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freddyHola estoy instalando y confogurando schooltool pero no me deja ingresar dentro del grupo docentes a los docentes dice que hay un error00:14
freddytengo la versiĆ³n  2.6.3 en ubuntu 12.04.300:15
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replaceafillth1a, you around?19:16
th1ahi replaceafill.19:16
replaceafillhey th1a quick question19:16
th1aMy sinus infection is improving...19:16
replaceafillshould i create a schooltool.ark package and put all the custom code there?19:16
replaceafillcool, i'll move the leavers code there19:17
th1aWell... no.19:17
th1aThat's not custom code.19:17
replaceafillthat's landing in core?19:17
th1aAlmost everything will be landing in core.19:17
replaceafillah ok19:17
th1aBut there will need to be an .ark package.19:18
replaceafillalso for core?19:18
th1aOne thing I'll probably point out on Wednesday that a lot of "training" is just customizing the setup.19:18
replaceafillgot it19:19
th1a(that is, you don't need to train people if things happen automatically -- but those things won't be universal)19:19
replaceafillnow that i'm adding new demo fields to core, it's time to kill:19:29
replaceafilli don't remember reporting it :|19:30
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th1ahi replaceafill.22:11
replaceafillhey th1a22:11
th1aI fell asleep...22:11
replaceafilli used to wake up late for early meetings ;)22:11
th1aAlso, I came down with a sinus infection last week.22:11
replaceafillah :(22:12
th1aI started taking anti-biotics on Friday which have helped clear it up.22:12
th1aSo... how are things coming?22:13
replaceafilli almost finish the leavers feature (i'm just adding a lengthy stest for it)22:14
replaceafillusers cannot delete the fields now22:14
replaceafillsimilar to default groups22:14
replaceafilli'm testing the date logic for section terms22:15
replaceafillbut it's basically done22:15
replaceafilli can start with absences now22:15
replaceafilli have a question about it22:15
replaceafilldid we ask or get a response about what "custom attendance categories" are?22:15
th1aI'll ask but I don't think it is anything weird.22:16
replaceafillI think we said it could be custom "score system" for that feature22:17
replaceafillbut ok22:17
replaceafillhow do you want it to work?22:18
replaceafillfrom the UI point of view?22:18
replaceafillis it going to "affect" regular section attendance?22:18
th1aI was thinking no.22:18
replaceafillah ok22:18
th1aOtherwise it gets complicated.22:18
th1aOh... so... man, I was really asleep.22:20
replaceafilldo you want to discuss it tomorrow?22:21
replaceafilli can get up early if you want22:21
th1aOK, let's assume that the main form is going to be mostly a search form...22:23
th1aYou're the clerk and you've got a list of who is not there in a school with hundreds of students.22:24
th1aActually, first you should select what day and am/pm you're working on.22:24
th1aThen it is a matter of finding the kids.22:24
th1aEven if we could have a quick way to sort to them...22:25
th1aAlphabetical accordions even...22:25
th1aAre you following me at all?22:25
replaceafilluntil the accordions, yes22:26
replaceafilli was thinking that if we are going to use levels strongly, we could filter by that?22:26
replaceafillnot sure how much are going to use levels though22:27
th1aWell... yes, probably.22:27
th1aThey may have up to around 100 kids per level.22:27
th1aThe accordions was brainstorming.22:28
replaceafillwe could start it that way22:28
th1aOr we could just do the whole thing as an auto-compete exercies.22:29
th1aStart typing the name...22:29
th1aThat would be fine if we can do it fast.22:29
replaceafillso, each row should be:22:30
replaceafillkids name + cell (+ with dropdown functionality)22:31
replaceafilllike the journal22:31
replaceafilli guess my question if about the Submit button22:31
replaceafilli was thinking we could auto-save the change to the cell22:32
th1aFor that matter, it could literally just be a journal page if we were in a screaming hurry.22:32
th1aOr it could be like.22:32
replaceafillthe journal layout avoids the date/am|pm look up of the beginning22:32
th1aYou start typing the name, as soon as you get the right person in the menubox you select them, and they're added to a list below the box, and you go to the next person.22:33
th1aThe only problem is we should ask before we do that.22:33
th1athese people may prefer to select than type.22:33
replaceafilli agree22:34
th1aIdeally we'd be able to do the UI after wednesday.22:35
th1aWe should probably wait on that.22:35
th1aI don't know how long the data model side will take.22:35
replaceafilland we'll just store the data as annotations on the persons, right?22:35
th1aSomething like that.22:35
replaceafillok, if we're going to wait for their feedback i'll switch to something else22:36
th1aBasically just do it in a way that it can be merged with the existing attendance system in a reasonable way at some point in the future.22:37
* th1a waves hands.22:37
th1aI probably feel more confident about teacher attendance.22:39
th1a(without talking to them)22:39
replaceafillwe can switch the order22:40
replaceafillstart with that22:40
replaceafillthat's going to affect section instructors, right?22:42
th1aJust a sec...22:43
th1aYeah, so the first step is the new journal view for clerks/school administrators to mark instructors present or absent for the day.22:45
th1aI've just been thinking of that as a journal view.22:46
th1aSince there aren't going to be hundreds of teachers.22:46
replaceafillyou mean a view the journal layout, right?22:46
replaceafillnot a view on the journal? :)22:46
replaceafilljust to be clear22:46
replaceafilla view with the journal layout*22:47
replaceafillok all the teachers, term days, etc22:47
replaceafillyou click on a day22:47
replaceafillfor a teacher22:47
replaceafilldialog pops up22:48
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th1aInitially we could just assign subs for a single day.22:49
th1aThat makes it simpler.22:49
replaceafillany person for subs?22:49
th1aDialog pops up, you pick a sub for the day, hit submit.22:50
th1aWe probably need a built in substitute teachers group, I'm afraid.22:50
replaceafillah ok22:50
replaceafilli'll add it and make the search/selection work from it22:51
replaceafillso that'll set the current teacher as.... absent?22:51
replaceafilli was thinking the status for the teacher would be needed22:51
th1aHm... that group should probably not come with any particular rights except what they derive from being instructors in sections.22:51
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th1aOh, yes, a status.22:52
th1aI guess those will need a separate list under statuses.22:53
replaceafillwe can attach statuses by groups22:55
replaceafillwhat worries me is the logic for switching the status back the next day22:56
th1aOK... go on.22:57
replaceafillwe'll need to set the teacher as active again22:58
replaceafilland the sub as inactive22:58
replaceafilli think we should ask a finish date or something22:58
th1aWell, if we do that, then it conceptually changes things quite a bit.22:59
th1aOr moderately...22:59
th1aWhich teacher do you list as being expected the next day, the original one or the sub?23:00
replaceafill"Tom is on permission because he's sick. He'll return next monday. In the meantime, Douglas will replace him"23:00
replaceafillduring that week Douglas should have access to the gradebooks/journal23:01
th1aI mean, I'm kind of wondering if that is better left for a later iteration.23:01
replaceafillah sure23:01
replaceafillbut the logic has to be there23:01
replaceafillbecause statuses only record "from" dates23:01
th1aYeah, ok, I suppose that you can't keep switching  the subs permissions on and off considering he or she will have work to do.23:01
th1aOver the weekend, etc.23:01
th1aWe can't actually put that off.23:01
th1aSo back to the original concept, you need the leaver date.23:02
th1a(I'm always looking for the simpler approach...)23:02
replaceafillso, just setting the sub from that day on is enough?23:02
th1aI'm just thinking about the UI if the sub is absent.23:03
th1a(the long term sub)23:03
th1aDo we essentially model that as almost like a hierarchy of subs, or a flat list?23:04
replaceafilloh, if the "sub" is absent?23:05
replaceafilli wasn't following you23:05
th1aLike, you've set a sub for two weeks, and he doesn't show up the next day.23:06
replaceafillwell, being a sub is just an ACTIVE state23:06
th1aBut he might just be sick.23:06
replaceafillwe could list people with active states as instructors23:07
replaceafillinstead of using groups23:07
replaceafillso the sub would appear in the journal view23:07
th1aOh yes, they'd have to come from instructors, not just the group.23:08
replaceafilla set from both i guess23:08
replaceafillso you can mark absent (inactive) teachers back23:09
th1aI was thinking that might be a simple secondary view.23:10
replaceafilli was thinking css :D23:10
th1aIf people undexpectedly return early.23:10
th1aIt is a bit edgy.23:10
replaceafillbut i think i get the idea23:11
th1aWe could hard-wire just two levels of subs.23:11
replaceafillthat part i'm not sure i follow you23:12
replaceafillbeing sub is just having that status set23:12
replaceafillis not like we track the sub of the sub, right?23:12
th1aI mean, you need a sub of a sub, but not a sub of a sub of a sub.23:12
th1aWell, probably yes.23:12
th1aWe really need to account for long term subs.23:12
th1aI was a sub for a semester.23:13
replaceafillmaybe with different Substitute states?23:13
th1aOr, just conceptually have a distinction between the two.23:13
th1aSIngle day and multi-day.23:13
replaceafilli'll change the defaults23:14
replaceafilli can definitely start with this :)23:14
replaceafillwhere do we insert the "Teacher Attendance" link?23:15
replaceafillas a tab?23:15
th1aFor clerks and school admins, makes sense.23:16
replaceafillah ok23:16
replaceafilli guess we're meeting until thrusday?23:16
replaceafillor do you want to meet regular schedule on wed?23:17
replaceafilli'd like to show you some progress by then23:17
th1aRight... but it would be good for you to be ready for IRC or Google video chat Monday morning.23:17
replaceafillyou mean Wednesday?23:17
th1aSay, after 2:00 here?23:17
th1aThat's... 8?23:17
replaceafillthat's 7 i think23:18
replaceafillbut it's ok23:18
replaceafilli'll be ready at 1-2 your time23:18
th1aOK.  Cool.23:19
th1aThanks replaceafill.23:19
th1aAnything to report, menesis?23:21
menesisI have worked on gradebook bugs23:21
menesissorted terms by time rather than name23:22
menesisand a reported exception deploying report sheets23:23
menesisalso Done button returning to wrong schoolyear23:24
menesisI'm done with gradebook for now23:25
menesisreplaceafill has added scoresystem to course worksheets23:25
menesisis that needed in 2.6?23:25
replaceafilli don't think so23:26
replaceafillit was needed by the course worksheet report23:26
menesisreplaceafill: what about the gear icon menu?23:28
replaceafilloh, i'm the middle of that23:28
replaceafillit won't be a gear icon menu23:28
replaceafillit'll be checkboxes for hiding/showing the columns23:28
th1aAre you going to finish that today?23:29
replaceafillth1a, will you be around tomorrow?23:29
th1aI'll be running around a bit in the morning.23:29
replaceafilli'd like to show it first23:29
th1aWhen you are asleep.23:29
menesisok, cool23:29
th1aSo yes, I'll be around.23:29
replaceafilli'll show it to you tomorrow23:29
replaceafillthat's landing in 2.6?23:29
replaceafillah ok23:30
menesisNo, only bugfixes. But yes I'm looking at what's suitable, replayed two gradebook fixes by you to 2.623:31
replaceafillah, got it23:31
menesishave at least two bugs to fix tomorrow23:31
menesisstart merging translations if there are anything new23:33
menesishave to split off translations for 2.6 series23:33
menesisbecause no new strings added for 2.8 are translatable through launchpad23:34
th1aDo you mean there are untranslatable strings?23:35
menesisa template with new strings has not been imported into launchpad23:36
menesisso all of them are not translatable. but it's not a problem in code23:37
* menesis done23:39
th1aOK, thanks menesis.23:39
th1aNo meeting Wednesday menesis.  I'm in London meeting the ARK guys.23:40
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.23:40
menesisI'll ask replaceafill if he has anything pending before making a release23:41
replaceafillthanks menesis23:41

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