IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2014-04-16

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th1areplaceafill:  ayt?20:50
replaceafillth1a, yes20:51
th1aI'm forwarding an email from Jose.20:51
th1ahi replaceafill.22:01
replaceafillhey th1a22:01
replaceafilli'm setting an instance for the third-nav changes22:01
replaceafillhhmm, importing sample data is taking way longer than usual22:10
replaceafilli wonder if it's the new version of celery...22:11
th1aDoing the big import failed for me the first time with some kind of out of sync conflict.22:11
replaceafillaccording to "ps" celery has CPU spikes up to 70%22:12
replaceafillbut it's usually very low in CPU usage22:13
th1aWell... it has always been a big cranky for me.22:13
th1aDoes it vary based on whether or not you have the relevant browser tab selected?22:13
replaceafillyou mean because of the status bars refresh?22:14
replaceafilli don't even see that right now22:14
replaceafilljust the spinner22:14
replaceafilli'll better kill it and copy an existing Data.fs22:14
replaceafillso we can work22:15
replaceafilli'll try later in my laptop22:15
th1aOK.  You should test it because I can never quite tell how it is SUPPOSED to work.22:15
th1aIt kind of seems like it gets a bit stuck on the spinner even when it works...22:15
th1aI guess I'm not a good user on this bug.22:16
replaceafillcan you access that?22:17
replaceafillanyway, I added the "Added on error" state22:18
replaceafillyou won't see it though22:18
replaceafillbecause this is an old db22:18
replaceafillbut the state will be there for new/evolved dbs22:19
th1aAt some point we may want to make "Added on error" people hidden from all reports.22:19
replaceafilli was thinking of setting up ERROR  as a state similar to ACTIVE, INACTIVE22:20
th1a(except membership editing)22:20
th1aWell, yes...22:20
replaceafilli just used INACTIVE right now22:20
replaceafillbut we can do INACTIVE+ERROR22:20
replaceafilli think i'll do that22:20
replaceafillwhat do you want changed?22:21
th1aFor the calendar, making everything other than Yearly/Monthly/Weekly/Daily not a tab.22:21
th1aJust with the line running underneath.22:21
replaceafillok, i'll use
replaceafillth1a, reload22:30
replaceafilldid i get it backwards? :D22:31
th1aThat's better.22:31
replaceafillah ok22:31
th1aDon't you think so?22:31
th1aCan you try setting a right margin for the tabs so the line continues a bit before hitting the edge of the area.22:32
th1aSay, line it up with the edge of the calendar?22:32
replaceafillah ok22:32
replaceafillboy, it's hard trying not to mess the rest of the third-navs :D22:40
replaceafillth1a,  reload22:40
th1aI think that looks better without having to extend the line all the way around the text area.22:41
th1aJust ending it at the tab looked wrong.22:41
replaceafilli'm cleaning...22:43
th1aBasically do the same thing with the rest of the tabs...22:43
replaceafillah ok22:44
replaceafillso in /manage22:44
replaceafillthe first one should have left-margin and so on22:44
replaceafilland we're going to remove the border of the arrows in the gradebooks?22:45
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replaceafillsee manage22:48
replaceafilloops /manage22:48
th1aYeah, that's better.22:48
replaceafilllooks more "tabby" :D22:48
th1aIt doesn't seem necessary there.22:52
th1aWell, untabbify the arrows.22:52
replaceafillth1a, borders are gone23:00
replaceafillbut i need to fix the right border of the last tab23:00
th1aYeah, that's fine though.  The user doesn't need extra cues to the border of the arrow cells.23:02
replaceafillah found it23:02
th1aOK, good.  I like that it doesn't close them if there are more to the right or left.23:02
replaceafillfeature by accident :D23:03
replaceafillanything else?23:06
replaceafillcool, i'll clean the hacks and push23:08
th1aWe do have a ckeditor mess that menesis needs to clean up.23:08
replaceafillah yes23:09
replaceafillbtw, i fixed the download option for the selenium tests23:10
replaceafillmost selenium tests that require downloads fail23:10
replaceafillbecause of the Generate doesn't work23:10
th1aAh, good.23:10
replaceafillso i'll open the urls directly23:10
replaceafilland the tests should pass23:10
replaceafilli was giving coverage a try, but it's way over my head :(23:11
replaceafillso i'll live with no coverage for now :)23:11
replaceafilli got interested in coverage after the 3.4 question from last week23:12
replaceafilli hope someday we'll run on py3 :P23:12
th1aI've not followed the adoption curve overall.23:12
replaceafilli've been watching pycon talks :D23:12
replaceafillabout porting, etc23:12
replaceafillbut py2.7 will live until 2020, so we have time :D23:13
th1aGuess that's it.23:21
th1aI'm not sure if I want to announce this if we still have the ckeditor bug.23:21
th1aIt throws a traceback if you try to enter any kind of comment or event.23:22
replaceafilli thought you had already announced it23:22
replaceafilltwo days ago23:22
th1aWell, the 2.8 beta.23:22
th1aI was hoping for an update...23:22
replaceafillgot it23:23
th1aI'll send menesis an email.23:23
th1aOK. Thanks replaceafill.23:23
replaceafillthanks th1a23:23
th1aWhat's next?23:23
th1aOn to withdrawing students?23:24
replaceafillunless you want me to do something else?23:25
replaceafilli'll start with the demographics and the UI as we discussed23:26
th1aOK.  Keep me posted.23:26
replaceafillwill do23:27
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.23:27

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