IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2014-04-14

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replaceafillth1a, you around?19:47
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th1ahi replaceafill.21:59
replaceafillhey th1a22:05
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th1ahi replaceafill, menesis.22:06
th1aSo where do we stand, menesis?22:06
menesisas I wrote in email22:07
menesis2.6.3 is released and in 14.04 archive22:07
th1aOh!  OK.22:07
th1aI didn't pick up that it was in the archive.22:08
menesis2.7.0 with relationships, levels and everything in 2.6 is also released22:08
th1aSuper.  Good work.22:08
th1aI guess I can try upgrading to 14.04 now.22:09
menesisbut I haven't created a new ppa and uploaded to it yet22:09
th1aDo you want to put it in a 2.8 ppa?22:09
menesisyes, the plan was to upload it only to 2.8 ppa22:09
menesisthere is one known problem22:10
menesisI have still to resolve22:11
menesisckeditor in the zope.html package is broken22:11
th1aFor 14.04.22:11
menesismoreover, ckeditor in archive is newer than I was expecting22:12
menesis4.3.0 instead of 3.6.122:12
menesisthat's two problems but I have two ways to solve it22:13
menesisworking on it today.22:13
menesisbut I am relieved to see reports do work22:13
th1aWell, that's good.22:14
menesiswith celery 322:14
menesisand reportlab 322:14
menesisthere was nothing I had to do for reportlab 322:14
menesisjust worked22:14
menesisreplaceafill: there has been quit e a lot new development in (our version is 2.0.0)22:16
menesisyou might be interested in if you work on some reports22:16
menesisz3c.form also has many new features we are not using even in current version, and there are a few more22:17
menesisfor new development22:17
* menesis done22:18
replaceafillpdf viewer preferences?!? i wonder what that is :D22:19
th1aI was wondering about that too...22:19
th1aThanks menesis.22:19
replaceafilllet's hide the toolbars of the pdf viewer :D22:19
replaceafillpyPdf -> PyPDF2 :O22:20
menesisoh, right. that was a blocker for trusty22:20
menesisbut pypdf2 is only a fork with a different name22:21
th1aOK, so I probably should point out to people that initially they should consider this a beta quality release.22:23
th1aJust because there are a lot of changes that haven't been extensively hammered on.22:23
th1amenesis: 2.6.3 is in our ppas as well now?22:25
menesisth1a: yes22:25
th1aAnd that little CanDo bugfix?22:25
menesisoh yes the bugfix for cando reports is included22:29
th1aOK, cool.22:31
th1aThanks menesis.22:31
replaceafillok, let me ask an off-topic question first22:32
th1aI assume you saw the email from Steven.22:32
replaceafillhave you guys been getting bug emails from this afternoon?22:32
replaceafilli made a few bug updates22:32
replaceafilland haven't received the LP mails22:33
th1aNo, actually.22:33
replaceafillah ok22:33
replaceafillit's probably LP then22:33
replaceafillth1a, yes i saw the email just when i was about to start :(22:33
th1aWell, better than after22:33
replaceafilli hope we get it in the future22:33
replaceafilllooks like fun work22:34
th1amenesis:  It looked like we were going to have a week contract to add some features to the autism reports, but then... not.22:34
menesisno, I have not received bug mail from lp22:34
replaceafillah ok, thanks guys22:34
replaceafilli was worried22:34
replaceafilli've been reading nasty things yahoo is doing to mailing lists :(22:34
replaceafillah btw, i have twitter now!22:34
replaceafilland a nexus 7 ;)22:35
replaceafilli followed you both :P22:35
replaceafillok, work talk:22:35
replaceafillthese are the same, right?22:35
th1aCan I contact you on G+ on your phone then?22:35
th1aI've needed a way to message ou...22:36
replaceafillwell, the nexus 7 is a tablet with no 3G :(22:36
replaceafillbut it's usually online, and i hear notifications about hangouts/email22:36
replaceafillon replaceafill at gmail.com22:37
th1aOh, right.22:37
replaceafillso, the bugs above, it's the same issue, right?22:37
th1aYes, or at least both should be resolved.22:38
replaceafillah ok22:38
replaceafillok, that's committed22:38
replaceafilland i have a question about the course worksheets report (which i'm merging now)22:39
replaceafillfor David Poidevin (from the sakeji school) we added this functionality to add comments22:39
replaceafillfrom a global report sheet22:40
replaceafillwith a single Comments columns22:40
replaceafillbecause course activities didn't allow you to add comments as the score system22:40
replaceafillnow, they do22:40
replaceafillso i think we don't need that custom part anymore, right?22:41
replaceafilland we'll just show any comment the course worksheets may have22:41
th1aWhich custom part don't we need?22:42
replaceafillthe one for extracting the comments from global report sheets22:42
th1aOh, right.22:42
th1aYes, that makes sense.22:42
replaceafillkk, just checking :)22:42
replaceafillso i'm changing that22:43
replaceafilli should be done with it today22:43
replaceafilli fixed a few other things22:43
replaceafilli couldn't reproduce a non-ascii issue22:43
replaceafillreported on 2.6.022:43
replaceafillso i asked the user (in spanish) to give more information22:43
* replaceafill looks for the bug22:43
menesisI fixed something related to non-ascii schoolyears for 2.6.322:44
menesisin schooltool.course22:45
replaceafillah yes, i saw, but this one is in the report card layout view22:45
replaceafillrelated to the cancel action if i get it correctly22:45
menesisyes the two are different22:46
replaceafillbut i tried it and everything worked as expected22:46
replaceafillso, not sure what's going on22:46
replaceafillah! menesis question22:47
replaceafilli noticed this file in the core locales:22:47
replaceafillis that a valid name?22:47
menesisI fixed a bunch of similar bugs but those were redirect(... schoolyear.__name__)22:47
menesisyes, this is Valencia variant of Catalan language22:48
replaceafillnot ca_VA or something?22:48
replaceafilland schooltool.conf understands it?22:48
menesisno, Valencia is not a country but a city in Spain22:48
menesisdon't know, have not tried22:49
replaceafillso, @ it's valid for cities?22:49
replaceafilljust curious :)22:49
replaceafillah ok22:49
replaceafillif we keep it, we need to update .bzrignore22:49
th1aThe politics of Spain's languages is complicated.22:49
replaceafillbecause is not ?? or ??? or ??_??22:49
menesisyes, @ is called a variant and can be anything I think22:49
* replaceafill didn't know about that :)22:50
replaceafillshame on the vp of i18n :P22:50
replaceafillok, that's it from me th1a22:50
replaceafillstill fixing bugs/merging pending stuff22:51
replaceafilli plan to keep that way until wed?22:51
th1aYes, that's fine.22:51
th1aI was a bit puzzled by jelkner's email.22:51
th1aDo you have any more context on that?22:51
replaceafillme 222:51
th1aIt kind of sounds like they're being made to stop using SchoolTool.22:52
replaceafilli think he sent a previous email about t22:52
th1atbh, that kind of thing is one reason I haven't tried to push SchoolTool Quiz.22:52
replaceafilli know22:52
replaceafilli don't see quiz going further now22:53
th1aIt is a whole market in the US, etc. that is moving fast, and too far ahead of countries in the developing world.22:53
th1aMy sense was that it was getting fairly complete.22:53
replaceafilli mean, new features, etc22:53
replaceafilland now i'm getting LP mails from menesis >:(22:54
th1aMe too.22:55
th1aOK.  Well that simplifies things a bit.22:56
th1amenesis:  We sent in a GBP 20,000 bid to ARK on Friday.  We should know about it in a week.22:56
th1aIf we get it, we'll have plenty of money for extra SchoolTool work this year.22:57
* replaceafill crosses his fingers :)22:58
th1aOK.  I'll try to upgrade tonight, and I'll make some announcements and get started on Docs.22:58
th1aThanks replaceafill.22:58
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.22:58
replaceafillthanks guys22:59
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