IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2014-05-12

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nedosahi, has there ever been any research on to what it would take to make schooltool multi-tenant ? I'd imagine the architectural changes to be quite severe, but I thought I'd ask anyway :)17:16
th1anedosa:  It would be a bit of a project.18:19
nedosaall of the schooltool objects will need to be scoped by a parent schooltool18:20
th1aThe ZODB is kind of hierarchical.18:24
th1aSo in a sense we could just add a level to the hierarchy.18:24
th1aBut there would be lots of little problems and changes, so it would take a while.18:24
th1aAnd it would have to be clear why wanted this -- should all the schools share the same setup of things like score systems, etc.  Who has permission for what, etc.18:25
th1aIt would probably take a couple months.18:26
* th1a goes grocery shopping.18:28
nedosayes indeed, there are a few dimensions wrt to the requirements, right now schooltool is at the one of the spectrum with a single-tenant and share-nothing architecture18:32
nedosayou can imagine a multi-tenant architecture that is also share-nothing, i.e., each school is independent but you don't need a federation of services for each schooltool instance18:33
nedosaat the other end of the spectrum is a multi-tenant architecture which can serve more complex installations by sharing common objects, be it students, teachers, etc.18:35
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th1a hi replaceafill.22:00
replaceafillhey th1a22:00
th1aI got an interesting email from someone working on a $2.8 million dollar SIS project for the UN.22:02
th1aI'll forward those emails to you.22:02
th1aBut... definitely interesting.  I'm hoping to Skype with him later this week.22:03
* replaceafill crosses his fingers ;)22:03
th1aThat would really get us over the tipping point, I think.22:04
th1aOne problem is Arabic is right to left.22:05
th1aWhich I think is no problem in general, but we'd probably have to reverse the order of all our tables.22:05
th1aAnyhow, that is going to move more slowly than ARK.22:05
replaceafilloh, he contacted you through your sielibre email?22:07
replaceafillseems like the website is working?22:07
replaceafilli mean, for catching emails at least :)22:08
th1aI use that on the SchoolTool website too, I think.22:08
replaceafillgot it22:08
th1aMaybe not, I don't know.22:08
replaceafillhope we get somewhere22:08
replaceafilli'll read the email carefully after the meeting22:08
replaceafillhere's what i got right now:22:09
th1aWell, hopefully we're starting to get an edge competitively on these international projects.22:09
th1aDo the filters work?22:09
replaceafilli have a question about student attendance, and teacher attendance22:10
replaceafillshould we create a separate score system for these?22:10
replaceafillwith just "absent"?22:10
replaceafillas you can see in the screenshot, i have a tardy22:10
replaceafillbecause the scoresystem allows it22:10
th1aProbably eventually, but maybe not now.22:11
replaceafillah ok22:11
th1aWe've got to keep this moving.22:12
replaceafillthis view is done22:12
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replaceafilli can move to the zrs work now22:12
th1aWe should have a basic report.22:12
th1aStart with students absent for the day.22:14
replaceafillah ok22:14
replaceafillsame for teachers attendance?22:14
th1aYou could let the dialog select a day with today the default.22:14
th1aYes, start with the same.22:14
replaceafillthe links to the reports should be in these views, right?22:15
replaceafillafter the filters22:15
replaceafillkk, i'll work on that next22:17
th1aGroup the students by level and the alphabetically.22:17
replaceafillah ok22:17
th1aAnd, well, start with a column of the total absences in the term?22:18
replaceafillyou mean on the view?22:18
th1aIn the report.22:18
replaceafillah ok22:19
replaceafillso student absent for a specific date, but you can also see their absences for the whole term22:19
th1aYeah, that's always relevant.22:20
th1aOK, so then onto ZRS.22:21
th1aSo, bear in mind that this is a proof of concept on the server side.22:21
th1aIt can be totally hard coded.22:22
replaceafillso we'll set up the instance as zrs secondary, right?22:22
th1aAnd we can make Sunesh follow fairly extensive instructions as necessary.22:23
th1aThis is not the idiot proof version.22:23
th1aWe need to see if this is going to work at all in practice.22:23
replaceafillSunesh is going there next month, right?22:26
replaceafillthat's when he'll be testing this22:27
th1aHe's going to set up the pilot.22:27
replaceafillso, other than attendance, we don't need any more "new" functionality?22:28
replaceafilli mean in ST22:28
replaceafilli know we'll need reports etc22:28
th1aThere's not a ton of little stuff in this one.22:29
th1aWell, much later.22:29
th1aI'm not even thinking about anything beyond May 30.22:29
th1aSo on the server side, we'll need some way to "view" each instance.22:30
th1aThat's the big kludge.22:30
th1aAnd then something like a cross school enrollment report or something.22:31
th1aTo show we can do it.22:31
replaceafillso, how are we writing that view?22:33
replaceafillthe one to "view" each instance?22:34
replaceafilli was thinking of using bottle, since it's already a dependency22:34
th1aWhat is bottle again... ?22:35
replaceafilla micro framework22:35
th1aYeah, that's fine.22:36
th1aDon't need to make it more complicated than necessary.22:38
th1aAnything else replaceafill?22:42
replaceafillno, that's it th1a22:42
replaceafilli'll work on the report22:42
th1aOK, thanks replaceafill.22:42
th1ahi menesis.22:42
th1aI'm going to finish updating the docs and announce 2.8 tonight.22:45
menesisI have not added anything today22:48
th1aAll right.22:49
th1aIt is working for me, btw.22:49
th1aAnything else menesis?22:51
menesisno, I've done little today22:52
th1aWell, I should get back to my writing then.22:53
th1aThanks menesis.22:54
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.22:54
replaceafillthanks guys22:54
* replaceafill goes to get lunch, bb in ~4522:54

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