IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2014-05-05

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th1ahi replaceafill.22:02
replaceafillhey th1a22:02
th1aI woke up with a seriously tweaked neck this morning.22:03
replaceafilldid you take any pills for it yet?22:03
th1aSome ibuprofin.22:03
th1aI was flat on my back all morning but can at least sit and walk around some.22:03
th1aI don't think it is anything serious, just got my neck going at the wrong angle.22:04
th1aI'm just moving a bit slowly today...22:05
th1aHow are you replaceafill?22:05
replaceafilli made progress on the teacher attendance22:05
replaceafilli'm just not done yet22:05
replaceafilllet me take a screenshot22:06
replaceafill(sorry that i didn't set up an instance to show)22:06
replaceafilli'm wiring the dialog now22:07
replaceafillthose persons come from the teachers group22:07
replaceafillthe rest of the selectors (sidebar) are functional22:08
replaceafillfilter too22:08
replaceafilli don't like the long tab though22:08
th1aTeacher Att.22:08
replaceafilland i think the view title is clear enough22:08
replaceafillah ok22:08
th1aThat'll do.22:08
th1aIt works.22:10
replaceafilli don't see any roadblocks ahead of this22:11
replaceafilli just have one question22:11
replaceafillcan we keep this in the journal?22:11
replaceafilli know it's not journal dependent functionality22:11
replaceafilli can move it22:12
replaceafilli just wanted to avoid extracting the base components :D22:12
th1aOh, module-wise?  Where else would it go?22:12
th1aNah, leave it in journal.22:13
replaceafillah cool22:13
replaceafillthanks :)22:13
replaceafilli'll finish it and show you a working instance tomorrow22:13
replaceafillif you're around22:13
replaceafilli did create a good test for this view22:14
th1aWell, I don't think I'll be able to ride my bike tomorrow, so I'll be here.22:14
replaceafilland found a couple of bugs in the process22:14
th1aAh cool.22:14
replaceafilli fixed all the stests for the journal22:14
replaceafilland the gradebook22:15
replaceafillthe ones failing are related to import/export22:15
replaceafillsince celery is not enabled during tests22:15
replaceafilladded some new selenium extensions too22:16
replaceafilli guess i'm focusing on testing stuff because of the people reviewing the code22:16
replaceafillimho tests say we care about stability22:16
replaceafillso i'm making my life easier when i write them22:16
replaceafillso, are we going back to AM/PM attendance for students?22:17
th1aThat's fine, as long as we hit our deadline.  ;-)22:17
th1aI think we should just go with a grid view for that.22:17
th1aI mean, rather than the search-heavy view I was thinking of.22:18
replaceafilli was thinking we could split the cell for each day22:18
replaceafillfor the AM/PM part22:18
th1aThat should work.22:18
replaceafillsimilar to the journal when it displays the homeroom row22:18
th1aSo basically we need some filtering or searching method.22:18
replaceafillwhat about the one used in the school journal view?22:19
replaceafillit filters by group/instructor22:19
replaceafilldo you want course/section related filtering?22:20
th1aI think just alphabetical is probably most useful?22:21
th1aOr by level.22:21
th1aYeah, you did mention that.22:22
th1aMaybe just do filter by level for the first iteration.22:22
replaceafillare we going to attach AM/PM attendance to the homeroom functionality?22:23
replaceafill(not in the first iteration)?22:23
replaceafillanother note:22:23
replaceafillJose mentioned they want instructions by Thursday, right?22:24
replaceafillabout setting up a testing instance, i guess22:24
replaceafillor at least being able to see the branches22:24
replaceafillkk, just confirming22:25
th1aAre the instructions in the book up to date for the quick sandbox setup?22:25
th1aI wasn't sure if they were even more complicated than necessary.22:25
replaceafillno, i think they still work22:25
replaceafilli'll check though22:26
th1aOr if it is just more complicated if you don't want the modules stuffed in eggs.22:26
th1aDo you even need to edit the buildout.cfg to get all the core packages?22:26
th1a(that is, gradebook, etc)22:26
replaceafillthe instructions are outdated22:27
replaceafillyou need "make develop" now in order to get buildout.cfg22:27
replaceafilli wonder if we could send them a schooltool.release branch22:28
replaceafillthat gets the proper branches22:28
th1aWhy not?22:29
replaceafilli don't use schooltool.release very much22:29
replaceafillbut i'll see what i can do :)22:29
th1aWhat is it for?22:30
replaceafilliirc it allows you to set dev branches using mr.developer22:31
replaceafillso you can set up the instance completely using branches22:32
replaceafilland you can update them all at once22:32
th1aInstead of eggs?22:32
th1aWe should probably try to snag menesis to help with that.22:32
replaceafillwell, you use eggs for the rest of the packages (zope.*, z3c.*, etc)22:32
replaceafillwe just set up the /ark branches for the rest22:33
* replaceafill done22:33
th1aOK, send me your invoice.22:34
replaceafillah, will do22:34
th1aThanks replaceafill.22:34
replaceafillthanks th1a22:34
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.22:34
replaceafillget well22:34
th1aI'll rest and take care of some of this ARK accounting.22:34
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