IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2014-06-27

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narendraj9Hi! I want to use schooltool in a primary school. I couldn't find any information about how to manage student fees. Can someone help?09:57
narendraj9Is there anybody there?10:02
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* th1a goes to get a coke.15:58
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replaceafillhey th1a16:02
th1aHi replaceafill.16:04
th1aHow are you feeling?16:05
th1aTake some pepto-bismol?16:05
replaceafillno, just some antibiotics16:05
replaceafillmeeting went well?16:06
th1aYeah, you got my email?16:07
th1aI think we both felt reassured that the other wasn't losing his mind.16:07
th1aOK, so basically, the school can't accept any incoming requests over the network at all.16:08
th1aWhich I guess means standard zrs setup doesn't work at all?16:09
th1aDoes that make sense?16:09
th1aDoes the secondary zrs instance just query occasionally?16:09
replaceafilli think it's 1 min by default16:10
replaceafilli mean, 1 query each minute16:10
th1aI looked at VPN stuff today.16:11
th1aI think OpenVPN is the way to go.16:11
th1aSince both ends are ubuntu computers (not Windows, not phones or appliances).16:11
th1aIt is supposed to be good for sketchier connections.16:11
th1aAnd you can set it to use UDP or TCP, so you can avoid the TCP over TCP weirdness.16:12
replaceafillso, the central server runs a vpn server and the school connects to it?16:12
replaceafilli haven't used vpn16:13
th1aI use it here.16:13
replaceafillah cool16:14
th1aThe thing is, it is not some hacky workaround for this task.16:14
th1aIt is actually exactly the kind of thing VPN is for.16:14
th1aMaking a remote server look like it is running locally, securely.16:14
replaceafilland once the school is connected to the vpn?16:14
replaceafillthey'll need to trigger zrs?16:15
th1aBasically, as I understand it, the cellular internet connection is constant, barring faults.16:16
replaceafilli mean, force the sync16:16
th1aI don't know.16:17
replaceafillor just wait until the next query?16:17
th1aI mean, once the school opens the vpn connection, they should be able to pass data back and forth.16:17
th1aI think!16:18
th1aThat's the idea.16:18
th1aThe school has to initiate the connection.16:18
replaceafillhow easy is to set up openvpn?16:18
th1aOnce it is established, they can pass data back and forth -- the server zrs can query the school.16:18
th1aIt is not too bad.  The client side should be easier, which is good.16:19
th1aYou need to set up certs and stuff.16:19
th1aBut then the whole thing is secure and proper.16:20
replaceafillit'll be nice to try this16:22
th1aSo I'll work on that.16:22
th1aLike I said, when you look further into it, it makes sense.  Pretty much just using VPN exactly as intended.16:23
th1aCompared to how we're abusing ZRS...16:23
th1aOh, btw, one of the schools had a flood, so they're a bit behind now because of that.16:24
replaceafillouch :(16:25
replaceafilli hope they liked ST16:25
replaceafill(the schools)16:25
th1aYeah, the overall reaction seemed good.16:26
th1aDid you work at all yesterday?16:26
replaceafillyes a little, but on setting up the ppa for jelkner16:27
replaceafilli plan to work tomorrow and probably on sunday16:27
th1aAh, right.16:27
replaceafillso, you don't want releases on friday?16:28
replaceafillif the server is picking everything automatically, when should we release?16:28
th1aYou should push your bzr branches for review on Friday, but generally no, I don't like Friday releases.16:28
replaceafillTuesday seems good16:28
replaceafillso we can have feedback during the week16:29
th1aYeah, that's the point.16:29
th1aNo weekend bug reports.16:29
replaceafillgot it16:30
th1aOK, that's pretty much it.16:31
replaceafillok, i'll get back to speed16:31
th1aDo you think I can simulate this situation by setting up a firewall to block all incoming ports on the client?16:32
replaceafillto simulate like the school went down?16:33
replaceafillyeah, it should work16:33
th1aNo... that's the catch with the school's internet connection, it doesn't accept any incoming conections.16:33
replaceafilli remember i just stopped the network manager in the school VM16:35
replaceafillwhen i was checking what zrs did16:35
th1aI don't need to bring it down, I just need to make it only allow outgoing connections.16:36
replaceafillfirewall seems a good idea16:36
th1aOK, cool.16:36
th1aThanks replaceafill.16:36
replaceafilli suppose they're blocked because they're in a subnetwork16:36
replaceafilli mean, behind a proxy or something16:37
replaceafillit's what happens with my USB modem16:37
th1aYeah, basically.16:37
replaceafillthanks th1a16:37
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