IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2014-07-07

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th1ahi replaceafill.22:01
replaceafillhey th1a22:01
th1ahow was your weekend?22:01
replaceafilli took friday off22:01
th1aI thought so.22:01
replaceafillhelped Marcela switching office22:02
replaceafillhow was sight seeing?22:02
th1aThere are lots of castles around here!22:03
th1aWent to this afternoon.22:04
th1aThat's just a 30 minute bus ride from here.22:05
th1aSo I'm feeling good about OpenVPN, puzzled about what the router issue at the schools might be.22:06
th1aHave no idea how we'd replicate.22:06
th1a(the problem)22:06
replaceafilli guess you discussed the router issue in your last meeting with Sunesh, right?22:06
replaceafilli don't recall talking about it22:07
th1aYes, but I don't think he understands it in sufficient detail for us to be able to feel sure enough of a solution for them to try it.22:07
replaceafillgot it22:08
th1aThat is send the IT guy out with instructions we'd be confident of.22:08
th1aMy best guess is that it would work because the vpn connection would be regarded as established, so incoming data would be fine.22:08
th1aBecause clearly the firewall is letting some packets in.22:09
th1aSo I could keep testing based on that assumption, but I'm not sure that's the exact issue.22:10
replaceafillyou're using gufw to set the firewall?22:11
replaceafillfirewall rules22:11
th1aI was just using plain old iptables.22:11
replaceafillah ok22:11
th1aBut I need to get up to speed.22:11
th1aWhich is probably not worth the time since I won't really know if that's the problem.22:12
th1aDavid Ally is chatting with me right now.22:12
th1aJumping into the middle of a question the context of which I know nothing about...22:12
replaceafillabout the niepa package?22:13
th1aOh, I don't even know what he is talking about yet.22:13
replaceafillah ok22:13
th1aI started an email to Alan.22:13
th1aTo see if he's available in the next six months.22:14
th1aWe'll have to decide what the best task for him will be.22:15
replaceafilli suppose it'll be outside ark, right?22:15
replaceafillsince we don't know when it's going tohappen?22:15
th1aI guess that's one thing we'd have to determine.22:16
th1aI wouldn't mind having him do some ARK stuff.22:16
replaceafillis there anything left besides fees/income activities?22:17
* replaceafill checks the calendar22:17
th1aNot for the next milestone.22:17
replaceafilloh, attainment22:18
th1aThat's presumably just configuration.22:19
th1aI guess I need to ask Sunesh about it though.22:19
th1aOK, so do you have anything to report?22:20
* th1a can't remember our last meeting... Thursday?22:21
replaceafillyes, a few things22:21
replaceafilllast Wed?22:21
replaceafilli set up some new sample data to test the reports22:21
replaceafill466 students is way too much22:22
replaceafillto check the right numbers are coming out22:22
th1aJust to speed it up?22:22
replaceafillno, to verify the numbers22:22
replaceafillhaving just a few students by levels is easier22:23
replaceafillby level*22:23
replaceafilllike 4-6 students per level22:23
replaceafilland just one day a week22:23
replaceafilljust 4 meetings a month22:23
replaceafillthe attendance report by level uses demo information to group22:24
replaceafillthat's currently optional22:24
replaceafillshould we make it required or tell the report to skip students with data missing?22:25
th1aLet's skip it for now.22:25
replaceafillit's like the blank issue we had in the aggregate reports22:26
th1aThat's a tough thing to need to know to enter a person on the system.22:26
th1aUnless we add unknown.22:26
replaceafilli was thinking of adding two extra rows to the report22:26
replaceafillto show the "blanks"22:26
replaceafillGirls Boarder22:26
replaceafillGirls Day22:26
replaceafillGirls (Unknown)22:26
replaceafillor something22:26
replaceafillsame for Boys22:27
replaceafillso that Total row matches what's in the groups22:27
th1aAs usual I'm not looking at what we are talking about.22:27
replaceafillcould you open the Sample reports for PEAS spreadsheet22:27
replaceafilli'm talking about the first sheet22:28
replaceafillIdeal School Attendance22:28
replaceafillbtw, i also skipped default groups in the request view:22:29
replaceafillmakes it a lot simpler22:29
th1aOK, yeah.22:30
th1aI wouldn't add an unknown row.22:31
replaceafillah ok22:31
replaceafilljust not include those students22:31
th1aI still have no idea what David Ally is even talking about.22:32
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replaceafillmaybe he thinks you're someone else ;)22:33
replaceafilllast week i also investigated:
replaceafilli saw a variation of it22:33
replaceafilli added a Level column to the same table22:34
replaceafilland sorting acted weird22:34
replaceafillleaving like 4 people out22:34
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replaceafilli think the problem is the implicit grouping table formatters have22:34
replaceafillbut didn't go deeper22:35
replaceafillduring the weekend i verified a couple of bugs nedosa reported on quiz22:35
replaceafilland today i converted/imported some skills for jelkner22:36
replaceafillthat's basically it22:36
replaceafilli wish i had the speed/motivation i had the week Sunesh was in Uganda22:37
th1aYou'd fry your brain cells.22:37
th1aThere is a reason this is the "slack" week.22:37
replaceafillgood point22:38
replaceafilldid you write instructions on the vpn setup?22:38
replaceafillyou had experience with vpn already, right?22:38
th1aI didn't need to write anything new.  No real hiccup with
th1aBasically the defaults seem right to me and work fine.22:39
replaceafillso, as you said in the email, central server is the vpn server22:40
replaceafilland each school a client22:40
replaceafillthe vpn needs different ip's, right?22:40
th1aThere was nothing about it that seemed weird.22:40
replaceafilli mean22:40
replaceafillif my configuration uses the same addresses of the replication examples22:41
replaceafill(simulating public addresses)22:41
th1aI think the client would change the IP address in zeo.conf.22:42
replaceafilli assume the vpn needs some private addreses22:42
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replaceafillwell, i'll better wait for more feedback from Sunesh before testing it22:43
th1atbh I don't even think it is necessary.22:43
th1aI can double check.22:43
replaceafillthat's it from me th1a22:44
th1aIt seemed to handle connecting and reconnecting very transparently.22:45
th1aWhich is important of course.22:45
th1aIt is more reliable than the rest of my vm setup.  I've got the client running of a USB stick.22:45
replaceafillbecause of disk space?22:46
th1aI got a cheap SSD.22:46
th1a30g should be enough for anyone!22:46
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th1aMaybe not running two OS's...22:46
replaceafilli ordered this one last week:22:47
replaceafillmy "data" hd has only 20GB left :(22:47
replaceafill500GB should be enough for storing data...22:47
th1aFor your laptop?  You don't have a desktop do you?22:47
replaceafillmy laptop is my desktop22:48
th1aI'll be happy to get back to my desktop.22:48
th1aOK.  I'll write some emails now.22:49
th1aSo you're hoping to get to accounting soon?22:49
th1aOnce you lay down the basics, we might end up having Alan elaborate on it, since it should be pretty easy to grok.22:50
th1aThanks replaceafill.22:51
replaceafillok, thanks th1a22:51
* replaceafill goes to get lunch, bb in ~4522:51
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