Activity"16:12
th1aIt is a bit cryptic and permanent right now.16:12
th1aActivity Summary16:12
replaceafillah ok16:12
th1aJust letting you re-open it will probably save us some future complaints.16:13
replaceafillRe-open or just Open Activity?16:14
th1aI'd say Re-open.16:14
replaceafillanything else th1a?16:16
th1aNothing pressing.16:16
th1aDavid Ally doesn't understand the importer error reports.16:16
th1aThey could probably use a little more in-line explanation at some point.16:17
replaceafilli have a chat at 9 with someone from Colombia16:18
replaceafillthe user asking for hosting the other day16:18
replaceafilland i got a question from Guatemala about Fedena :/16:18
th1aWhat about it?16:18
th1aHow we compare?16:18
replaceafillno, about prices for hosting Fedena :|16:19
replaceafill"we do ST not Fedena" :)16:19
th1aBasically, if someone asks you about the difference, I usually say that we're more focused on core SIS functionality.16:19
th1aThey have a lot more little modules.16:19
th1aThen onto the report filter view.16:23
replaceafillah ok16:23
th1aDo you think you want to do the csv copy/paste thing or just .xls download?16:23
replaceafilli think xls download will be faster16:23
th1aThat's fine.16:23
replaceafillmaybe we could do the copy/paste later?16:24
replaceafillshould it be a .xls download or a generate (background) one?16:25
th1aBackground I guess -- these could be big.16:25
replaceafillso, what should be the workflow?16:26
replaceafillshould they start from People or Students or something?16:26
th1aOh... School I'd say.16:26
replaceafilllink under Reports?16:27
th1aSomething like Build Filtered Report16:28
th1aCustom export16:28
replaceafillthat takes you to a new view with your sample sidebar16:28
replaceafillgot it16:29
replaceafilli'm not worried about the filters, we have most of them16:30
replaceafilli'm more worried about the add columns functionality :)16:30
th1aOK.  Hopefully it won't have too many surprises.16:30
replaceafillbut i guess i could define all of the columns and just use query parameters to show16:30
th1aIt doesn't have to be fancy right now.16:31
replaceafillwhat should be the values for Full Name?16:31
th1aThe parts of the name, although PEAS doesn't use all of them.16:32
th1aLast Name, First Name...16:32
replaceafillah ok16:32
replaceafillGrade level under add columns?16:33
replaceafilljust the Grade level?16:33
replaceafillReport Sheets?16:35
th1aPretty much like report card layout I'd think.16:36
replaceafilleach column16:36
replaceafillgot it16:36
replaceafilli think i have enough to start16:37
replaceafilli'll probably ask you more questions as i go :)16:37
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replaceafillth1a, iga instance updated with fixes20:38
replaceafillstarting with the custom report20:39
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th1areplaceafill: ayt?23:35
replaceafillth1a, yes23:35
th1aI guess you worked some on the getverso script?23:36
th1aIt is trying to make worksheets with too many rows now.23:36
replaceafillyeah, i saw23:36
th1aThat kind of rings a bell, but perhaps it is new.23:37
replaceafillnot really23:37
th1aDo we keep a version of that in bzr?23:37
th1aIs it in a package?23:37
replaceafillit's also a bug in the exporter23:37
replaceafillit's in schooltool.virginia iirc23:37
replaceafilllet me look23:37
th1aYeah, I see it.23:38
th1aDid Lee write it originally?23:39
replaceafillthen Alan23:39
replaceafillthen me :)23:39
th1aOK, yeah, Doodads sounds like Justas.23:39
th1aI was wondering if I could do a quick hack to split it, but I'd have to have a somewhat better idea of how the parts connect.23:42
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replaceafilli think changing to a different format (csv, json) would be easier23:43
th1aWell, I was thinking of a half dozen lines of code.23:43
th1aOK, so... we'll deal with this in a few weeks then?23:44
replaceafillwell, you could tell the script to add several Skills worksheets23:44
th1a(I mean, they aren't paying us)23:44
replaceafilland use them all23:45
th1aThat's what I was thinking.23:45
replaceafillbut then you need to change the importer to match23:45
th1aI don't know how it is organized... could you just split the whole thing in two?23:45
replaceafillsure, but not now, right?23:48
replaceafillit's about checking "skills_row" to be <64k23:49
replaceafilladding a new "skills_ws" if it is23:49
th1aIf it just made a whole new workbook with just the Skills page populated...23:50
th1athat wouldn't take an importer change?23:50
th1aJust two imports.23:50
th1aThey had under 40k skills last year.23:51
th1aMaybe I should check to see if it makes sense that they'd have more.23:51
replaceafillwe should tell the verso script to spit Skills, Skills-1 and it's user work to extract and rename23:52
replaceafill(the sheets)23:52
th1aThis is just something that virginia has to do once.23:52
th1aMaybe I should try running it.23:53
replaceafillit takes a couple of hours to finish iirc23:54
replaceafilli mean, to get the db23:54
th1aI'm not paying by the byte.23:54
th1aOK, I'll send her an email.23:54
th1aIt'll probably fill my hard drive...23:55
replaceafillnot really, last year's db was ~200 MB23:56
replaceafillunless your hard drive has less than that :D23:56
th1aI have to move a bunch of pictures of Scotland off it...23:56
replaceafillthe cloud th1a!23:57
* replaceafill has his pictures in a aws instance ;)23:57
th1aI think I should be able to back them up to flickr.23:57
replaceafillrsync ftw23:57
th1aI forwarded an email to you replaceafill (in spanish).23:59
replaceafillanswering it23:59

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