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th1ahi replaceafill.16:00
replaceafillhey th1a16:00
th1aSo, where are we?16:00
replaceafilli think i'll be able to finish it today16:01
th1aOK, what's that telling me?16:02
replaceafilljust the instances in a single directory16:02
th1aYour example is probably confusing me by calling them "Primary"16:02
replaceafilllike /etc/schooltool16:03
replaceafillwell, the secondary a just mirror copies16:03
replaceafillthe instance has a "Primary B" title16:03
replaceafilland the secondary is just a copy16:04
replaceafillthat's why you see two "Primary B"16:04
replaceafillbut in ark's case16:04
th1aOK, so you named the school "Primary B"16:04
replaceafillin ark's case, they'll have just a couple16:04
th1aOK... don't do that when you try to explain this to ARK.16:04
replaceafillso i was thinking of adding a "Dashboard" tab to the instances16:05
replaceafillthat take you back here16:05
replaceafilland a sample Students report that lists students by school16:06
th1aSo will ARK have one SchoolTool instance that switches databases, or serveral instances that start and stop?16:07
replaceafilli was thinking of several instances that start and stop16:08
th1aThen if you want and you have enough memory you can look at several.16:09
th1aHave you thought about the interface for switching them to primary?16:10
replaceafilli was thinking of adding buttons to the bottom of the accordion16:10
th1aThat should do for now.16:11
replaceafilli even want to sync from here16:11
th1aTheir databases?16:12
th1aIt is not a bad idea.16:12
replaceafilli mean16:12
replaceafilladding a button to force the sync16:12
th1aI thought you meant get a sync of their data on your computer.16:12
th1aWith a client like this, we could do that...16:13
th1aAnyhow, manual override is probably good if you can do it.16:13
replaceafillthe current set up needs a schooltool instance to sync the warehouse, right?16:14
replaceafillthat's all that instance does16:14
replaceafillsince you can't even use it16:14
replaceafillwe *could* turn that into a "primary"16:15
replaceafillnot touching anything16:15
replaceafillbut using zeo and adding a duplicate16:15
replaceafillthat would be really easy16:15
replaceafillbut it means extra storage16:15
replaceafillbut with the dashboard, we can even get rid of the instance to sync16:15
th1aReplicate the data over, then copy it to a new primary.16:15
th1atbh, not a bad idea.16:16
replaceafillusing zeo directly in the dashboard16:16
replaceafillif having two copies by school is not an issue16:16
replaceafillthat'll be way faster16:16
th1aHow does zeo do the duplication?  I guess that's one of its main functions.16:16
replaceafillto set up16:16
replaceafilliirc it's done when you connect to the storage16:17
replaceafillthe client storage16:17
replaceafilland do: connection.sync()16:17
th1aLook into that because I just worry about somehow we miss switching back the secondaries.16:18
replaceafillyeah, me too16:18
replaceafillthat's why my idea of the 2 copies per school16:18
replaceafillyou don't touch anything16:18
th1aAlso, we'll need to have the ARK package create special admin users automatically.16:18
th1aYeah, 2 copies are fine.16:18
th1aDisk space is so cheap.16:18
replaceafillwhat i haven't tested in that set up is16:19
replaceafillwhat happens when the primary cannot connect to the school16:19
replaceafillth1a, special admin users?16:22
th1aThe admins at the central office.16:22
th1aThey need logins on the local databases, right?16:22
replaceafilli thought they were going to request that to the school16:23
replaceafillbut np16:23
th1aWell, we should probably create the users automatically.16:23
replaceafillif they have the db16:23
replaceafillwe can insert a new person16:23
th1aWe could leave them without passwords by default.16:23
th1aOh, right.16:23
th1anew local person.16:23
th1aIf it is a primary.16:23
replaceafillok, that's it for now16:24
th1aOK.  Sounds good replaceafill.16:25
th1aDid you work over the weekend?16:25
replaceafillnot much though16:26
th1aRemember that we're going to bill Mark for your overtime.16:26
replaceafillah ok16:26
replaceafilli got sick :(16:26
replaceafillstomach bug16:26
replaceafillbut i'm ok now16:26
th1aI think we're doing fine.16:27
replaceafilland being up this early really helps ;)16:27
replaceafilli'll go get some breakfast and get started16:28
replaceafillsee you later th1a16:28
th1aLater replaceafill.16:28
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th1areplaceafill:  Should I be able to mark a teacher absent now?18:55
th1a(from three years ago...)18:55
replaceafillth1a, sorry i haven't fixed it yet18:55
replaceafilli just checked what was causing it18:55
th1aOK, just checking.18:55
replaceafillth1a, the local admin idea won't work because on next update the database is reset19:12
replaceafillwith info from the school19:13
th1aYeah, I was wondering about that.19:13
replaceafilli just tried it19:13
replaceafillso schools will need to set an admin for ark19:14
replaceafillwe can set the user with no password as you said19:14
th1aI don't know if there is just some other way to do it... put it in another db or something.19:14
th1aBut yeah, for now just a regular account is fine.19:14
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replaceafillth1a, you around?21:05
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