IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2014-04-21

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KarunHello everyone09:11
KarunI have been trying to translate the SchoolTool project in Hindi using Launchpad ( ) but haven't yet been sucessful.09:13
KarunLaunchpad doesn't provide me the option such as text box where i could actually suggest some translantion09:14
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th1ahi replaceafill, menesis.22:00
replaceafillgood evenint22:00
th1aHow was your Easter, replaceafill?22:03
replaceafillgood, i rested a bit :)22:03
replaceafilldid you go to a new skate park?22:03
replaceafilli saw your blog post22:04
th1aThe legendary Livingston skatepark.22:04
th1aIt is one of the few historic skateparks and about the only historic thing in Livingston.22:04
th1aIt was a planned industrial city built in the 60's and 70's, so as part of their forward looking vision, they got the first skatepark in Scotland.22:05
th1aSo that bowl is almost as old as I am.22:05
th1aAnd scarier.22:05
th1aSo... we're waiting for news on Wednesday.22:06
th1aAnything in particular to report replaceafill?22:07
replaceafillgive me a moment, i'm setting up an instance with the leavers form22:07
replaceafilli have a few questions22:07
replaceafillgo to Home22:08
replaceafillso, first question:22:08
replaceafillis it ok to have the link in the person index view?22:08
replaceafilli remember you mentioned the students group for some reason22:08
replaceafillbut i didn't find any notes about it22:09
replaceafillsorry if i missed it22:09
th1aAh, yes that is fine22:09
replaceafillah ok, cool22:09
replaceafillnow, go to School22:10
replaceafilland then Demographics22:10
replaceafillyou'll see the fields there22:10
replaceafilli'm storing the date22:10
replaceafilli guess users need that22:10
th1aDo we need to make those undeletable or something?22:10
replaceafillthe two selection fields are empty by default22:10
replaceafillyes, i was thinking the same22:10
th1aIt might be easier to just make them some "special" annotation or something.22:12
* th1a waves hands.22:12
replaceafillwell, i was thinking of using dependable22:12
replaceafilllike we do with standard groups22:12
replaceafilland not display the delete link for those22:12
replaceafillyou add a dependable to an object22:12
replaceafilland then if you try to delete it, you can't22:13
replaceafillit's the reason we can't delete default groups22:13
replaceafillthey have dependables22:13
replaceafillimho that's the easiest way to solve it22:14
replaceafillso, if you go to the form22:15
replaceafillit still doesn't remove you from sections/groups yet22:15
replaceafillthis will work on the current year, right?22:15
replaceafillor should we use the date more cleverly?22:16
replaceafilllike detecting on which year the date is, etc22:16
th1aIt is *possible* that someone would be doing that for a future term.22:16
replaceafillso we make it smart?22:17
th1abetter explicit than smart.22:17
replaceafillah ok22:17
th1aLet me think.22:17
th1aWell, it is just going to remove the person from everything as of that date.22:17
th1aSo you really have to just check the year/term.22:18
replaceafillfor sections i was thinking of getting the term for the section, if the term ends after the date set, you set the student as withdrawn22:20
replaceafillelse you do nothing22:20
replaceafillfor groups, just the year22:20
replaceafillnext question, modify/undo this?22:21
replaceafillok, i make Camila leave beginning today22:21
replaceafillshould i still have access to the form for her?22:22
th1aWho, what?22:22
replaceafilli mean22:22
replaceafillif you mark a student as leaving22:22
replaceafilland then you want to modify the date22:22
replaceafillor you made a mistake22:22
th1aProbably not.22:23
th1aThis is a convenience form.22:24
replaceafillyeah, i was thinking the manager could mofiy the statuses manually22:24
replaceafillif he makes a mistake22:24
replaceafillok, that's it with the feature22:24
replaceafillwith the feature questions22:25
replaceafilli did a couple of other things22:25
replaceafilli upgraded to 14.0422:25
replaceafilland discovered the Pillow version is wrong22:25
replaceafillnot wrong22:25
th1aWhat is pillow?22:25
replaceafillthe alternative to PIL22:25
replaceafillimage processing library22:25
th1aAh, right.22:26
replaceafillhhmm i remember i recorded the url to the explanation...22:27
replaceafillbut i can't find it22:27
replaceafillthe freetype layout has changed in 14.0422:27
replaceafill(freetype is another library pillow uses)22:27
replaceafillso we need to update pillow to 2.2.2 which fixes the issue22:27
replaceafilland i tested the importers22:28
replaceafillwell, *the* importer (for school)22:28
replaceafilland it doesn't seem to work22:28
th1aYeah... that should be a priority.22:28
replaceafilli didn't get very deep22:28
replaceafillbut i did test it in 12.04, 13.04, 13.10 and 14.04 :)22:29
replaceafillif i revert the celery 3 changes22:29
replaceafillit works22:29
replaceafillso, something is working funny around there22:29
replaceafillshould i pause the leavers feature?22:30
th1aI'd say.22:30
replaceafillah ok22:30
replaceafilli'll switch then22:30
replaceafilland investigate22:30
replaceafillmade a couple of other fixes22:30
replaceafilli guess you didn't get launchpad mail from those :(22:31
replaceafilli know i didn't >:(22:31
replaceafillyahoo has really screwed me up with this22:31
th1aI didn't get them.22:31
th1aWell, it has screwed you up insofar as you don't know if they're coming or not?22:32
replaceafillnot sure what's happening, i update the bugs in launchpad22:32
replaceafillbut there's no email about the bug being updated22:33
replaceafillit's like the email is not sent at all22:33
replaceafillif someone else updates a bug, i get the email (and the email is sent obviously)22:33
replaceafilli'm considering switching for good to gmail22:33
th1aYou may need to file a bug.22:33
replaceafillbut i'll ask #launchpad first22:34
replaceafillok, that's it from me th1a22:34
th1aIf I'm not getting them (and they aren't in your spam), I don't see why yahoo would have anything to do with it.22:34
replaceafilli think it's because LP mails show my yahoo address as the sender22:34
replaceafilland it seems like yahoo is blocking that22:35
replaceafillnot sure exactly how22:35
th1aI'm not getting them either though.22:35
th1aWell, you could try resetting it to your Google account.22:35
replaceafillyeah, but i'll ask first22:35
replaceafilloh, here it is the pillow error cause:
replaceafilldoesn't prevent me from working though :)22:38
th1aDid you get the email about doing Hindi translation from Karun Agarwal?22:38
replaceafillah yes, but i was going to contact him directly22:38
replaceafillbecause of the yahoo fiasco22:39
th1aWhat does he need to do?22:39
th1aDo we need to create a team?22:39
replaceafilli'm not sure, i was going to ask for his browser details22:39
replaceafillwe could add him to the schooltool translators team22:40
th1aYeah, feel free.22:40
replaceafillkk, will do22:40
th1aBut he *should* be able to use the form, right?22:40
th1aOK.  Email him please.22:41
replaceafillwill do22:41
th1aWe had a few more people immediately going for the 2.1 to 2.6 LTS upgrade.22:41
th1aA few more than I would have anticipated.22:41
th1aWe probably should have tested that...22:41
replaceafillah yes22:42
replaceafilli hope it's just some missing packages not being installed22:42
replaceafilland not evolution errors :D22:42
th1aI think so. So far.  ;-)22:43
th1aOK.  I'm going to have to go through most of the screenshots and re-do them.22:45
th1aI think I'll just add pre 2.8 notes in-line.22:45
th1amenesis, ayt?22:47
th1aOK, thanks replaceafill.22:47
replaceafillthanks th1a22:47
th1aI'll keep you posted regarding news Wednesday.22:47
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.22:47
replaceafillth1a, just added karun to the group and sent a reply22:54
replaceafilli cc'ed you just in case it doesn't go to the mailing list :D22:54
th1areplaceafill:  Have you checked in your UI tab changes?23:51
th1amenesis has 2.7.0 in the 2.8 repo, without the tabs, which I'd like in 2.8.23:51
replaceafillth1a, i merged them this morning23:55
th1aOK, thanks.23:56

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