IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2014-07-17

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th1ahi replaceafill.16:00
replaceafillhey th1a16:00
replaceafillgive me a min to take a screenshot16:01
replaceafillis that ok for the invoice format?16:03
replaceafilli just reused the fee summary16:03
th1aYou know, we probably don't actually want "username" in any of those reports.16:05
replaceafillah ok16:05
replaceafilli'll take it out16:05
th1aI mean, *any* really.16:05
th1aIt is just one of those things I've blocked out.16:05
replaceafilli think that comes from the person profile report16:05
th1aIt would probably be better to take it out at the root.16:06
th1a(for all of them)16:06
replaceafillwill check which ones are showing it16:06
replaceafilli made the summary link available only for students, like the accordion16:07
replaceafilland fixed the redirect for the edit form16:07
replaceafillbalance and total are now aligned to the right16:07
replaceafilland i started making the plugin package16:08
replaceafillis it schooltool.fee, ok?16:08
replaceafillyou suggested schooltool.fees?16:08
replaceafilli'll create a new LP project and set everything up today16:09
th1aschooltool.fee  is good.16:09
replaceafilland change the ark version to use it16:09
replaceafilli mean, the ark packages16:09
replaceafilldo you want any specific number of blank lines in the invoice/receipts?16:10
replaceafilli just used 3 for now16:10
th1aI'm not sure we need the lines.16:10
th1aCan you easily just get rid of them.16:11
th1aI mean...16:11
th1aI don't know how much time any particular little thing takes.16:11
replaceafillnot much16:11
th1aIf you could take the interior row lines out and put the whole thing in a box, that'll just make it look a little more invoice-y.16:11
replaceafillhold on, let me try it16:12
th1aThat's it.16:16
th1aIf you can get rid of the line above, perfect, but I can live with it.16:16
replaceafilldo you want me to style the fee summary like that?16:16
replaceafillah ok16:16
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th1aOh, probably.16:17
replaceafillok, i'll take the username out, etc16:19
th1aMaybe make the line above total the same color as the border.16:19
th1aI'm sorry I tend to focus on one issue at a time...16:19
th1aIt is the way I work!16:19
th1aTHAT'S IT!16:22
replaceafillso, the plan for tomorrow?16:22
replaceafillshould i send Sunesh the link to this tonight?16:22
replaceafillor are we doing it after our meeting tomorrow?16:22
th1aThey like Friday emails, so we can go over it tomorrow at the meeting.16:23
replaceafillah ok16:23
replaceafilli'll work on the new package then16:23
replaceafilli'll start with version 2.8.016:24
replaceafilland wait for our meeting with menesis16:24
replaceafillto create debs, upload to the ppa, etc16:24
th1aI mean,16:25
replaceafilli mean, i won't create any debs for now16:25
th1aI don't think we need to have a meeting with menesis about this.16:26
th1aIt will just make him crazy.16:26
th1a(at this point)16:26
replaceafillwhat about versioning?16:26
th1aBut you don't need to put it in the PPA now.16:26
replaceafillwe're showing the sandbox anyway16:27
th1aI think we'll just keep people in one or the other until the next major release.16:27
th1aWhen we move ARK mostly onto core.16:27
replaceafillnever mind then :)16:28
replaceafillok, i'll go get something to eat16:29
replaceafilli should probably have breakfast BEFORE the meeting ;)16:29
replaceafillthanks th1a16:30
replaceafillah th1a16:30
replaceafillincome activities is next, right?16:30
replaceafilli should check the calendar...16:31
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th1aHopefully that should go quickly.16:47
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replaceafillth1a, i've updated the instance with all the changes19:00
th1aWhat's the url again?19:03

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