IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2014-07-15

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replaceafillth1a, just sent you a sample with the fee summary pdf15:56
replaceafilli need better descriptions for the pdf dialogs15:56
replaceafillthe fees table now contains links15:57
replaceafillto the view views15:57
th1aThe fee summary is all the credits and debits registered for this student?15:58
th1aSo "All the credits and debits registered for this person."15:58
replaceafillgreat, thanks15:58
th1aDid you get my email?15:58
replaceafilljust saw it15:59
th1aSo the question is can we add a bunch of live search widgets?16:03
th1aThis is just getting started ofc.16:03
replaceafilllike for each part of school?16:04
th1aMaybe really just People and Contacts.16:04
replaceafillwe need to create a live search widget16:05
replaceafilli mean, we do have autocomplete16:05
replaceafillbut it's only used in the gradebook for now16:05
replaceafilland we have catalogs for people and contacts that we could use probably16:06
replaceafilli mean, for the search16:06
th1aAssuming we'd be spending a bit of time on this, it is doable though?16:07
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th1aLet's just say for people and contacts.16:07
replaceafillwhat's your plan? :)16:07
th1aDo you think the split school/year layout works, more or less?16:07
th1aThe plan is to fiddle with this for a while.16:08
replaceafillso, you're thinking of moving global stuff out of the year tabs?16:08
th1aYeah, maybe we can just do it half and half.16:09
th1aThat seems fairly clear.16:09
replaceafilli think doing that would clear a few things for new users16:10
th1aAny immediate concerns then?16:12
replaceafillnot really16:12
th1aNot that much there eyt.16:12
replaceafillthe sidebar...16:13
replaceafillwell, just the report card layout16:14
replaceafillthat's the only option year dependant16:14
th1aSorry, I was interrupted.16:17
th1aWe'll see if we need the sidebar.16:17
th1aI don't plan too far ahead.  ;-)16:18
th1aOK, so otherwise you're plugging along, and I have this hangout at 3:00.16:18
replaceafilli think i'll have the other pdfs (invoice/receipts) done tonight16:18
th1aCan you style them a bit more like the web version.16:20
th1aLines in the gable.16:20
replaceafillah yes16:20
replaceafillthis is version 1 :P16:20
replaceafilli'll add the styles16:20
th1aJust checking.16:21
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