IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2014-05-28

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replaceafillth1a, pause/resume sync buttons working15:53
th1aCould you re-name those instances.15:54
th1aYou don't know how confusing it is.15:54
th1aWhich actually gets to a point...15:54
replaceafillkk, will get rid of them and set new with school names15:54
th1aFrom the user's point of view they need to think they're looking at "schools" not databases or schooltool instances.15:55
th1aIf you know what I mean.15:55
replaceafilli do15:55
th1aI guess this is just an artifact of having everything running on one machine.15:55
th1aThat's the only reason there are dupes.15:55
th1atinypic suggests I might like this image:
th1aYour photo host is a little distracting.15:56
replaceafill:/15:57 has spyware according to chrome :(15:57
th1aI'm just giving you a hard time.15:57
replaceafillnext step, making this work with packages15:57
th1aDon't use that for ARK.  ;-)15:57
th1aWhat will that take?15:58
replaceafillok, i won't....15:58
replaceafillmake the zc.zrs package work, it has a missing dependency15:59
replaceafillzc.zk iirc15:59
th1aI don't know if you should do the multi student report first, if you haven't yet.15:59
replaceafillgood point, will do15:59
th1aHaving it install from packages isn't a hard requirement.15:59
th1aI'd rather have the attendance squared away first.16:00
replaceafilllet me get my notes16:00
th1aI keep telling you that at this point it just has to be something that Sunesh can do.16:00
replaceafillok, i have: fixing the bugs you/Pedro reported in the Teacher Attendance16:01
replaceafilladding the ARK admin16:01
replaceafilland the multi-school report16:02
replaceafillmerging the pdfs for teacher/student attendance views16:02
th1aYes, it would be good if you'd merge all the attendance stuff so I can write some docs.16:03
replaceafillok, i'll work on these first16:03
th1aOK.  Cool.16:04
* replaceafill done16:04
replaceafillthanks th1a16:04
th1aGood work on the dashboard, btw!16:04
th1aI'm giving you a hard time about trivial things.16:04
replaceafillwelcome to SIELibre!16:05
th1aOK, thanks replaceafill.16:06
th1aPing me when I can get the updates.16:06
replaceafillwill do16:06
th1aI'll be around this evening.16:07
replaceafillth1a, is it "arkmanager" ok as the username?16:10
th1aThis is for peas, not ark.16:11
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replaceafillth1a, can you answer Glenda's question?18:20
replaceafillit's not our issue i think18:20
replaceafillit's a sysadmin issue18:21
th1ahi replaceafill.18:26
th1areplaceafill:  Where are we with ARK deb packages?18:55
replaceafilli have to try menesis instructions18:56
replaceafilli mean, i haven't tried them yet18:56
replaceafilli expect to work on that tonight18:56
th1aSunesh is asking about install instructions.18:59
th1aI guess I can give him either sandbox or deb instructions for tomorrow.18:59
th1a(depending on how far you get).18:59
replaceafillth1a, fixes to the teacher attendance view in the journal branch19:22
replaceafillcan you pull and test them?19:22
th1aAfter supper.19:22
replaceafillcool, thanks19:22
th1aIs there a student report?19:22
replaceafilli'll merge both reports now19:23
replaceafillthey're on my packaging branch19:23
th1areplaceafill: restarting apache is 'sudo service apache2 restart' right?19:29
replaceafillth1a, student report merged22:04
th1aGood timing, I just got the girls in bed.22:09
replaceafillok, multi-school report now22:10
* replaceafill goes to get lunch, bb in ~3022:12
th1areplaceafill:  We need to discriminate between AM and PM in the absences by day report.23:22
replaceafillah ok23:22
th1aMaybe just two tables for now.23:22
replaceafilldropdown in the request view?23:22
replaceafillah ok23:23
replaceafillth1a, is:23:25
replaceafillon it23:26
th1aAs far as I'm concerned.23:26
th1areplaceafill:  You need to get the pop-up to edit the teacher attendance status if one has already been entered.23:42
th1aAlso we should change the color of the cell if a sub has been assigned.23:43
replaceafillhave you seen the section logic behind the absence?23:43
replaceafillhow the teacher is set as withdrawn23:44
th1aI've not gotten that far yet.23:44
th1aAh, I see.  Looks good.23:44
replaceafillok, but suppose you set the teacher as absent for a date23:45
th1aSo I can't test logging in as the sub because my school year is 2012.23:45
replaceafillah never mind, i just re-read your comment23:45
th1aYou just need to be able to not set the sub initially and go back.23:46
th1aShould I be seeing a teacher attendance report?23:47
replaceafilli'm fixing it23:47
replaceafilli needed to update both reports according to this morning changes23:47
replaceafill(in the terms  logic)23:47
replaceafillcan you explain "You just need to be able to not set the sub initially and go back"23:48
th1aThis is the use case Sunesh brought up, at least partially.23:49
th1aYou basically figure out who is absent and then from your pool of subs, who is going where.23:49
th1aYou don't necessarily know where you want to put people as you go.23:49
replaceafillok, so when editing the teacher absence, you can change the status and set the sub23:50
replaceafillgot it23:55
replaceafillshould you be able to "change" the sub, if one is set already?23:57

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