IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2014-05-22

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replaceafillmenesis, ping16:22
th1aHow's it going, replaceafill?16:34
replaceafillhit this error, which i don't get:
replaceafilldpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -d -us -uc -S failed16:35
th1aWell... don't get hung up on packaging.16:39
th1aIs that just for the server?16:39
replaceafillmaybe we can set a meeting with menesis16:39
replaceafillto discuss it16:39
th1aJust don't block yourself on it.16:39
replaceafillgood, because i've started to get frustrated on it :(16:40
th1aIs that for the server?16:40
replaceafillnot enough packaging skills16:40
replaceafillit's for the schooltool package16:40
replaceafillwhich contains the primary/secondary zrs config16:40
th1aOK, but we can just make them do that manually at this point.16:41
replaceafillah yes16:41
replaceafillyou mean using sandboxes, right?16:41
th1aUsing anything we can give instructions for.16:42
replaceafilla sandbox does produce the sample configs16:42
replaceafillok, for experimenting i was thinking of using as the "warehouse"16:44
replaceafilland your home as a "school" (primary)16:44
th1aYeah, I was just thinking I doubt I have a static IP.16:44
th1aNo, I'm on a subnet.16:45
th1aOK, but I can be the primary then?16:45
replaceafillwell, you only need the ability to control the port (fowarding) settings16:45
replaceafillyou can be the secondary (warehouse) i think16:45
th1aGetting me involved may not be worth the bother.16:46
replaceafilli'll try with my usb modem16:46
th1aCan you do it between you and
replaceafilli'll try to share my usb instance with you16:47
replaceafillso you can see it working16:47
* replaceafill sets that up16:48
th1aI'm going to have to go get the girls in 10 minutes.16:49
replaceafillok, i'll better tell you if it worked when you get back :)16:50
replaceafilli'm setting up my netbook16:50
th1aDo we have packages for the attendance, etc?  Or should I set up sandboxes for that?16:52
replaceafillsandboxes for everything at this point16:53
th1aDon't stop and do more packaging.16:54
th1aI mean.16:54
th1aDon't take that as a request to do the packaging now.16:54
replaceafillgot it16:54
th1aJust tell me what I need to check out.16:55
th1aTo test the new features myself.16:55
replaceafillok, these are the branches:16:55
replaceafillthat's it16:56
replaceafillbranch the first one16:56
replaceafilland you can use the buildout.cfg i sent to Jose16:56
replaceafillyou'll need the other ofc16:57
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menesisreplaceafill: you are building from source branch that also contains debian/ directory. But 'bzr bd' downloads and uses the tarball. Thus the build tree and tarball do not match. Either merge 2.8.1 tag to the 'packaging' branch and build from it with 'bzr bd --split', or take the UDD tarball-based branch 'bzr branch ubuntu:schooltool' and merge the tarball 'bzr merge-upstream ../schooltool-2.8.1.tar.gz' and then 'bzr bd' will work.17:01
replaceafilllots of new commands! :D17:02
replaceafillthanks menesis i'll give it a try17:02
replaceafillth1a, :'((17:06
replaceafillmy usb is also in a subnet17:07
replaceafillusb modem*17:07
th1aWell, just use dev server then, right?17:08
th1aAlso, if menesis's advice works, feel free to just try to wrap up the packaging.17:09
replaceafilli'll try between and my laptop then17:09
replaceafillth1a, it works :)17:34
replaceafilli had to set up my router right ofc17:34
th1aThat's a relief, replaceafill.18:10
th1aIs there any way to query the status of the secondaries?18:10
replaceafillthe sample configs work, we just need to tell them how to modify them18:10
th1aLike, the last time they were updated?18:10
replaceafilli haven't seen it18:12
th1aI guess we can get size and last update from the file system.18:24
th1aHm... zc.zlibsotrage for txt heavy databases, it's a 60-70% storage win for those records.18:27
th1a(quote from Alan Runyan)18:28
replaceafillor we could ask the zodb directly for the transaction times18:28
replaceafilldo transactions have times? :D18:29
replaceafilli remember they did when i needed to undo things at my previous job18:30
th1aYes, it seems like asking zodb directly might be easiest.  My point here is that the more about the health, status, and current-ness of the secondary databases the dashboard can quickly include, the better.20:47
th1aSince question number one is going to be "Is this thing on?"20:48
th1areplaceafill: Applying compression on the client this way is attractive because, in addition to reducing the size of stored database records on the server, you also reduce the size of records sent from the server to the client and the size of records stored in the client's ZEO cache.20:48
replaceafillah yes20:49
replaceafillwe said we'll check zlibstorage later20:50
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replaceafillnow is later :D20:50
th1aMight want to get a basic dashboard going first.20:50
replaceafillth1a, are we going to give access to individual schools from the dashboard?20:53
replaceafilland the aggregated report, right?20:53
th1aThat's essentially the launching shell scripts part.20:53
th1aLike I was just saying, I'm thinking that just putting some up to date info about the dbs on the dashboard might be most reassuring.20:54
th1aIn addition to the proof of concept printed report.20:54
th1areplaceafill:  We could use a "Reset filters" button on the student attendance form.22:43
th1aBecause you can set one to everybody and forget the others are still filtering.22:44
th1aAnd then get confused.22:44
th1a(that's not immediately necessary)22:44
replaceafillgood point22:45
replaceafillwill add it to my notes22:45
th1aI've got it running.22:46
th1aWhat are you working on now?22:46
replaceafillthe scripts22:46
replaceafillwell, trying to see how to switch the instances22:46
replaceafillin the warehouse22:46
th1aThe teacher attendance kicks me back to the present day after I enter an absence.22:58
th1aWhich is not a fatal bug at this point.22:58
th1aBut it should send you back to where you came from.22:58
* replaceafill is glad th1a is doing QA :)22:59
th1aThat may be causing it to not work at all.22:59
th1aSo maybe you should take a look at it.22:59
th1a(that is, it doesn't seem to be working at all)23:00
th1aI've just got the 2011 sample data going, ofc..23:00
replaceafillhhmm works for me th1a23:01
replaceafilli'll try the sample data23:01
th1aOK.  It is not working for me.23:01
replaceafilli wonder if it's related to the sample data having 2010-2012 data23:02
replaceafilli'll check23:02
replaceafillconfirmed, sample data doesn't work23:05
th1aok nothing like a little QA.  ;-)23:12
replaceafillgot it, the terms logic for the view is looking only in the active year only23:16
th1aA reasonable assumption.23:25
th1areplaceafill: We don't have reports linked on the new attendance forms yet?23:29
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