IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2014-05-30

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th1areplaceafill:  Yes!00:11
replaceafilland more importantly, they work :D00:11
replaceafilli'll put them in the sielibre ppa now00:11
replaceafillth1a, ok, so what's the plan now?00:12
replaceafilli guess i need to package the dashboard00:12
th1aYes, I'd do that next.00:12
replaceafillthat'll be a little trickier i think00:12
replaceafillsince: it's not even a package yet00:12
replaceafilland i have no schooltool package reference :(00:12
replaceafillbut i'll try00:13
th1aOK, just a sec.00:13
th1aWhat would the process be at this point?00:13
replaceafillfor a school: add ppa, install, configure zrs00:14
replaceafillwell, same for the warehouse00:14
replaceafilljust use different zrs config00:14
th1aI don't understand the warehouse side.00:15
replaceafillfirst, they need to follow the book for each schol00:15
replaceafilli mean, the section on adding multiple instances00:16
replaceafillwhich we should upload btw00:16
th1aOK, so do that and then install the dashboard code, either as a sandbox or .deb if they're ready?00:18
replaceafilli need to test the dashboard in a deb environment00:19
replaceafillit's all about sandboxes now00:19
replaceafill(since we didn't have packages)00:19
replaceafilldeb instances don't have an "instance" directory for instance00:20
replaceafillas sandboxes do00:20
th1aOK, certainly test that first.00:20
th1aGetting the debs to work for the dashboard is not a must.00:20
th1aI'd say give it a try, but punt if it isn't going well.00:21
replaceafillif i punt, should i work on the attendance issues we talked this morning?00:22
th1aFor me to try the new debs, I should just switch PPA's?00:25
replaceafillyes, i think so00:25
replaceafilli only tried from scratch00:25
replaceafillbut i think it'll work00:25
replaceafillok, to the sielibre ppa00:26
replaceafillah last question00:26
replaceafilli guess we have to send an email tomorrow?00:26
replaceafillat what time do you plan to do it?00:27
th1aOh, perhaps we should branch the book?00:27
replaceafillbranch the book?00:27
th1aProbably our instructions should be in book format.00:27
th1aBut not in the main book of course.00:27
replaceafillah, i thought about that00:27
replaceafilli'll create an /ark branch for the book too00:28
th1aOK.  Cool.00:28
replaceafilland i can freely add the instructions there :)00:28
replaceafilldo you want me to upload it to
th1aOh, yes, I guess so.00:29
replaceafillcool, will do00:30
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Zamm_Hi is anyone around?03:10
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replaceafillhey th1a12:55
th1ahi replaceafill.13:04
th1aGlad you gto up early.13:04
replaceafillhey th1a13:05
replaceafilli was writing you the status email13:05
replaceafillyeah, 4 am here :)13:05
th1aOr did you stay up late?13:05
replaceafillok, i decided to punt two things:13:05
replaceafilldashboard packaging and the multi-school report13:05
replaceafillthe dashboard works now with debs13:05
replaceafillit has a few rough edges13:06
replaceafilllike the redirect to the local instance is too fast13:06
replaceafilland the instance take a while to load13:06
th1aAh, yes.13:06
th1aYou need that pause.13:06
replaceafillso you get redirected to nothing13:06
replaceafilli mean13:06
replaceafillnot found page13:06
th1aMaybe we'll just need some javascript there?13:06
replaceafilli was thinking asking supervisor for the status of the services before continuing the redirect13:07
th1aRight.  OK.13:07
replaceafillok, on the multi-school report13:07
replaceafillgetting the list of people is pretty simple13:07
replaceafillbut i haven't done anything on the style of the pdf13:07
replaceafilli mean, to match the ST style13:07
th1aIs the unstyled report in there?13:08
th1aI'd like to make it clear that the hard part works.13:08
th1aNot "Oh, we can't get the report to work yet."13:08
replaceafilli can add an unstyled page13:08
th1aI'd much rather have the rough report in there than not.13:09
replaceafillso, ppa:sielibre/ark has the packages now13:10
replaceafillpeople will need to:13:10
th1aYes, they work for me.13:10
replaceafilli prefer to speak here than writing this s..t13:10
replaceafillsudo apt-get install schooltool python-zc.zrs13:10
replaceafillafter the apt-get update13:10
replaceafillthe tricky part of the configuration is the several files people need to edit13:12
replaceafillmainly the zeo and schooltool configuration files13:12
replaceafillfor both of these there are three variants: _local.conf, _zrs_primary.conf, _zrs_secondary.conf13:13
replaceafillthe dashboard uses _local and _zrs_secondary for changing the configurations13:13
replaceafillschools will only need to copy _zrs_primary as the main file13:14
replaceafilland, in order to make the server accesible to others, the zeo host has to be
replaceafillsimilar to paste.ini13:15
replaceafillah, the dashboard is currently at lp:~replaceafill/+junk/dashboard13:16
th1azeo host?13:16
replaceafilldo you have the packages installed?13:16
replaceafillthere's a <zeo> directive13:17
replaceafillthen check /etc/schooltool/zeo_zrs_primary.conf13:17
replaceafillyou'll see as the default address13:17
replaceafillit's the same security change we advise in the book13:18
replaceafillfor paste.ini13:18
th1aNext to server, under zeoclient?13:18
replaceafillno, zeoclient is in schooltool.conf13:19
th1aI think you might have to get some sleep and then write this for real.13:20
replaceafilli was expecting you to write it!13:20
th1aWhat you're saying doesn't look like what I see.13:20
replaceafillthis is the zeo_zrs_primary.conf file13:22
th1aOh, I was looking at schooltool_zrs_primary.conf13:23
th1aWhen you say "zeo host needs to be" you mean "change <zeo>address ..." correct?13:24
th1aThis is only going to work if you just tell me which lines in which files need to be changed.13:25
th1aWithout describing them using different words.13:25
th1aI don't need to know why anything is happening or what it means.13:26
replaceafilli started writing it, but i can't explain it13:26
replaceafillit's that complicated :(13:26
th1acan you send me the diffs maybe13:27
replaceafilli'll send you my instances configurations13:28
replaceafilli have three virtualbox vms13:28
replaceafill2 simulating schools13:28
replaceafilland 1 simulating the warehouse13:28
replaceafilllet me zip them13:28
th1aOh... here's a bug.13:31
th1aIf you try to migrate an existing instance you get LocationError: (< object at 0xb394522c>, 'substitute_teachers') when you try to open School.13:32
replaceafillyou won't have a few things13:33
replaceafilli think demographics is on a startup13:33
th1aOK, so basically we need to say you currently have to start fresh.13:33
replaceafillso you may get it13:33
replaceafilli thought that was the idea13:33
th1aWell, not in the long run.13:34
replaceafillwe'd need evolution13:34
th1aIt should work for them in practice, but they need to be warned when they test it.13:34
th1aIt is fine.13:34
replaceafillok th1a13:37
replaceafillconfigs sent13:37
replaceafillthree directories in the file13:37
replaceafill"standard" and "abc"13:37
replaceafillare the schools13:37
replaceafillso, they use _zrs_primary.conf files13:38
replaceafillwarehouse has the _zrs_secondary.conf equivalent13:38
replaceafillalso, the two directories in warehouse have _local.conf files, used by the dashboard13:38
th1areplaceafill:  Please, you need to be explicit.13:38
th1aYou can't leave off the beginning of the filename before _13:39
replaceafillah sorry13:39
th1aI know you're tired...13:39
replaceafillit's because we have two of them13:39
replaceafillso i really mean, zeo_local.conf AND schooltool_local.conf13:39
th1aWell, that helps to know!13:40
replaceafilland we have zeo_zrs_primary.conf AND schooltool_zrs_primary.conf (used by the schools)13:40
replaceafillsee that's so complicated...13:40
replaceafilli wish i (we) had the power to set up this stuff on install...13:41
replaceafillbut anyway13:41
th1aLet's stop for a second.13:41
th1aIs what we are talking about adding a few IP addresses in a bunch of places?13:41
replaceafillyeah, basically13:42
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replaceafillwell, changing IP addresses13:42
replaceafillinstead of adding13:42
th1aCan't we just add inline comments to the configuration files that they can search for and follow.13:42
replaceafillif you can write the comments, i'll add them13:43
th1a<-- ARK: add the central server IP below -->13:43
th1aThen they can just open the files we say and search for ARK?13:43
th1aOr can we just script it?13:44
th1aEdit the variables at the beginning of this python script and runit?13:44
replaceafillafaik there are services to do that13:45
replaceafilli mean, system services13:45
replaceafillbut we don't even use that for the default admin password yet13:45
replaceafillcomments would be easier imho13:45
th1aI'm leaning toward telling you to go to bed.13:46
replaceafillalso the dashboard will need at least two files13:47
th1aAssuming you're ready to fall over, I don't think we should do this now.13:48
replaceafillyeah, i can use some sleep13:48
th1aOK.  Go to bed.13:49
th1aI think we'll still get paid.13:49
th1aOK, so the dashboard code is in Launchpad?13:49
th1aAnd the rough report is or isn't?13:50
replaceafilli have to add that13:50
th1aCan you punch that in?13:50
replaceafillok, give me a moment13:50
th1aAlso where does the ark book upload to so I can point them to it?13:51
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replaceafillth1a, i had thought of listing the Students group14:01
replaceafillor do you want just People?14:02
th1aI was thinking students.14:02
th1aEither would work.14:02
replaceafilli list people14:02
th1aDo you want to work with me on the config docs tonight or Sunday?14:05
th1aOr Monday.14:05
replaceafillassuming we keep the 2 million files, i can try writing something today14:12
replaceafillmaybe after some sleep it'll be easier14:13
th1aKeep the two million files?14:13
replaceafilllame joke14:13
th1aYou mean mainly use in-line comments?14:13
replaceafilllet me finish the report first14:14
replaceafillunless you have to leave?14:14
th1aI have to go for a while in two hours.14:15
th1aSo I'll be sending everything off then.14:15
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th1aWhat are you doing, replaceafill?15:06
replaceafilli have the basic report15:06
replaceafilli'm styling it15:06
th1areplaceafill:  You should go to bed soon...15:34
replaceafilldont worry th1a, this is entertaining :)15:35
replaceafilli mean, using ST stuff in bottle15:35
th1aI'm about ready to upload the docs.15:35
replaceafillif they ask for more mult-school reports15:35
replaceafillthis will help15:35
replaceafilli'm almost done15:36
replaceafilllooks great th1a15:44
th1aRealistically, when do you want to do the server docs?15:47
replaceafilllet's say monday15:47
th1aWhat about Sunday?15:47
replaceafillah sure15:47
replaceafillthat works15:47
replaceafillyour evening?15:47
th1aI mean, Monday is kind of bad because you're 8 hours behind.15:47
th1aSo it is really Tuesday otherwise.15:48
th1aYes, Sunday evening.15:48
th1aRegular meeting time?15:48
replaceafillany time is good for me15:48
th1aRegular evening meeting time (8:00 for me).15:49
th1aHave you uploaded your dashboard changes?15:49
replaceafillnot yet15:50
th1aOK, I'm going to start on my email.15:50
replaceafillth1a, just sent you the sample report15:57
replaceafillit's the closest i can get for the moment :(15:57
replaceafilli mean, layout style15:57
replaceafillteacher absences by day :D15:57
th1aThat's fine.15:58
replaceafilltop bar15:58
replaceafilli forgot to change that title15:58
replaceafilla better title for the report th1a ?16:00
th1aJust People by school is probably better.16:02
th1aOK, I'm going to need to go see Vivian in a school assembly, replaceafill.16:07
replaceafillok, dashboard changes are up16:08
th1aOK replaceafill, great work.16:09
th1aI'm happy.16:09
th1aAre you happy?16:09
replaceafilli'm sleepy ;)16:09
replaceafilland satisfied16:10
th1aOK, email sent.16:10
replaceafillso i'll see you sunday th1a16:10
replaceafillwow, milestone16:11
replaceafillstrong word :D16:11
* replaceafill is happy with th1a's email16:12
th1aWell, I'm happy with everything else.16:14
th1aOK, I have to go to this assembly now.16:14
replaceafillsee u th1a16:14
th1aThanks again replaceafill!16:14
* replaceafill goes to sleep16:14
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