IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2014-06-23

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th1ahi replaceafill.16:01
replaceafillhey th1a16:01
th1aDid you have a restful weekend?16:02
th1aWhat are your plans for the day?16:05
replaceafilli plan to work regularly during the morning16:06
replaceafilland then we leave to San Salvador16:06
replaceafillaround 2 pm16:06
replaceafilli'll probably do some more work when i get home16:07
th1aOK.  Don't wear yourself out.16:07
th1aHopefully the updates will work.16:08
replaceafillso, Sunesh is probably back, right?16:08
th1aI think so.16:09
replaceafilli wonder if someone will keep checking stuff16:09
replaceafilli mean, in Uganda16:09
th1aWe're going to have to debrief.16:09
th1aI think I'll send an email tomorrow morning.16:09
replaceafillso, i need to update the person export to include levels16:11
replaceafilli moved the un-enroll link as you requested16:11
replaceafilland removed the parentheses16:11
th1aOK, thanks.16:11
replaceafillwe're going to finish all their request first, right?16:12
replaceafilli mean, before moving on?16:12
th1aUnless you have another idea.16:12
replaceafillexcept the "hard" ones16:13
replaceafilllike part-time teachers, etc16:13
replaceafillno, we should finish most of these16:14
th1aWe still need the "ideal" report too, right?16:14
replaceafilli was thinking of getting to it after the People change16:15
replaceafill(that shows the group in the people table)16:15
replaceafillno feedback on the description yet, right?16:15
replaceafillwould it be too much to make that a preference?16:16
th1aA preference?16:16
replaceafilli mean, instead of hard-coding it16:16
replaceafillsomething confirugable16:16
th1aIf you would pre-configure it in the peas package.16:16
th1aAnd have an unconfigured one in the standard?16:17
replaceafilli'll stick with a regular string check16:18
replaceafillare we going to do the journal change th1a?16:19
th1aWell, maybe just have a list of groups and you can check the ones you want to include?16:19
th1aDo the journal change?16:19
replaceafillsorry, i'm going through my notes...16:19
replaceafillthe one for checking when the student was enrolled16:19
replaceafilland ignoring blanks16:20
th1aOh, yes, that's really generally necessary.16:20
replaceafillah ok16:22
replaceafillthe rest of my notes seems straightforward tasks: update score systems, fix person gathering in reports16:23
th1aWhat do you think about using checks to pick the groups for the ideal report?16:24
replaceafillso, instead of using the description, there's a list withe group ids?16:25
th1aWell, the point here is that somehow which groups are meant to be in this report have to be designated.16:26
th1aSo if in the report dialog you had a list of groups, and you could check the ones you wanted in the report?16:27
th1aAnd ideally it would remember that so you wouldn't need to do it every time.16:27
replaceafilli like it16:28
th1aok cool16:28
replaceafillok, that's it from me16:29
th1aOK.  Thanks replaceafill.16:35
replaceafillthanks th1a16:35
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