IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2014-06-06

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* th1a is playing with cron.16:00
th1ahi replaceafill.16:00
replaceafillhey th1a16:00
th1aIt looks like cron likes to send emails more than logging.16:01
th1aWhich is a little odd, but whatever.16:02
th1aHave you used this much?16:02
replaceafilla little16:02
replaceafilli always forget what all the columns mean16:02
th1aYou can just use /etc/cron.daily or /etc/cron.hourly16:03
th1aPut in a 1 line shell script.16:03
th1a(if you're just running repozo)16:03
th1aIt just wants to email the output to root, so if you want to see it you have to install postfix.16:05
replaceafillah, true, i kind of remember that16:06
replaceafillhaving to use the mail command to see what's been happening16:06
th1aWell, there are worse problems.16:06
th1aThat one could have.16:07
th1aI am feeling better.16:07
th1aNo news is good news.16:07
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replaceafilli tested the mod wsgi approach for the dashboardd16:08
replaceafillunfortunately, you cannot run a wsgi daemon process as root :(16:09
th1aWhy do we need to?16:10
replaceafillthe dashboard overwrite config files16:10
replaceafillturns "zeo_local.conf" into "zeo.conf"16:10
replaceafillwhen you want to browse the instance locally16:11
th1aAh... yes.16:11
replaceafillthat needs root16:11
th1aDoes root really need to own those?16:11
replaceafilli thought of adding rules to the packages to change that16:12
replaceafillbut i haven't tried it yet16:13
th1aI don't see why it wouldn't work.16:13
replaceafillchown to the schooltool user16:13
replaceafilland remember after you rename the files, you need to restart the service16:13
replaceafilland i'm not sure the schooltool user can do that16:14
replaceafillcurrently, the init.d scripts for schooltool run as root16:14
replaceafillbut use supervisor to run as schooltool16:14
replaceafilli'll try that today16:15
replaceafillah btw16:16
replaceafillcould you try this when you have time:16:16
th1aOK, just got an email from Sunesh.16:16
replaceafillgood news or bad news?16:16
th1aThe changes all seem trivial.16:19
th1aI forwarded it to you.16:19
replaceafilllots of overrides incoming :)16:21
th1aWe can cut out reports and stuff in their package though, right?16:22
replaceafillyeah, just disable those viewlets16:22
replaceafillnow we'll need the schooltool.peas package i guess16:22
replaceafilli don't understand why (or when) they want to hide the "Substitute Teacher" dropdown16:24
replaceafillnot set the sub at all?16:24
th1aUm, yeah.16:24
th1aI'll ask.16:25
replaceafilland "filter group" to "filter class" seems like they're looking for "filter section"?16:25
th1aI'll ask.16:27
th1aAttendance is not automatically set to present, right?16:27
replaceafillthere's no present mark or anything by default16:28
th1aOh, we don't have autofill on this.16:28
th1aDo we in the normal journal?16:28
th1aDon't we?16:28
replaceafillin the section journals yes16:29
th1aOK, we could add that.16:29
replaceafillin the school journal i think we dont16:29
th1aUh... ok how long would these take?16:31
replaceafilli'd say 2 days16:32
th1aThe ID generation is the only issue sort of.16:32
th1aAre you including that?16:32
replaceafillnot really16:32
th1aWe could just have them do that in excel.16:33
th1aRight, that's easy in excel?16:33
replaceafillare we going to use the demographics ID for that?16:33
th1aIt just depends on what they want.16:34
th1aAny day you can't meet after 2:00 next week?16:35
replaceafillwe need to store the school code16:35
th1a(i.e., now)16:35
replaceafilli can meet 2:00 all week16:35
replaceafillit's used to generate the ids16:35
replaceafilli mean, if we generate them automatically for students without them16:36
th1aRight.  OK, I'm going to write a reply before I have to go.16:37
th1aAnything else from you?16:37
replaceafillno, that's it16:37
th1aThanks replaceafill.16:37
replaceafillthanks th1a16:37
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